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Hello There,

Before we start, let’s look at the definition of the word “plan“.

The Oxford dictionary says the word plan is;

  • a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something
  • an intention or decision about what one is going to do

So here is my question to you:

Do you have a written plan for your business?

I’m quite sure you agree with me, that whenever you have properly planned a holiday, dinner party, birthday party or even something simple like your meals for the week, everything runs smoothly and you have time to enjoy yourself, correct?
Well, that is the easiest way for me to motivate you to plan in your business. If your plan is clear, and all the pieces are in place, then you’re free to focus on the end goal rather than how you’re going to get there. The PLAN has taken care of that and everyone is on the same page!

Here are three questions to consider when embarking on a plan for your business;

WHAT is the plan for my business?
WHO do I plan with?
HOW do we plan?

Today, Thursday, 12 November
, we will unpack these three critical links in the planning process, in detail, during our bi-monthly, online business coaching session.
Our coaching is designed to offer real life solutions to the challenges you face in your business – especially the challenges you didn’t even know you face!! Implementing the tools we provide is guaranteed to increase your earnings!
These sessions are typically reserved for our members, however, we would love to spread our net of influence and industry love by allowing free attendance once a month.
PLEASE BE OUR GUEST, by following the Zoom link:
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But don’t take our word for the business growth you will experience, listen to   current Pro members. This is the feedback THEY have been giving us.

By dedicating one hour per day to working through our flagship Business Management Course many have reported that during COVID-19 restrictions, with staff complements halved, salaries cut and stricter protocols all round, they are MAKING MORE MONEY and their therapists are MAKING MORE MONEY than ever before!

Why? Simple, the Business Management Training Course and the Global Community they belong to is facilitating this transformation.

So besides for the invitation to attend our monthly free sessions I also urge you to be BOLD and accept the invitation to CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND YOUR BUSINESS!

Join our community, let’s make changes to our Industry together!

See you later today!


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