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How to get employees engaged to achieve Greater Profit?

November already?!? It’s kind of surreal seeing Christmas decorations up everywhere…Now is not the time to slip into holiday mode though, rather give it one final PUSH to end the year on a high note!
Are you aware that there is a specific tool you can give your staff that will boost their revenue generating abilities?
I’m sure you’ve heard the quote “a goal without a plan is just a wish”.

Well……WISHES are not going to give you or your staff any boost in revenue and right now and I’m sure you’re acutely aware that revenue should be your number one survival priority.

Think about it this way….Image
  • Would you get married one day after meeting your fiancée or the day of the proposal? I doubt it. In fact, weddings are planned months and years in advance.
  • What about a holiday…Do you wake up in the morning and decide you’re going away that day?  Again, I doubt it. There may be a few spontaneous holiday makers but for the most part, people take time to plan their holiday, their routes, their accommodation and their excursions.
  • Did you know what your career path would be with no time to think or consider your options? Did you graduate high school without planning the next part of your journey? Probably not…. This is something you research and plan very carefully and a decision which could take months and even years.

ImageI think you know where this is going and I’m sure your next question is “what is the tool that can boost revenue?”

Let me introduce you to the concept of the “Daily Revenue Planner” and why you should equip your staff toolbox with this ritual which enables growth and strategic thinking.
  • The planner allows one to analyze daily bookings in advance.
  • Upsell opportunities are identified.
  • Retail prescription according to the service booked is decided and pre-packed.
  • Prescription forms can be completed before the client arrives.
  • Gaps in the day are identified and can be sold.
  • Information about each client booked on the specific day can be researched via your CRM database. This way the service and experience could be personalized which creates loyalty.
  • Treatment re-bookings can be planned and offered to the client at the end of the treatment.
  • A therapist who plans is an efficient and effective therapist.
The “Daily Revenue Planner”
The “Daily Revenue Planner” tool is part of Module 2 of the Business Management Training Course developed and offered by Spa Professionals Guild. It’s one of the many, many tools we have available to ensure your business survives, grows and thrives!
Join the tribe today and find new ways to make your business skyrocket!

What our students have to say:
“We did a day by day comparison between the first 11 days of August and then September. We managed to improve on our retail sales by over R3,000 and treatment sales by R21,000 over the corresponding 11-day period.

We achieved this by implementing the daily huddles, the daily therapist planners and the various tracking tools from Module 2.

It’s everything ladies!!!! It’s changed and shifted our business in every way! Some of our therapists found it challenging at first, but since we guided them and showed them how easy it is, they have been up-selling, rebooking and retailing like never before!

We committed to not only implement but FOLLOW THROUGH with the tools provided.

Our advice is to use the tools to figure out what gets your staff ticking. Understanding what drives your staff members makes motivating them so much easier.

I just need to add that a 3k improvement may not seem like much to some salons, but we were lucky if our staff did that amount over a whole month previous to this.” Lisa, Mareli and Nicole of Sherbet Angel in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Become OBSESSED with your business and OBSESSED with success!!
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