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This tip will BOOST your profit!????


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Treatment confirmation phone calls.  Can they boost revenue?

First, let’s talk about the reasons you should be calling clients to confirm their treatment bookings

  1. Avoid a no show or client forgetting about a scheduled treatment
  2. To build better relationships
  3. To UPSELL

That’s three really good reasons why you should be phoning your clients to confirm treatments! A phone call is more personal and intimate than a message, so first choice is a physical conversation, not a long one but they should hear your voice.  A message will take second place as its better than nothing at all.

The best time to do these phone calls is two days prior to treatment as you can still sell the space if for whatever reason the client has to cancel.  The day before leaves you with very little time to get that space filled.

And lastly, let’s look at how these simple phone calls can boost your revenue.

So here is the role play

A few DO’s and DON’T’s


  • Call early morning when clients doing school drops and arriving at work or late afternoon when doing school pick-ups and arriving home to start dinner
  • Draw out the conversation and become long winded
  • Be hesitant or unsure about what you are saying or asking your client
  • Whisper or talk softly


  • Have a clear upsell list for each phone call you are going to make, i.e., PLAN, PLAN, PLAN
  • Know your prices
  • Be clear about what you are saying, both for confirmation and upsell options
  • Call between 9am and 2pm
  • Be short and sweet
  • Smile and be friendly and warm whilst speaking
  • Set yourself a target so you have a goal to reach
  • Follow a script or SOP if you are not confident
  • Role play with colleagues to get your dialogue perfect
  • Offer your client a solution to a problem when presenting the upsell
  • Offer your client upsell options, not just one, as everyone loves to choose

As usual we are always on a mission to equip you with tools to boost your revenue! This is a powerful one, so let’s get dialing!

Till next week!


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