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This is how you end 2020 with a BANG!????


Double your revenue

It’s almost Christmas, DOUBLE your revenue in the weeks leading up!

YES YES YES it is possible!

Before I give you the two tips to boosting revenue – and yes, you CAN DOUBLE your revenue in just two weeks before Christmas… I need to tell you what you are in for, and you need to sort out your mindset! Not just that, you need to hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE to ensure that it happens.

So, what are you in for?

  • Put your foot flat on the pedal and don’t release it, not even for one second of any day. It’s full blast for the next two weeks.
  • Put up charts for your staff and run a serious competition to cultivate that winner mindset!
  • Measure and track the goal three times a day. Start at the morning huddle with the target, update the team around 11am and again at 3pm so they can push!!
  • Get your staff involved and excited about the goal/target. If everyone is rowing together, focused in the same direction, you WILL get there quicker!
  • Motivate and Inspire ALL DAY LONG. You are a cheerleader for the next two weeks!!
  • Hold yourself accountable. If you take responsibility for making this happen and drive it relentlessly, IT WILL HAPPEN!
  • Don’t give excuses as to why you cannot do either of the tips I am going to share as the excuses themselves will be what stops the revenue.

So what are the 2 tips?????  When you read them you might think well, that’s not rocket science… but I want to ask you as you read them to analyze your behavior. Are you doing this exactly as you should, because if you are then you shouldn’t need to read this newsletter as you are already doubling your revenue in the weeks before Christmas.

Tip 1

Increase your working hours.  Stay open till 7 or 8pm.  Think about it, people are shopping, they are wrapping up work, they are sorting kids and literally the last thing that pops up is looking after oneself so give your clients this opportunity. Send out communication that you are staying open longer hours to accommodate the demand and then facilitate the booking enquiry by saying click here or SMS or WhatsApp us if you want us to contact you for a booking so they don’t even need to call you to book.

Tip 2

Focus on UPSELLS.  If every single service has an upsell already there you have a huge revenue boost. UPSELLS in festive season are easy but you need to offer it and you need to focus on it.

As a bonus I am going to give you a third tip …..

Tip 3

Offer deals on GIFT VOUCHERS as Christmas gifts!  Last minute shoppers are REAL and there are millions of them, you will capture them if you get the communication out there and offer an unbeatable value on the voucher BOTH instore and online.

What I have shared with you above is not “a maybe, try it and it might work”, IT IS TRIED AND TESTED and I have hundreds of clients who can vouch for this and who are doing this every year!

I look forward to your success stories, please share how these tips worked out for you and let’s grow the community of DOUBLE REVENUE in two weeks!



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