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Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I’m hoping that the festive break was filled with the most amazing family fun, love and festivities and that you used this time to recharge!

With only a few days left till we embark on 2021, now is the time to reflect on 2020. Let’s not simply write off the year to chaos, illness, trauma and whatever other words you have to describe what a year it’s been for you. Take some time and physically commit all the positive outcomes of this year to paper. Both personally and professionally. What did you achieve in your personal life and what changes and growth did you see in your business, no matter how small it may seem to you. It is important that you reflect with positivity and gratitude.

3, 2, 1 and guess what?? NEW BEGINNINGS!

I would like you to think back to anytime when you received or started something new.  Perhaps a new car, perhaps when you went to university or college for the first time or perhaps when you started your business.  Can you describe the feelings and your mindset at the time?

Excited, happy, a little nervous, full of ideas, explorative, eager, open to learning, and so many more words we could use to describe how you felt.

So, as you read this newsletter, I would like you to take yourself back to one of those “new” moments in your life because, as we venture into a “NEW” YEAR, how you begin the year and what mindset you have, will play a critical role in how your year will roll out.

Something else I want you to remember, is that business is constantly evolving, so, in order for your business to survive and grow YOU will need to evolve.  Build on what is working and evolve or adapt where you see opportunity!  Don’t close your mind to new things, now more than ever it is time to have an open mind and experiment with change.

This weeks newsletter is short and sweet and I have only ONE thing I would like you to do before the start of next week. And please, I encourage and urge you to do this with me and let’s set the tone for the year together.

Take 5 minutes or 10 or half an hour, sit alone, with no distractions, take out a pen and paper or your laptop and write down just one thing.

What is your NUMBER ONE Business Goal for 2021?

I will share mine and then I have one last favor to ask of you for this year….


My number one business goal for Spa Professionals Guild for 2021 is to deliver new, innovative and life changing courses to up-skill beauty therapists, nail technicians, hair stylists and massage therapists in becoming businesspeople and earning a lot more money. I want our skilled professionals to not only be excellent at what they do in terms of treatments, but to be excellent in business as well. I want this excellence reflected in their bank balances!

The perception that our Industry does not make money has to change, and that is my mission for 2021. I will not stop until I have hundreds of success stories to share with the world, detailing how Spa Professionals Guild has changed people’s lives!

There you go, that is my goal for 2021, now the favor …..  it’s not a big one and we will make it easy for you. Click THIS LINK and go share your number one business goal for 2021 on our Facebook Page and tag yourself and your salon or spa. Remember, when you publicly share your goals and make them known to the world, they become REALITY and you subconsciously work harder to achieve those goals.  So don’t be shy, share with us and the world!

I’m ready to take on 2021, join me and let’s smash this coming year with growth, learning, pivoting and of course tons of fun and laughter!

See you in 2021

Spa Professionals Guild is now Wellness Professionals Club.


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