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STEP 2 of Three step MAGIC system to GUARANTEE you get the sale


step 2

Hello tribe!

So let me ask you again……

Would you like to DOUBLE the digits in your business?
If YES, read on….

If you are however having doubts and thinking to yourself “it’s not that easy”, then perhaps this email is not for you.
Let me tell you why I am so sure, and then you decide whether to read on or delete the mail.

The first battle of this mission of DOUBLING your digits is in YOUR BRAIN. Yes, you, as the owner, manager or therapist reading this. If you don’t tackle this with full commitment, positive thoughts, energy and enthusiasm, well, quite simply, IT WON’T WORK. The system and the process is flawless and I KNOW IT WORKS because I’ve coached hundreds of therapists, owners and managers and literally seen the numbers double. But, and yes, there’s always a but, they were COMMITTED, CONSISTENT AND POSITIVE.

So, if your brain will cooperate then read on ….

Just confirming three things we’ve covered previously:
You have agreed to a) making a commitment, b) holding yourself accountable and c) STOP MAKING EXCUSES!
Now, start by saying I CAN, I WILL!
Remember, planning and consistency are both crucial ingredients. If you have a concrete, solid plan in place and you are consistent with its execution, you WILL be successful.

To recap. Step 1 is the consultation. Go back and read the newsletter which covered this to get more detail on the correct method of consultation because there is a right and wrong way of performing a consultation. ASK THE MAGIC QUESTION – this is critical here!  Without this question, your sale is NOT SET UP. So, there is no foundation and you all know what happens to a house without a foundation???? It collapses, and so will your sale.

Step 2 is …..

Get two YES answers at the end of the treatment before you move to Step 3. This is interesting, right? You might be wondering what on earth two “YES” answers have to do with a sale? Well, it has everything to do with it. First of all, you are mind-setting your client to  say the word “yes” and not “no”. Secondly, you are getting your client to agree with you and to agree to what he/she said to you in the consultation phase which essentially told you exactly what they wanted. Let me give you an example;
Therapist:  Mrs Smith, do you agree with me that your skin is glowing and looking absolutely plumped up and radiant?
Mrs Smith:  Oh YES, (with a mirror in her hand looking at her face) it feels so hydrated and looks really radiant..
Therapist:  Mrs Smith, at the beginning of the treatment, during our consultation, you said that you really would like to smooth out the lines around your eyes and also work on the pigmentation you are getting around your jawline and down your neck, is that correct?
Mrs Smith:  Definitely – YES.
Therapist: Fabulous, I can help you with that, after all, look what one treatment did to your skin. I have some important tips and products to solve your problem.

There’s my two YES answers!  And then, you will move to Step 3, but my step 3 is different to what you think….
Next week you will discover this final step!


Much Love,

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