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I said the “F” word this week…find out why…


Hello my beautiful tribe of Wellness Warriors!

The past week has been quite a busy one for me, as I’m sure it has for all of you as well.

Besides for running my two product lines, spa consultancy business, online shopping portal, hosting our Spa Professionals Guild Business Management course sessions, giving feedback on assignment submissions and coming up with content that I KNOW will help you all grow in your businesses….I’m also moving house and navigating family life with two gorgeous and busy kids!

Phew….that’s quite a stack on this plate and I’m sharing this with you so you know YOU’RE NOT ALONE! I’m right beside you fighting the good fight, keeping busy (and out of mischief :-)) and focusing on all the positives. I absolutely LOVE what I do and even though times get tough and we get busy I take one day at a time and I NEVER give up. Please always focus on your goals and don’t let any excuses get in your way. The climb to the top is not meant to be easy, we wouldn’t grow if it was….

Maybe I’ve used some “F” words this week…. sometimes it’s OK to use an “F” word. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s critical to the survival of your business. In today’s turbulent and unpredictable marketplace, there are actually 5 “F” words you should permanently have in your business toolbox. Whether your journey through this storm is bearable, or simply traumatic, these 5 words will empower you!

Here are the 5 words that have kept me going this week, and keep me going every week!

1. FAST.


How quickly do you take action? How quickly do you implement change? Or, does it take a long time for you to make decisions? At this point, speed of implementation is key to surviving. The ability to get things done quickly and make decisions quickly is critical. The marketplace changes quickly and constantly. This year has taught us that, if nothing else…



How flexible are you to doing things differently and trying new things?  How flexible are you with your employees’ needs and how flexible are you with your clients’ needs? Now is not the time to be rigid in areas of the business where flexibility is required. To give an example, a client would like to adapt a service that you have on your menu or she has requested a home visit on a Sunday when you’re not typically open? How flexible are you to meeting her needs? Do you make a plan to accommodate the request? The flexibility you show now will go a long way to a loyal client that will never leave you or fail to recommend you to every single person she knows. This is far more beneficial than any advertising money can buy. Be stubborn about your goals but flexible about your methods.



Right now, it’s not about having loads of money but it’s about knowing how to manage it. How well are you managing your finances? Are you actually managing it, or just going with the bank balance, making decisions that way? Typically, in our Industry, finance is not a strong point as we’re generally focused on serving people and making them feel better. But now, more than ever, you need to learn how to manage your revenue and make it work for you!



This is most likely the biggest problem right now amongst everyone I speak to. We’re all over the place – scattered here and there trying to keep it together. Refer back to my opening paragraph for a visual reference :-). Time management and making time for things that are important is CRUCIAL. I hear you all… every day; I don’t have enough time because I’m so busy trying to bring in revenue and keep the staff happy. Well, that exact “excuse” is going to be your long-term business model if you allow the narrative to continue.  STARVE YOUR DISTRACTIONS AND FEED YOUR FOCUS. As owner or manager, you NEED to FOCUS on what is important. Consider this, what do you want for your business long-term… not just today. Focus on growth rather than distractions.



If you’ve been following me this year you already know my 2020 motto is “OBSESSED”. Become a fanatic about your goals and your focus. Become obsessed! A typical fanatic has a wildly excessive or irrational devotion, dedication or enthusiasm about something.  Should you resolve to become a fanatic about your business and your role in your business, it will not only survive this storm, but it will thrive though it! You will have gone into the storm a sailboat and have come out of it a cruise liner!

Your to-do list:


  1.  USE YOUR “F” words
  2. Register for our Business Management Training and become a member of our growing global community of like-minded Professionals in the Industry who, just like you, want to grow and evolve.
  3. Get back to work and get your FOCUS on!

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See you Thursday for online coaching! Ask us how to attend if you’re unsure. Drop us an email at [email protected].

Love and strength to you all!

Marisa xxx


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