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Did you say “I WILL TRY”?????



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If you’ve attended any of my coaching sessions, you will know what great emphasis I place on NOT SAYING the words “I will try…”

Here’s why:

The dictionary says the word try means an attempt or an effort to do something. However, let’s talk about the psychology of using that word. I can guarantee you that people who fail to achieve their goals almost always signal their intent to fail by saying “I will try…”

Let me give you some scenarios.
A – Will you meet me for coffee tomorrow morning?
B – I will try get there
A – Will you meet me for coffee tomorrow morning?
B – Yes definitely, what time?

In scenario A, what does it actually mean when someone says “I will try get there”? We all know it means they will not go because the word try has allowed them to make an excuse as to why they could not or did not make it to the coffee appointment.

  • Try implies failure
  • Try allows for excuses as to why it is not done or achieved
  • Try is a word you should DELETE from your vocabulary

Either DO or DO NOT but please let’s banish and forbid this T word.  How about setting up a “try jar” at your spa or salon, and every time someone finds themselves saying I will try, they first pay into the try jar and then they correct their statement.

I have always disliked this word and for the last few months have really made a concerted effort to avoid using it and even then, I often find myself saying it without even realizing I have said it. What a shocker! Best part is correcting myself or having our amazing Community members correct me and correct each other. Why? Because in our community we don’t try, WE JUST DO! We also keep each other accountable!

It doesn’t mean that once you stop using the word try you will always succeed. No, not at all. But, you will stop making excuses, that’s for sure! You will also work harder and give all you have to make it happen because you said you would do it. You left no wiggle room for excuses.
Consider how it affects your business when you’re on the receiving end of it. Let’s look at some examples. Imagine you call a client to confirm their appointment and their response is, “I will try get there by 2pm”. Wouldn’t you think, well, no, you’re either going to arrive for your appointment or you are not, there is NO TRY.
Or, your therapist says “I am going to try and sell 10 retail products today”. No no no! You know that’s a loose intention. Coach your staff to say “I am GOING TO SELL 10 retail products today”. See how different the two statements sound? One is with conviction the other is with doubt.

Get rid of this word, DO OR DO NOT but don’t try.

Now let’s get DOING champions!


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