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STEP 1 of Three step magic system to guarantee you get the sale


Hello tribe!


Today I have a question for you……

Would you like to DOUBLE the digits in your business?

If YES, read on….

But, think carefully before you decide to read on.  Nothing comes easy and I am not going to present a miracle.  So before you decide to read on, first make a commitment and hold yourself accountable.  If you’re not willing to do that, please delete this email.

Okay, so before I carry on, lets confirm.

You have agreed to a) making a commitment and b) hold yourself accountable!

Well done, you are 1/3 of the way through the process!

Next step is to sort out your mindset and STOP MAKING EXCUSES. So start by saying I CAN, I WILL and block out any excuses at all that might come into your mind. That’s 2/3 of the process sorted.

So the last 1/3 is planning and consistency. If you have a concrete solid plan in place and you are consistent with its execution, you WILL be succesful.

I have a 3 step magic system to a guaranteed sale. Yes, 3 easy steps, and the sale is GUARANTEED. I have seen hundreds of beauty professionals ranging from nail technicians to skin specialists and body massage therapists literally double their retail sales with this system. In fact, two years ago I coached a therapist who was selling zero retail, yes zero to achieving a 40% retail to turnover ratio with this system, in just three months. Most importantly being consistent with her and the process and sticking to the course.  This system changed her life, she started making real money and then any challenge I put in front of her was easy, she didn’t hesitate and would say, “no problem, I will do it”.  The transformation was remarkable, and you too can get there.

I am not going to go into the detail and specifics of the 3 steps as they are part of our SALES Module in our Business management training course. It include “planner document” downloads and tracking sheets.
I will however give you the overview of the three steps over the next 3 weeks.

Step 1
Here are my questions to you: do you have a formal face to face, eye level consultation process with each client?
Do you write down what they say? And actively listen to what they tell you?
Do you ask the magic question at each consultation? The magic question …… that is uncovered in our Business Management Training. That question holds the power, and without fail, that question will give you the exact information you need to make your sale. In fact, the answer to that question is what your client will buy from you that day.

Next week, I will disclose Step 2

In the meantime there are two things I would like you to do.

1. Join me at my “OFF THE SHELF” presentation at the World Spa & Wellness Convention on Thursday at 5pm SA time.  Click here to register for FREE.

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2. Make the commitment and invest in your growth and your business by joining our Spa Professional’s Guild Business management Training Course.  Registration is easy, simply click on the link below and for a small investment watch your life and your business transform.


Marisa xxx

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