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Powerful communication tool to double profit!????


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The subject of communication is one of my favorites.  I believe that everything in our lives can be better, based on how we communicate.  The subject is so broad that today I’m going to touch on one tiny aspect of communication that directly impacts your business, and that is how you communicate with your clients.

Over the past few weeks I have had some interesting business consultations with salon owners, and one of the common challenges seems to be lack of engagement with their clients.  This concerns me because if you want a loyal client, if you want a client that spends more in your business and if you want a client that tells all their friends about you, well, you need to be engaged with that client.

In the video clip Monday I discussed having a conversation with your client and why it’s so important to find out how they prefer to be communicated with. Be sure to watch that clip here on YouTube if you missed it for some really valuable insight into client communication.

I said I would share an important tool with you today and I’m going to do just that.

I’m sure you agree that all people like to be spoken to differently? Let me elaborate a little more.  If you are explaining a treatment to a client, you get clients who want to know how much it costs and how long it will take and what results can they expect. Then you get clients who want to know who else has had this treatment and see some before and after pictures.  Similarly, you get clients who want to know all about the ingredients in the products you are going to use and want to ensure you have some form of sustainability initiative for them to support. Lastly, you get the clients who want to know how long the results will last and what is expected of them after the treatment and when they’re expected to have more treatments.

Wow, yes, these are four different people making reference to the same treatment.  Now this is so important, because if you don’t hit the nail on the head with speaking to your client in the way they like to be spoken to, well, then you are not going to get the results you would like.  So, let’s quickly look at the tool you can use to efficiently identify what type of client you have in front of you and adapt how you speak to suit their needs.

So, the above chart will let you identify the personality and the below will give you a few tips on how to sell/explain something to them for the best results.

This works!  I would like to tell you about Michelle quickly.  Michelle is a “very passionate about sales” therapist.  She is an ‘Outgoing People Oriented’ personality, so the “I” in the blocks above.  Now if you know “I” personalities you will know they love to talk descriptively, oh my soul do they waffle on and on about how things make you feel and look.  Michelle decided to adapt her sales style to follow the guidelines above and she increased her revenue by over 50 % in the first month she did this.

You too can achieve this so get cracking with putting into practice this very powerful tool!

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