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STEP 3 of the MAGIC Sales System, to help you grow


STEP 3 of the MAGIC Sales System, to help you grow
I know you’ve been eagerly awaiting the final installment of our 3 step magic sales system and step 3 is where the MAGIC happens!
The best way to demonstrate the power of this system is by sharing a real-life experience. On Friday, I briefly taught this system to a group of 5 therapists at a salon meeting. I did two role plays with them and I made them repeat the systems “MUST SAY WORDS” back to me. So, Rose is a therapist I have known for a few years and she is actually very good at retail, so, not someone I would say needed too much attention, but this is what happened when I left.

Rose had a client for a wax service.  She followed my 3 step MAGIC SALES SYSTEM and closed a R4000 skincare sale.  This happened within 30 minutes of me leaving the salon!  As I was driving to another meeting, the owner called to tell me Rose was beyond ecstatic and that she was going to use the system with all her clients.

Rose will DOUBLE her earnings easily if, after her first attempt at the MAGIC SALES SYSTEM, she closed a skincare sale from a waxing service appointment!

Step 3 is the following ….. but I need to impress upon you here that you cannot change any part, do it exactly as I say, using the same words I use because that is where the MAGIC IS!

Step 3 is offering the client a CHOICE.  Yes, it’s that simple.  Offer a choice of two packages of products that will help them achieve their wish that came from the MAGIC QUESTION in Step 1. The MAGIC of step 3 is how you offer the choices. It’s easier to role play this, so here goes….

Therapist:  Mrs/Mr client, I have two options of products that will help you. These products will extend the professional salon experience in your home and will support my treatments towards achieving your skincare goals and getting you a step closer to the wish you had for your skin.

Option 1 (never less than two products and never more than 3) is the critical and urgent option. (you must use the words ‘critical’ and ‘urgent’ as they psychologically make a person feel that they need to do this quickly). Your skin NEEDS these and will benefit when you incorporate them into your daily skin routine.

Option 2 (never less than 4 products and never more than 8) is “my wishlist for you”. I say that because they’re not urgent, but I do wish that you can at some point incorporate them into your routine as that would get your skin to optimum levels according to your skincare wishes. (you must use the words “my wishlist for you” as the word wish makes a person feel dreamy and everyone wants a wish to come true, so again, giving an emotion or feeling to the person you are speaking to).

Option 1, the critical and urgent option is (now describe each product briefly and ensure to say how that product will help them with their skin goals/problems that they said they had. Remember, reference back to the consultation and the “yes” questions. The “wish” question is vital here) The investment / cost is xxxxxx (cost in your currency)

Option 2, my wishlist for you includes a few products that I know will change your skin even quicker. I have prescribed (briefly go over each product much quicker than option 1. Do a really quick overview). The investment / cost is xxxxxxx (cost in your currency)

So Mrs/Mr client, which option do you feel you would like to start with?

Client: Well, definitely the urgent option and I must say I like the sound of the muscle gel you had in the wishlist, so I’d like to add that as well.

Therapist: Most definitely yes. So, may I review exactly how to use the products or would you prefer me to email or message you the guide if you’re in a rush now?

Client: I have some time, let’s do it now, please.

Therapist: Of course, yes, and if you agree, I would like to check in with you in three days’ time to see how you are doing and if you’re already finding some changes in your skin. Will that be convenient?

Client: Yes sure.

To recap Step 3.

  1. Offer 2 options.
  2. Actually say the words ‘CRITICAL AND URGENT” for Option 1
  3. Actually say the words “MY WISHLIST FOR YOUR SKIN” for Option 2
  4. Physically have the products with you to show and clearly put them into two packages in front of the client to see and touch.
  5. You must know the prices of the packages and say them
  6. ASK clearly “which option would you like to begin with” when you’re done presenting the two.

A quick recap of the entire 3-step system
Step 1

Consultation (please read the newsletter on this and follow closely as there are very important guidelines to a successful consultation)

Step 2

Get two YES answers at the end of the treatment before you move to step 3

Step 3 

Present the client with two options (follow the guidelines carefully and use the exact words)

This is just one of the many chapters we cover in the “Marketing and Sales” Module of our Business Management certification. The 7-module course is full of systems, resources and methods, all proven to take your business to new levels and guaranteed to increase your profits!

Stay OBSESSED tribe!
Much love, Marisa

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