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TWO ideas to prepare your staff and help you BOOST profit this Festive Season????



I’m hearing these words in the marketplace already and it’s not even peak season yet. What baffles me when I hear these words is the fact that we are in the middle of a global pandemic where some countries are either still locked down, entering a new phase of stricter lock downs and others just easing out of lock down and beginning to work again.

So, I ask myself, after months of not working and possibly not earning any money, how is it that when our workforce is presented an opportunity to make money and ease the burden of backed up expenses, do they not jump at it and work the hours needed, and even more?

The reality of this is very simple, it is up to us as owners and managers of our businesses to ensure we give our staff the tools they need to not only get through this festive season physically but to get them through it with buckets of money! And it’s possible!!


I have two simple ideas to share today. I guarantee, if you implement these two ideas WITH CONSISTENCY (this is key), you will have a more motivated and driven team than ever before

Here goes, are you ready….

  1. Only positive language allowed.  Implement a ‘NO COMPLAINING” policy and start and end every day with gratitude or a positive word, phrase or affirmation.
  2. Set a specific “Festive Season” goal or target with the team and each individual. The target should be a combination target of up-sells and retail products. Now, make the measuring of this FUN.  Draw up a measuring tool – such as a chart, let’s use the example of a star chart here. For every upsell and every retail product sold, each person gets to add a star to the board. As the chart fills, create a new one, and keep the momentum going. Put them up in your staff area to keep them motivated as they physically see how they are earning more!
​​​​​​I’m so excited about this that I will give you another, bonus idea!!
Run a FUN CONTEST where there is something new to win every day. This will take a little planning and thinking, but not much compared to the results you will see. To give you a few examples:
  • The therapists with the least free time today will get a cappuccino.
  • The therapist with the most upsells today gets a pizza.
  • The therapist that smiles the most today gets a cash incentive.

The outcome of these is to get everyone excited, to get them motivated, to keep them smiling and energized.

There are SO MANY other ideas!  Take responsibility!  Your staff will perform in direct alignments with the way you set it up for them, so think carefully about your own words, body language and energy levels!


Go out there and make it RAIN.

Stay OBSESSED tribe!


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