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Welcome to 2021!!

I am so excited for this year and ready to get going! ARE YOU READY??

Picking up from the last newsletter of 2020, I want to quickly revisit the three paragraphs I wrote about.

I would like you to think back to anytime when you received or started something new.  Perhaps a new car, perhaps when you went to university or college for the first time or perhaps when you started your business. Can you describe the feelings and your mindset at the time?

Excited, happy, a little nervous, full of ideas, explorative, eager, open to learning, and so many more words we could use to describe how you felt.

So as you read this business resolutions newsletter, I would like you to take yourself back to one of those “new” moments in your life because, as we venture into a “NEW” Year, how you begin the year, and your mindset, will play a critical role in how your year will roll out.

Something else I want you to remember is that business is constantly evolving, so in order for your business to survive and grow, you will need to evolve. Build on what is working and evolve or adapt where you see opportunity! Don’t close your mind to new things, now more than ever, it is time to have an open mind and experiment with change.

Below you will find 13 BUSINESS RESOLUTIONS that I feel are a MUST for any spa and salon business for this year. I encourage you to edit it as you feel appropriate for your business, print it and put it up in your office where you can see it and measure how you are doing monthly according to the checklist. There is a FREE downloadable version of this checklist included with this newsletter.


If you have not completed any of the checklist items yet then BE ACCOUNTABLE and give yourself a deadline to complete it by.  Not longer than two months as that will take you into the second quarter of the year, if you want to see results from this, start sooner, implement quickly and measure daily!

My wish for you is that you embrace change and invest in learning for 2021!

Members of the Spa Professionals Guild have access to all the tools mentioned above when they complete our Business Management Training Course. We are also excited to launch our sales course “Double your digits”, in February. Write to us by replying to this mail with any questions you may have, or, join the Spa Professionals Guild and enroll in our flagship course by clicking on this
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