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22 April 2021: Group Coaching – What Google can do for your Business Visibility


Video Transcript:
much longer i would like
to remind you all before we start
today’s session what today really is
all about so last week we had
a marketing 101 which was like a really
quick overview of where you should be
in your business at this point in time
when it comes to spa salon
hairdressing aesthetics in terms of
your marketing activity and your
messages that are going out to clients
and one of the little sections that we
arrived at
that seemed to create a little bit of
well how do we do that
and how does that even become possible
was the google snippets and the google
snippets so whilst i could
explain to you a little not in major
detail because it
isn’t my forte it isn’t my expertise
i could explain to you a little about
what the google snippet is what
what the rich snippet is i’m not
really able to explain to you in depth
and detail about how to go about
doing it or how to go about i have
in that time learned a little bit more
from rhys who’s going to chat to us
today i’ve learned a little bit more
what it is actually so
um our guest speaker is reese he is
going to
give a little bio a little bit of
history about himself as well as the
company that
he’s in and what it is that they do and
reece really is a specialist at this
and um he enlightened me a little bit
the other day and i said yes yes that is
what we need to know and that is how
you know so he’s going to share some of
his expertise and a little bit of
ideas and a little bit of what you
should be doing and how you should be
doing it
because unlike what i thought google
snippets is not something that you can
okay and he will explain it to you it’s
something that google does
but you can do a whole lot of things
that he’s going to tell us today
to ensure that you land up getting a
snippet on google or a rich snippet on
okay so without um dawdling and babbling
rhys do you want to come on and
introduce yourself and take over
100 thank you very much can you
everyone hear me see me i can see you i
can hear you everyone give us a thumbs
up if it’s all clear
beautiful okay all right all right looks
good all right great
cool cool thank you so much all right
well thanks for the intro and hello
my name is rhys i’m a lead analyst and
marketing strategist for a little
agency in south africa called media
rocket studio
and we specialize in technical marketing
both locally and internationally which
is quite cool so
we have a bit of fun which we really
myself i i dabble a lot in technical
marketing around data analytics and
code based marketing etc as well which
is kind of where rich snippets fits in
and that’s what i’m going to take you
through today in a very
high level to give you a good
understanding of it and the
basic elements you need on your website
in order to actually
enable rich snippets or make it easier
for google and potentially other search
to create these snippets for you so
without further ado i’m going to start
sharing my screen
i’m going to pretend nothing’s going to
break if i suddenly disappear or
please just shout you never know these
all right and all right brilliant
okay you guys you should now see um
a little slide in front of you uh seo
technical seo rich snippets and
structured data
part of a beginner’s guide to search
engine optimization so i mean it’s
obviously part of search engine
optimization which is really the process
getting as much organic search space in
a search results page
as possible and you’ve seen rich
snippets you’ve brought it up and you’re
like okay cool we want to know more
about this
so i’m going to run you through some of
it and then at the end of this i’m going
to show you some examples
of what to look for and how to test for
for rich snippets on your site
and then if you don’t have them what you
can do about it so
yep that never works the way i want it
to so first thing is
well rich snippets what is a rich
snippet so we’ve all seen it
in a search engine and it’s a very
distinct result type that you get in a
search engine
they often often you will get them
particularly in mobile searches or
mobile search results
um particularly because they just work
so nicely in a mobile environment where
you can swipe cards etc
in which case those snippets are very
valuable but
a rich snippet is a type of search
result in a serp okay serp is just an
acronym we use for search engine result
whenever you search something in google
the results that come up we refer to as
a serp it’s an enhanced result with more
and it is a variation of results so it
allows you to
put more information about the page the
content that a user is about to engage
directly in the search results page
so the value of it which i’m going to
get to a little bit just now
is that you give a user more context as
to why they should be visiting your page
and it also allows you to compete on an
additional search type so
what is what is a search type we’ve got
your standard search types or
just your title and description based
search types here
but now you’ve got these additional
search types at the top here so you want
to be able to compete
to compete you need to be able to enable
your site to have or be be available to
rank for
for rich snippets and be shown for them
okay so exactly why do we want to get
rich snippets
this will get you greater exposure in
the search it’s an additional search
result type which i just touched on
i mean you get other search result types
for instance you you’ll know that you
get video search results you get image
search results
you get your standard search listing um
you get obviously your page search
results now
a rich result is an additional type of
which you can compete on so it’s part of
a search engine optimization strategy
for instance
users are more likely to interact with
these results when they get more
information so
this also has a pro and a con to it
which which sometimes gets brought up
is but if the user is able to get all
the information in the search results
page because there’s enough information
why did they navigate through
well what we found is that mostly they
would navigate through anyway
but if that information wasn’t there
they may not have continued and you
definitely wouldn’t have been able to
compete in that space so
at the very least you get awareness or
ownership of a portion of
the search engine results page and
additionally it can provide business
information directly
into the search so contact details
ratings all of these these are product
ratings for instance
then become available because you’ve
added this rich snippet feature
into your website interestingly when we
talk about structured data later
uh that can also be used for other
functions uh like
google ads it can be quite valuable to
have that
all right nope that’s not it okay so
what kind of rich snippets are there now
there’s lots of rich snippets i’m going
to show you google’s search gallery just
um to show you what they each look like
and potentially how you could use them
but and i’m not even going to go through
this whole list i’m going to make this
available to you guys
you can take it home you can use it as
you need to use it
and feel free to shoot questions as well
but you have things like articles books
a breadcrumb which is more of a
technical issue on the sites but then
you get frequently asked questions you
product snippets and the product one is
interesting because last year google
google services which is a organic
version of paid search ads
so you can actually get your products if
you’ve got the right schema which i’m
going to tell you about just now
to show in organic shopping results
so that was last year i think november
then you get things like employer
aggregate rating so if you’re a
what’s a thing called people who employ
recruitment agency
you can or a company i think as well you
can get an aggregate rating for your
how to is i’m going to show you some how
to’s job postings trainings local
business listings etc so there’s a lot
you can now
be part of in this search environment
you just need to be able to have the
right structures in place in order to
make it happen
so okay cool exactly this question but
how to make this happen
okay so what i’m going to talk to you
about now
is a little thing called structured data
also commonly referred to as
schema all right now it’s a
i don’t want you to worry about the fact
that this is a code based
item or you know it’s it’s something
that you have to actually write into
your site etc it’s one
not that not that that complex as far as
coding goes with two if you have a
development company or someone it is
something that is very doable
especially if you’re using stuff like
using a wordpress site or a
wix site or squarespace or something
like that these usually come pre-built
with some of the structured schema
in place and if not there’s different
ways to tackle it
so it’s good to have if you can do it
uh well let me put this way it’s it’s
don’t be worried about what i’m about to
show you it’s all very doable
but structured data is a
little bunch of references that you’re
going to put on your site that’s going
to allow google to have a look and say
all right this site is about
a b c d it talks about x y and z
and this is the picture that i need to
show and this is the location and so on
and so
forth and by putting this information
into google you help it get a greater or
deeper understanding of your business
and therefore
helps you to be shown for
these rich results again
all right okay so from from from the
horse’s mouth
what is structured data
google search works hard to understand
the content of a page
you can help us by providing explicit
clues about the meaning of a page
to google by including structured data
on the page
structured data is a standardized format
for providing information about a page
and classifying the page’s content so
for example a recipe page
what are the ingredients the cooking
time the temperature the calories and so
on which i’m going to show you
so google uses structured data that it
finds on the web to understand the
content of the page
as well as gather information about the
web and the world in general
so structured data yes it has a function
for rich snippets but it is also
in other features for search engine
optimization we talk about voice search
as well becoming quite dominant
it helps google have a context of what
this page it’s looking at is about
rather than having to essentially it’s a
it’s a little bot going through each
individual line
of copy trying to understand we tell it
explicitly this page is about
this okay so
structured data is the additional
information that we can provide to
google so that it can build
rich snippets for our sites it is code
um it uses a a framework a language base
called json
and it does require some development
knowledge but it can be implemented with
plugins depending on your website’s
technology as i mentioned wordpress has
like a direct
let’s just plug it in and we turn it on
and it goes
um i’m pretty sure with some squarespace
and stuff will do it
pre-built um as a note though there is
another way to do this
using a different type of schema which
i’m going to show you briefly it uses
the item prop types etc
but it’s a little more on the
heavy dev side that opposed to jason
okay so what does it actually look like
well if you were to go and look at a
code base or
inspect a site’s page and i’m going to
show you show you that in a few minutes
you would see a little script that looks
something like the script type
application ld json and it
don’t worry about the context type what
you worry about is okay what is it
actually trying to tell google it’s
saying well this is a recipe
the name of this recipe is party coffee
the person responsible for writing this
is mary stone it was published
it was published in 2018 and the
is this coffee cake is also imperfect
for parties
so google can now take this and prepare
rich snippets with it
which i’m going to show you just now and
you can see it’s just pulling this
information straight out of elements on
the website itself
all right there we go so this sorry this
is the code base that returns that
all right so by putting this additional
little pieces of information such as you
know the name
the image that you want to show in the
if there’s a rating for it so this is a
rating structure here and it has to be
an actual rating
um and there’s certain prerequisites
that if it’s a
if it’s a recipe you’ll have something
called prep time etc
you know recipe yields and it can
actually produce these and then say cool
here’s a rich snippet that a person can
engage with
where we find is happening quite often
your how to is what
is which is the best that sort of search
query tends to
result in more rich results
than very based like
what would be a base query like seo
agency is a very basic query it wouldn’t
really return
any rich snippets but if you were to
search what is the best way to do or
tackle search engine optimization then
it will go cool here’s some common
questions that other people have asked
all right so that is that is the code
based structure this is what you if you
if you have a development team
if you if you do your own development if
you have
a website what you’re going to need to
be looking for is
structured data and in a way to enable
that structured data
on your site now i’ve given some
resources at the end of this whole
end of the presentation that i suggest
you know you got the time and enough
interest go and read them have a look
um and they should help answer a lot of
questions you might you might be having
i’ll try onson as well after i’ve
finished my two cents
okay so how do i know if i qualify for
rich results okay the easiest way
is ask google so there is a tool from
google you can put your website in
you can hit test url and it will tell
you whether or not you qualify
to have rich results and also if you do
qualify which ones you
you currently have in place which schema
it’s literally called the forward slash test
forward slash rich dash results and i’m
going to actually test a couple of sites
so i’m going to show you a couple of
i’m going to show you the code as well
just so you know what to look for
all right but how do you know there’s
actually two ways this is the one
okay i’m going to run a test now now i
actually want to show you one other one
the second way is that if you already
are down going down the search engine
optimization route
or road or you’ve got an agency on board
freelance or contractor there’s a very
good chance they’ve set up the google
search console
so google search console is
where is your site in google’s index and
what does it look like in google’s index
so how many pages do you have in
in the index what is kind of the health
of your site
and one of the aspects it does is it
tells you what enhancements you already
so does your site already qualify for
certain enhancements and are those
enhancements actually working
so an enhancement is structured data
structured data
is what you need for rich snippets in
this case we can see i’ve just pulled
two clients here very quickly
one client has faq snippets logos and
cycling search box the other has
breadcrumbs and products as well
the products one is obviously an
e-commerce client who is therefore
able to appear in the organic shopping
okay if you haven’t set it up
you can go to forward
slash search dash
console and if you have set it up that’s
where you would log in
anyway just want to see something here
all right so let’s let’s go now i’m
going to run a couple of tests i’ve
already done
i’ve come prepared i have pre-searched
for things that have returned results
and i’ve put them all together
and i’m going to take through the live
results one by one
i hope it doesn’t get boring it’s always
interesting in my case so yeah i’m just
going to get out of this
all right great um if you guys don’t see
just my browser now
please put your someone put your hand up
or do something because that means you
can’t see what i’m about to talk about
um i can see just what kind
okay fantastic just for context i did uh
look at a couple of the sites um within
the group
and the ones i looked at didn’t have
rich results so they didn’t qualify for
rich results so i’ve gone and done some
other searches and found some other
that’s just to give you context and also
to show you the variations in different
types of search results
so here you’re going to see that i’ve
done a search i’ve just searched
beauty spa now just for intersect just
so you’re aware
this here is business listings and
location-based results this is this is
rich snippets so just just bear that in
mind if you see this and you wonder
but how does this work with rich
snippets this is setting up google my
which is different the rich snippets
though start to appear here
like what else do people ask so when i
typed in beauty spot
things that people often ask includes
what are six types of spa
so i can either read it directly in the
search result which
i might do or i can
travel onto the link and if i go to that
link it looks like this
so it’s this page all right
and what i’m doing what i’ve done is
i’ve just taken this url
and i’ve plugged it into google’s rich
results tests all right
so we can see it there and it has
returned to me that this page
is available eligible for rich results
which makes perfect sense because if it
then that would be very difficult to
um but i know it is so i’m happy and i
can see the content that’s been pulled
into this little space here okay it’s
called an article type
schema and we’ll chat about that just
and here’s all the content that they’ve
supplied that we you know it’s
able to bot so google in this case is
able to run run
through and create information from
or results from so that’s that’s one
that i’ve done
now let’s just have a quick look here
all things being equal
again don’t worry about the fact that
i’m doing all this funky stuff i’m just
giving you an example this is not your
responsibility unless you are the
developer or the technical seo
so i’m going to show you the page source
which is actually going to look at the
code on this site
i’m going to get access to it and what
i’m looking for is something that’s
i can already see it this little script
has enabled those results
in google so
they have the right structure in order
to get a rich result
okay so that’s that’s good we know we it
makes sense right structure
gets a result so let’s try another one
okay here i just i’m just emulating a
mobile device on my browser i want to
see what happens
when i type in spa holiday packages
in south africa so i get my standard
results but
all of a sudden i get a result that
looks really different pulls in images
and a gallery and that’s quite quite
engaging so
okay i’m going to take this url which is
now here
i’m going to go to the rich snippet tool
i’m going to put it in
the true story it’s eligible for rich
okay so it’s a very simple test
if you find get your domain get some
pages you put it into the rich separate
it’s going to be a yes no scenario yes
you are eligible
no you’re not keep in mind though that
part of search engine optimization so
yes you are eligible but a hundred
hundred thousand other sites could be
eligible as well so then it’ll
come down to well how well structured
for instance is my schema is it
accurate does it have all the required
because that’s then important as well
contextually for google because it wants
to show
relevant results and a site that has
higher value
and schema is more valuable on a site
that has schema that was never really
very good from an seo perspective anyway
so maybe not going to be as helpful so i
always like to think as adding schema is
sort of the
you know it’s the cream on top it’s a
thing you do when you’ve got everything
else right
um because it will then just enhance you
one step
up okay so let’s okay so we did it we
got it okay and i checked out the code
and i can immediately see the schemas
yeah so
all good happy days we know it’s working
so i am
now going to just wait for this thing to
disappear there we go okay great
okay so like i said the how to’s the
is the et cetera they tend to give us
the best type of rich results so
i mean how to bake a cake immediately
gave me much
nicer looking results but included
different types of rich
so i’ve got my how to make a cake and
i’ve got my
people also ask and i selected
this result here best vanilla cake
i checked out the rich snippets and i
can see immediately that it’s got
article schema breadcrumbs screamer
and a guided recipe schema so no wonder
they’re ranking and being being provided
and if i check out their
code let’s see daisy
yeah easy to search for schema
no that’s a high store schema is all
there we go i can find the schema right
there okay okay and then
so i actually thought well let me try
use a how-to uh
with something along the lines of spot
and i said well let’s see how to cleanse
your skin and
true story got a rich snippet you can
even see here it says featured snippet
so rich like the featured snippet
and if i go and check that out and it
says immediately this
this page is eligible to be returned
there’s the actual page no thanks you
can see this images here and if i check
their code i can immediately see the
is there all right so
we we’ve now i’ve gone through
four different result types at least
that you get with with schema
and and i hope you can you can see now
that the
snippets and this is also an interesting
thing you see google can
generate rich results without in certain
rich results without being
explicitly told or given structured data
but it is much easier when you are
explicit with like
like it like any technology when you’re
explicit with it it
works much faster much better much more
now inside
so we’ve been through that and i said
i’d show you the the search gallery
from from google so this is google’s own
it’s freely freely available obviously
to everybody
um i’ve put this link in the in the
prezzo as well
and you can literally go through each of
these and see
where it would fit into your site like
like an article is a pretty much a blog
article etc so you could use that
you could use carousels particularly for
products or recipes or how to’s
if you’re offering courses you get
course result types if you’re a critic
data sets as well i’m trying to find one
that’s more interesting so you can get
rich results event rich results
fact check faqs i use faqs a lot on
almost all of our client sites it’s kind
of like do you have faqs no
okay cool we’re going to write some and
we’re going to put this up
so faqs are a good one how to’s
also really really good especially if
you are a good content producer
if you are already in the space where in
your business you are fantastic at
producing content
you should be using structured data and
you should be answering questions like
how to
what is commonly asked questions etc
because it’s going to give you space
that other people
aren’t tackling well likely
you guys wouldn’t worry about all of
this likely but you would
you would have local business schema
most likely
and logos all of these are pretty pretty
standard for a site and like i said if
you are using a wordpress or something
there’s a good chance that some of the
standard ones like organization type
uh page type which would be article logo
already preset and
and pushed um out but the more
customized ones definitely won’t be
there you’ll need to tackle those
um yourself like we said movie etc so
i’m not going to go through all of them
because there are a lot of different
types um and
again like i said yes it it can’t maybe
seem a bit daunting but
if you do have a development team or
someone it’s literally a case of
picking where you got to go
and find a way to get this code into
your the header
of your site and that will start your
journey into
getting snippets there’s also some
really cool tools
for interest sake and i’ve put this
again in the
in the pack these guys who actually will
the system will help you build the
schema on the fly you can just tell it
exactly what you want
and just pop your question in and it
spits out
the schema that you’ll need i usually
hand this over to my dev team and they
implement it for clients um
yeah let me just see what we’ve got here
all right it’s going to go back to the
the present box
all right i just want to see if i had
any additional information
i’ve got some resources here that i
suggest getting if you’re interested in
is having a look
at there’s some really good guys um the
ahrefs are great
their blogs on that and actually that is
end of sort of an intro to rich snippets
so if anyone’s got questions now is the
time to ask
and reese can you go one slide back to
the resources slide just so
in case everybody wants to screenshot it
and then 100 i think let’s eat
some questions so you can either unmute
speak tourists directly or you can pop
it in the chat box and we’ll feed it
through like that
um i have some questions but let me let
everybody else ask first
okay so who has some questions
no one wow
okay let’s see what chorus is i know now
what the difference is between a
business and a snippet do i now need to
find a professional
to do the snippets or can i do it myself
karis you can answer that
okay good question so
so that’s that’s that’s kind of got a
couple of dimensions to it um
and i’ll just explain why that’s got a
couple of dimensions if you are running
off wordpress
or or wix or squarespace before you go
get a professional or an agency because
there’s going to be a cost implication
do yourself a favor and just google
structured data wordpress structured
data which
or structured data whatever the builder
you’re using is there’s a 99
chance there is a pre-built solution
that you can
just install into into the into the site
in which case it’s kind of a click and
go scenario if you are using one of
those builders
um if you’re using wordpress i can
strongly recommend something called
rank math uh it’s r a n k
new word math m-a-t-h or yoast
if using wordpress it’s probably come
across yoast
both of those maybe not yo so much but
rank math will definitely
help you manage your your schema without
having to
to get someone on board um it of course
does have limitations
in terms of it can do them the the
general schema and the basic schema but
when you want to get like really
and by general i mean the how to’s the
articles the pages the products
it’s when you want to get into okay now
i need to do an aggregate rating which
you may not even need to do that you’ll
probably need to get
someone who can code that into your site
for you
so that’s the one side where you’ve got
a a builder and
it’s great you have access to the back
end you can install the plugin
it probably has a good run through if
you’re using rank math just watch their
videos works perfectly
the other side is where it’s been built
for you and it’s custom
so it’s built in a different a different
technology that doesn’t have what we
call a content management system
something you can easily log into
to manage yourself in that instance yes
you’re going to have to find either a
technical seo who has coding
or a development agency who has some seo
so that they can build that schema in
for you
because you could use for instance the
technical seo tool
and it really is simple you follow the
steps type it out
and it’ll pop out your schema but you’re
gonna have to give it to someone
a developer who can implement it or have
a technical seo
uh who can code implement it for you
so do you need to find a professional
it depends on where you are in terms of
your your online
position like i said i think that i like
to believe that if you um
are in one of the builders like a
wordpress environment there’s just so
much resource out there
go to youtube type in install rich
wordpress and you’ll find some really
good content
if it is custom code like in a
like a javascript framework or something
like that i would then
strongly suggest getting a professional
because i have broken
many sites trying to do that stuff
without my development team
because my patience is very limited and
they’re a bit slow in my opinion
okay so cara is saying she’s checked her
weebly and she doesn’t have rich results
so she’s definitely going to look into
it so just so
you know um i did share with reese
most of your um websites
and who you are and um he did go
on and have a look at quite a lot of
them and
um he sadly came back and said to me
sorry marisa but
none of them have got the the rich
so but that leaves room for an
opportunity right that
we can go back and we can look at ways
in which to do this
so is i’ve got a question for you so
let’s say somebody
didn’t have the patience level to do
this themselves so let’s say they’ve got
this wordpress or whatever
but they don’t have the patience to do
it themselves all the time to go and do
all these tutorials or whatever the case
for somebody um to just
go in and do that section for them so
that’s schema and whatever
whatever is it an hourly based charge
or is it a project based charge is there
any form of
indication at all as to how much
something like this can cost because i’m
sure it’s on everybody’s mind
right now actually
it’s a good question um and again it
would uh
it’s a good question and not an easy
answer because it would also depend on
where you
and your business are in your sort of
digital journey on online
i mean so i’ll give you an example
about having you know old wordpress
because if you’ve got an old wordpress
site let’s and by old we mean two years
and all other
there’s a very good chance that the
technology on it will break essentially
when you try and implement the new the
new schema
or via a plug-in because it just becomes
then it’s a project cost because whoever
you go to should tell you look i’m
really sorry but
your site will literally break if i do
this and they’ll say right it’s going to
cost you this to update the site so we
can do that i had a client like this
and very kindly said look you’re going
to have to i’m going to break your site
if if we don’t have to edit them
they went back to the dev team got a
costume and we moved forward which is
if you have a current either a builder
like a
wix which keeps up to date itself um or
i think even we would do it or
squarespace wordpress still does require
intermittent updates so
try keep that up to date without
breaking anything but if it is all up to
you could easily use an hourly based
cost because
short of being like a big e-commerce
provider where it must be project-based
because then it’s a new level of
it probably wouldn’t take more than
let’s say a half day’s worth of work to
get a
full a full functioning schema set built
on one of those platforms
like wordpress etc um
and then if i take a step back though
and i go back into a
non-stand not standard framework it’s
not good to say standard
but a non-cms content managed system
like like i was talking about javascript
driven frameworks
then you would probably get a project
cost because
the seo person would need to go and
build all the json for you
then the developer would need to
implement it then you’d need to test it
and then monitor it over time so it it
it does depend on on on where you are in
your in your
your online journey or your technology
journey um
if you are if you’re a small to medium
business you are running like a
wordpress or something
i think you could probably bank on half
half a day’s worth worth of work in
terms of hours
and that probably cost you anywhere
depending on the on the agency or the
professional if it’s an
agency or a consultant from 450 round an
hour to 950 around an hour
um yeah that’s probably where you could
look at depending on who you work with
and of course if they’re a good for if
they’re a good
person you’re working with they will be
honest with you and say this is what’s
going to happen on your site if i do
so this is what it’s going to cost okay
all right and then um another question
that i have
so how important because you saying it
depends on where we are in our digital
okay so how important for our
industry because right now you are
mainly speaking to
either owners or managers of spas
beauty salons aesthetic centers
you know um he has studios that’s that’s
audience that you’re speaking to right
now how important
is it for our industry um
to have something like this and and
um so you didn’t touch too much on it
because i had mentioned it but it would
be nice for you to say it
is what would be the benefits for us to
make sure that we do
get these snippets and rich snippets
you know where you probably because
because of the nature of the business
um you’re very you’re location-based
businesses so one of the one of the
concepts or pretexts of
seo is location that a search engine
wants to return a result to a user
that is at that point in time most
relevant thing
one of those is location particularly
for businesses that are location based
so for me it would be really important
to get what i call what not what i call
what is called local
seo or your local seo right now
structured data can form
part of that it can help you give
different types of results by location
so you can specify my business
is located in south africa in
with the service type abcd and in that
it can be extremely beneficial then to
have really well structured
schema but i’m going to take a step back
and i’m going to say in my
my opinion it would be much better to
get your base level seo items right
first which means that you have
things like your business listings on
google done
your content is location relevant um
your site’s health is really good so it
loads nicely it’s
mobile responsive etc etc and then where
for me where schema fits in is that
right at the top of that pyramid because
it’s like that one step above the person
kind of doing a good job and you want to
be excellent now you’ve got
all the way up there and you want to go
well i want to do a really good job and
now you go into
using structured data really effectively
that’s where it would fit in for me
particularly for location-based
get your local seo right 100 and
and then add schema into the mix and and
you should get really good results
okay wow that’s amazing actually
okay good so that i think gives us a lot
of insight does anybody have any
questions for reese
niles your time everyone we have him for
a few more minutes so let’s take
um so you can either meet and ask him
directly or you can go into the chat box
okay so joanne saying really interesting
needs someone smarter than me to do that
marketing and web results and to get
great results yes jan
it is i’ve been hearing about it and
that’s what’s been
not stressing me out but i’ve been
thinking oh my word we we really need to
get on top of this a little bit more in
our industry and that’s why
i brought it up at our last coaching
session shuita
that really information okay brilliant
all right
so for lonnie very interesting but i
think not right
just broke i get that a lot i honestly
do get that a lot i
i completely understand yeah
you’re talking a bit of a different
language to to our language
um but i really feel and i’m not a tech
i almost feel a little bit liberated to
be honest that
um i know more now i know if somebody
says the word schema
i actually know what they’re talking
about so
uh i really feel i don’t know a little
bit more technologically up to date with
what’s going on okay awesome
anybody else any questions everyone or
can we say our
log off our checkout words and be done
how’s everybody feeling do you want to
go into the chat
box do you want to ask reese a question
come everyone this is normally such a
chatty group i think you have really
i’m sorry i really i i know it can be
like a what did this guy just kind of
say moments that’s right
wow we yeah they’re normally so chatty
it’s almost like everybody’s got
uh you know nungo super insightful
techno savvy
okay everyone so let’s go do your
checkout words or your last questions
and then we’re going to say goodbye to
reese and
thank you very much rhys can you put
your email address up
or put it in the chat box in case
anybody wants to reach out to you
to help i think that could be nice can
you do that maybe
okay joanna’s mind blown nungo is super
insightful kara new mission yeah kara we
seem to put you on a new mission
at almost every time we we meet up here
antoinette thanks so much i learned
quite a lot we’ll definitely put
in to action on our sites um
oh reese has dropped off let’s see if he
joins again i’ll let him back on i think
he’s lost um
signal uh joanne and yes i would love to
reach out to reese okay so i’m sure
he’ll join in again
and then i can um i can get him to put
his uh
his email address up he’s switching
networks quickly
okay he just sent me a message
okay steve is saying a lot
to digest we do use snippets to an
extent and we can do
more yeah okay you’re back reece
and tony now downstream yeah you got on
back quick eh
whoa so we are silly
networks anyway well i was asking you if
you don’t mind to put your email address
in the chat box because a few people
would like to reach out to you
um and perhaps see with you assistance
for them okay
tracy thanks so much but yes broken
brain but awesome knowledge
antoinette would love to have another
session with him there’s his email
um so for those of you who are in the
space of thinking you’d love to have
another session
what is it that you’d like to hear so
if you’re saying you’d like to have
another session what do you want that
other session to be about
since you’re saying that i mean how
what could reese cover next or what
could we come the next for you
in the same space actually that we’re in
that will help you in your businesses
and with your businesses so let us know
go into the chat box and let us know
okay there’s his email address everyone
reese at media rocket
dot co dot c day
and we’re good okay so
reese and media rocket thank you very
much for your time today
um i will hear from our members and our
community what it is that they’d like to
hear about again
and um if you’re willing i’ll reach out
to you
and maybe we can have another session
and we we see where this goes okay
100 feel free look forward to hearing
from everyone
absolutely awesome okay everybody have
the most amazing evening
or the most amazing day depends on the
world where you are
and thank you everybody for tuning in
and we’ll see you again at our next
group coaching session
cheers everyone just cheers hi
thanks reese bye

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