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3 June 2021: Module #4 KickOff


Video Transcript:

hi friend
how are you can you
sorry last minute sorry
i’m so glad you said that because what
i’m talking about today i need your
backup with
so i’m okay yeah okay cool i’m here
perfect it’s perfect you can you can um
if you need to work and listen you can
and then i’ll ask you a question when i
need to ask you okay
perfect thank you okay everybody
um let’s quickly go into the um chat box
and put in your checking word come let’s
hear your checking words how’s everybody
doing today besides freezing michelle i
know you’re freezing so
give me another check-in word from a
work perspective how are you feeling
tracy is excited i know that too excited
to get
cracking and her fingers into all this
okay some more chicken words come let me
hear shuita
welcome my sweetheart lovely to have you
here energized
awesome michelle’s motivated love it
love it love it michelle you seem to be
a lot all the time which is awesome well
alrighty that sounds amazing
okay i’m first going to share my screen
with a presentation
let’s do that okay can i just have a
thumbs up that you can see my screen
awesome okay so
just to quickly put everybody back into
picture and of the swing of things of
how things um are working
is we no longer have groups we are now
working with modules the reason for that
is many people are wanting to stay on a
module for two or three months
and then they change groups so instead
of doing that i’ve now got
now have everything arranged and you
will be in a module group
and not in a group one group two like
that okay
so today’s intro that’s why there’s some
people that are in today’s meeting that
um have done module four long ago and
they’re coming back to it
and but today’s intro really is to talk
about module four
and i want to take you into some of the
sheets to show you how they work
okay so you’ve just completed
or if you haven’t this is what you would
have completed
is a your revenue module
okay and really the most important
thing or the most important document
from that revenue module
just let this person in um
is this sheet which is your profit and
so i don’t know how many of you have
managed to populate this
sheet and get it done i have had
feedback that it’s pretty
um complicated and it’s only complicated
because we are not accountants or
numbers people
we do have a few people that
are numbers people and they don’t find
this document they don’t um
find this particular document
complicated at all
in fact they found it quite interesting
and they find that it is split
up so nicely and those are the the kind
of things that
that they the feedback that they’re
giving so the point that i’m trying to
make is
don’t let this sheet
overwhelm you don’t sit back
you check out whenever it is
that you know that you can possibly
spend some time
if you need somebody to help you through
it i’m more than happy for you to reach
out to me and to say marisa can we go
through this friend you want to say
i’m happy to help too anytime ah thank
okay so uh um thanks for that friend
there’s somebody who’s
who’s also happy to help you it really
isn’t that complicated
um i promise you all that if i can do
this and i am the worst numbers person
on this planet you all can do it
so i really want to encourage you even
though today is not about the sheet
but i want to encourage you to keep at
with this sheet until you get it right
because it gives you numbers
that are so so valuable to your business
also you um did
hopefully you’ve done your treatment
profitability exercise and your price
comparison exercise
two items that also came out
in this month’s newsletters or last
month’s newsletters
that are vital for for pricing strategy
for um if you want to increase your
bottom line
these two documents are absolutely
critical to get them done
and then very importantly that was part
of the revenue module but i’m glad it’s
in here today
because i wanna i wanna put it back in
your your heads
and especially those of you in south
or in countries where we’re going into
where we all of a sudden our minds see
changes and we say oh
oh my word and it’s going to get quiet
and are already um people are cancelling
their bookings or oh i’ve got covert
infections because now we on the verge
of our little food wave coming up
um and oh this and oh that and oh the
rest of us
okay so i really really want
to encourage you all to get rid
of that oh but this and oh this and what
if this and
get rid of that scarcity thinking that
mindset get rid of it when you find
yourself creeping into it
message the group message me put this
as a screen saver on your phone print it
put it somewhere where you are
continuously looking at it
but we have to we have to as individuals
as a community as an industry
we have to start abundance mindset and
abundance thinking
more aggressively now going into winter
and with our food wave coming up okay
alrighty so now we’re moving on to
module four and some of you have
completed it some of you haven’t even
started it okay so i’m first going to
take you through
a screenshot of your your exercises and
what you have to do and why
you have to do them and then i’m going
to ask you
which sheets you’d like me to show you
physically how
how to use them because they really are
all very easy
okay so the most
important document in your business
is this document in front of your face
and i know you’ve just said but marisa
you just said that the piano
is very important it’s very important
this specific document
is going to help you make daily
in your business so imagine you are
a train and you’re on a train track
and you receive notification
that on one particular line there
is um a fire
and you need to change course okay
and with enough notice or with with
notice you are able to change
your course notify all the relevant
train stations and the departments how
they work
that you’ve had to change course but
eventually you managed to get your
destination so
this document is exactly like that
it’s a document you know where you’re
going from
the first of the month to the 30th or
the 31st
you know that so it’s your start line
and your finish line
start line is the first finish line is
the the last day of the month okay
but how you get from the first to the
and how successfully you get there
depends on the specific document in
front of your face right now
okay this document so fran are you able
to talk to us or are you talking to
okay okay so let me ask you some
questions for the benefit of everybody
how long when you first started
completing this document how long did it
take you
be honest hey the daily business center
when you first started
when i first started to do it it took me
four to complete one day for probably 15
20 minutes
wow okay well that’s very fast okay okay
so everybody out there you are not all
um wait wait wait but because
remember i have oh i had the luxury
having perhaps
a software that they could speed up a
lot of the information that i needed and
a lot of people have to manually count
it so when you manual count you add
another 10 minutes
easy to each day but as you
do one two weeks it becomes 10 minutes
15 minutes
maximum you start reducing reducing
because you know exactly where you’re
looking at it then you pull the right
so at the beginning it takes time but
it’s super valuable
um i’ve been doing for how long 12 years
12 years disreported to it i mean i do
it every
i just thought that i work at i take it
with me and i do it because exactly what
you should say
um and then from a marketing point of
view it just it does help
a lot not just from a revenue point of
view performance marketing because you
track your
specials as well like um do they sell do
they themselves do they need to push the
more do i need to change my strategy
monday to friday do you want them to be
so it’s very valuable but you have to
have the time to complete it and
actually to analyze it as well otherwise
it’s just
a bunch of numbers yeah okay so
so you answered the next question that i
was going to ask you but let me ask you
a different question
even if this document took you one hour
to complete
let’s say this took you an hour okay
i have heard some managers and owners
say to me marisa
it’s taken me an hour to do it and ah
okay i’m not going to tell you what my
answer is but i want to hear it from you
first because you are working
in in in a managerial role right
so even if it took you an hour to
complete is it a valuable document for
you to make decisions
and for you to have even if it took one
yeah okay yeah and sometimes
sorry sometimes we completed it off
our time our working times because we
were so valuable we were completed at
when i was at home or whatever the case
may be so in the morning i didn’t have
to spend one hour doing this and already
had a clear vision
of what the week sort of looks like or i
can start already analyzing so
it depends again you have to give the
value that this document
has you have to believe that it has
value otherwise
it’s like you said oh it consumes so
much time but it’s not consumption it’s
actually investment in your business
okay that’s exactly what i was going to
say so when i when i was told
that it took me an hour to to to
i said number one so this is for
everybody on the call it
might take you an hour for the first
week depends on your speed it might
take you an hour for the first month
know a few things
number one that it’s not a waste of time
it’s an investment of time
number two it is the most powerful
document that helps you make
correctional decisions on your business
on a
daily basis okay
number three you have to make it habit
that this document becomes the first
thing that you do
after greeting everybody when you walk
in through the doors
okay so i often say
to a manager if making a cup of coffee
is going to distract you
don’t make it get into that office and
your coffee can be your reward for after
done your document but this has to get
first okay and and number three or four
or five whatever point i’m on
know something else that the time it
takes you to do will reduce
the the more often you do it it will
reduce because you already know
where to go to look for the figures or
you start pulling the figures much
yes fran and also
the larger the amount you spend in this
completing and analyzing it the whys are
the decisions you will make for your
so it’s not just a document or excel
and it’s not just um punching some
and because remember this we can it’s
not your driver but it’s your
it’s your dashboard or how your business
is doing and if you use it as your
dashboard you will always
quickly like you say you can make the
decisions okay so halfway through the
month okay my promotion is not working
what do i do do i scrap it do i continue
with it or do i just change it or do i
is my retail good or bad is my therapist
occupation or
utilization good or bad it’s the hours
are they all percent ninety percent and
percent am i going to burn them out and
this is what
it it’s it’s what the information that
it gives you
what you do with it um because for us
for example we’re controlling a lot the
hours of work because now we’re working
on reduced hours right
so this document is detrimental for me
to see
what if i have them here for seven hours
why do i tell a session of those setups
i have do i have seventy percent eighty
percent or do i have twenty percent
because if i have twenty percent then i
don’t need them to be here seven hours
and it’s gonna be three hours and then i
can do the same work at the same revenue
with less
salary cost so so it helps in certain
specific these times now when we are in
in different salary structures and you
know yeah so it’s very very powerful
okay awesome thank you fran okay so
that’s this document
um i don’t know could you go into the
chat box and let me know
who is currently doing this document
so perhaps let me know um if you are
just so that i can
have an understanding of who is already
using it
so will you go into that chat box and
just let me know okay
all right the next one i’m gonna keep
going i’ll keep um
watching the chat box as well okay so
the next one
is two checklists that um we give you
okay and i know a lot of you
might say oh so frustrating to to have a
but again i want to encourage you
and the best encouragement i can give is
this actual quote that says no matter
expert you may be so no matter how good
you are no matter how brilliant your
revenue is no matter how
slick your operation is running
well designed checklists
can improve outcomes
so even if you are making amazing
revenues you’ve got
great staff morale your systems are
you know what by improving or
changing or adapting your checklists
you can get an even better outcome okay
so the power of checklists uh
cannot emphasize if you do not have them
you need to implement them and they need
this book is also amazing so please
everybody if you haven’t read it
get hold of this book called the
checklist manifesto
it’s going to change your mindset about
checklists and why they are so vital to
improving the
output in any business okay
so even a thriving pumping on fire
can grow even more do even better
with well-designed and well-thought-out
checklists okay then you
and we move on to the marketing planner
just quickly to touch on the checklist i
just want to go back here for one second
so we give you templates of checklists
all right and i think in this module
it’s the front desk checklist
and the manager checklist in this module
and we give you the templates of it and
i have populated them with a lot of
things that
i think are important now
this is the difference between taking
our checklist
and implementing and then doing
what this quote says taking the
but giving a thought
evolving on the points i’ve given you
finding different things to improve your
outputs and putting them on that
and then implementing it okay because
it we’ve given you a checklist with a
broad outline of tasks they are not
specific to yours
to your individual businesses and that’s
where you need to adapt it
and give it some thought okay then we’ve
got marketing
um calendar template again
you’re getting the structure of the
we filled in in january the month of
again my encouragement to you the
more information you put into this
the better prepared you are in terms of
your marketing efforts
the least time you will spend
putting out fires doing last minute
trying to drive revenue at the last
use this document and populate it
with a hundred more to do’s on it not
just the ones that i’ve given you here
but what i’ve put on january is to
get your brain thinking in terms of okay
what month marketing should be finalized
what month should i be on
what should i do on this date what
should i do on that date
so that is the kind of detail that we
want you to see then very importantly
is your evaluation on your marketing so
i don’t know how many of you
are doing a formal written evaluation
every single month
on your um not only your marketing
but on certain specifics in the business
that again can give you so much valuable
so for example yeah marketing partners
you would put anybody that you
collaborated with
in that month would come here okay
so for example if you collaborated with
the optometrist down the road if you
collaborated with the rooms division in
your hotel or food and beverage or if
you collaborated with a dietician
or you collaborated with a skincare
brand anybody that you collaborated with
would go in here
all the collateral you used everything
would go in here
so if you printed flyers if you did
paddleboards if you had
um if you ran a big campaign on social
media you’ll put it all here
then very important how many new clients
did you get in that month
very important also importantly
is how many of your current clients so
then we look at your retention so i’d
like you to measure one to nine visits
how many
and ten plus visits so this would be 35
clients for example
that are between the visit number one
and visit number nine
and save 50 clients on visit 10 plus
then average spend per visit of those
all right your promotion target so this
now evaluates your marketing efforts
and and your promotions sold so this is
a target and an
actual treatment upsell target treatment
upsell sold
gift vouchers target gift voucher
referrals testimonials and prescriptions
very important the reason i put it there
is to keep you focused on them because
we often forget about
referrals asking for them we forget
asking for testimonials we’ve got to get
on top of all of that
okay and then your retail units per
and an evaluation out of 10 on your
marketing efforts for the month
okay so you’ve got a whole
calendar a template with the month of
january completed just for you to get an
idea of how to complete it
then in module 4 you
we touch on suppliers or brand partners
okay it’s really a fantastic section to
go through
and this is called um
supplier best practices okay
and it’s more for you as
a manager and an owner than it is
obviously for your brand partner
and what i’ve done here is i’ve done a
best practices wheels that if put into
i guarantee you will get you
better margins more gifting more
more everything out of your brand
partner because if you
simply meet all these little quadrants
in the circle
you are going to get a lot more out of
your brand partner
than what you ever thought possible okay
it does go in line obviously with what’s
printed in the module book so this is
just one
of the slides or one of the tools that
i’m showing you
kpis one of my favorite sections as well
remember you cannot manage
your staff without kpis
okay can i get an indication of
everybody that’s attending the meeting
who manages their staff
through kpis so just go into the chat
box and say me
okay fran i saw you you said me i saw
okay anybody else manage these staff
with kpis
let’s have a look go into the check box
if your answer is no and you don’t want
to put it in the chat box
i have one question that i’d like to
post to you and that question is
why not okay
janine camelot is in the process of
implementing this brilliant
okay so janine my encouragement to you
that it remember now
camelot has lots of different groups
i’m giving you a big indication
of kpis however when you read through
your module
all right the module book
the content tells you to implement only
or manage your staff only between five
and seven kpis five
and seven the reason for this is
more than seven is you are diluting
their focus that’s the bottom line okay
so if you say to your therapist i’m
measuring you on ten
things i promise you now you’re not
going to get the best out of that
you really should try and keep it to
okay but you need to be managing your
on kpis why
all covered in your workbooks but in a
they then know what to expect and then
here comes another question for you
do you have a once a month kpi
meeting with each of your therapists
okay if not my question to you
is why not because the way
to get the best out of your therapists
is by having monthly kpi meetings and
let me tell you these meetings can take
15 minutes per therapist
and in fact i know that they can because
we host these meetings in many of the
properties that
we help operate it’s not a meeting to
see how’s your aunt and
uncle and how’s your knee cake that you
had last week and
and oh please don’t forget to tell me
what that
series was that you were watching on
netflix no it’s not that kind of a
it’s a 15-minute focused meeting where
the therapist sits down you take out the
piece of paper like the one that you see
in front of you
have colors have charts therapists love
charts okay because they can see they
can visualize
and have your five indicators there and
say right nuresa
we’re quickly going through your key
performance indicators
for today right let’s start number one
let’s go back to the wheel
number one grooming and appearance
okay marisa would you say that you’re
grooming an appearance
is in line with the company’s standard
operating procedures
yes of course i do and then you as
manager goes
i agree with you completely you have met
your kpi i didn’t one see you this month
without makeup
i didn’t want to see you without
polished shoes i didn’t want to see you
here that’s going all over the show well
second kpi marisa your retail and
services ratio for the month
how do you think you did i go as the
so you always you mention the name of
the kpi
you allow the therapist to rank herself
first and then you rank her according to
not according to opinion okay so then i
oh my retail ratio i don’t think it was
too bad
so then i’ll ask the question what is
the retail ratio that we as a business
work towards i’ll stay back 50
do you know what you achieved no not
really okay
you achieved 35 retail ratio did you
make your kpi this month
marisa goes no i didn’t right
let’s discuss how we’re going to improve
this next month
five points get bulleted down these
are critical
in fact if ever any owner manager
approaches me with marisa i don’t know
what to do about my staff they’re not
the first question i ask them is
do you have a key performance indicator
that measures their retail uh what’s a
key performance indicator
and that’s where we find that the
problem or the lag is
okay another section that we’re going to
in your module on effective bookings the
quick summary of this is we want to
white spaces in your diary what are
white spaces
white spaces are those irritating 15
5 minutes 10 minutes 30 minutes
that appear in between bookings and you
know what
you can eliminate them by implementing
a booking system for
your reservationist or your front desk
it’s as simple as that you implement
a system we’re gonna give you the
guidelines in the module it’s as easy as
one two three
the system gets implemented you never
have white spaces in your diary again
okay and that’s it then i go through all
the usuals
okay the the hold yourself accountable
making sure that you get the work done i
really want to
i want to encourage all of you identify
one or two things in this module
one or two the most important
being critical number one and start it
tomorrow don’t say okay i think i’ll
start next week let me start gathering
absolutely not okay start
tomorrow there’s never you are never
fully prepared for anything in life okay
it’s like saying when is the right time
have a baby when is the right time to
get married when is the right time to
buy a new car new house
there’s never a right time for any of
that okay so
just start it and and start somewhere
put your
foot on the gas at some point okay and
don’t say you can’t
because you simply can it’s
that simple you can it’s do you want to
there’s no such word as no or can’t it’s
out there
if you really want it okay
and then i’m hoping that this video clip
plays and then i’ll go on to showing you
one of the spreadsheets okay
listen carefully one thing a
motivational speaker is supposed to
never tell you
or that you heard that motivation
because never to tell you is that you
you can’t you’re not supposed to tell
people they can’t there’s no way to
encourage anybody
tell me can’t do something but i will
tell you tonight
that the most powerful motivational
that i have ever heard came from people
who told me i couldn’t do something
you know why because when they told me i
couldn’t do it
i was bound and determined
to show them that i could
tell me i can’t do it i will prove you
i will show you
that you mistake it you have chosen the
wrong one
to tell that they can’t do something
i believe and this is
real important i can’t
will thought to will stop you will slow
you down will turn you around and cause
to move backwards if you let it
but if you have the proper mindset
i can’t will do nothing
but make you back more determined
to get to your goal
people don’t want to
exude that much passion in which it
becomes obsession because they’re
fearful of their obsessions
well if i’m obsessed about this topic
it’s going to take way away from my
from my time it’s going to introduce a
lot of you know
fear or unknowns to me so they back off
but i tell people all the time
there is a difference between passion
and obsession and high performers have
obsession about the topic
right they are obsessed about the topic
in which they’re trying to
learn master grow into and so
that obsession is real i tell people the
difference here’s how you know the
difference between the two
when you’re passionate everybody cheers
you on
they’re stoked for you oh you found your
passion awesome
follow your passion live with passion be
when you’re obsessed they’re like why
are you gonna be so crazy
why can’t you be satisfied why do you
always gotta get things so perfect
why do you spend so much time here when
you’re obsessed people think you’re nuts
so it’s different and it’s like i was
telling people if no one thinks you’re
you’re not yet operating to the outer
limits of your potential
you’re not there
if you want to be great not good
not also ran
not second not third if you want to be
the very best at what you do
obsession is a necessity
you must speak you know two ways about
obsession nobody got to be the best at
anything i don’t care if you flip
you sweet porches you wash dishes you
tables if you’re the very best at it
you are obsessed about it and obsessed
about it means you
slept and you dreamed and you ate that i
will be the very best at what i do
i’m determined to be the very best
at what i am and you and you
nobody can tell me that i can’t do it
because i am obsessed
somebody in your life should say you
really care about this in like a crazy
and when you get there you know you
found your thing not every fine nobody
finds that
question the impossible
the greatest achievements of mankind
were made by people who questioned
impossible the wright brothers
flies no way and we’re supposed to fight
we’ve been born
christopher columbus the world is black
praise the world
and at that time he’s accepted by
to be true question
what people call impossible
four minute mile was the limit no
no way possible okay well you know what
possible you’re gonna run a mile and
under four minutes just gave me that
i’m japanese just said i think i can do
i think i can do it
and he went out there and preceded
to do just that
not me not i you have chosen the wrong
one to tell something like that too
i will show you i will
show you what i can do
i will show you i will turn your i
can’t i will never i want
it’s impossible i will turn it around
and i will show you that i can do
anything that is my message to you
let the i can’t fuel your fire
wow oh gosh i love that
my best part of that is let
the i can’t or i can’t
fuel your fire
i love that so use that word can’t
or it’s so hard or so difficult
let that be the petrol to your fire
to make it boom even hotter it’s
okay so as you’ve noticed now we don’t
give deadlines anymore the reason for
is you’re going to set your own
according to what is priority for you
according to
um what you need to implement first
because you can move freely around
the modules as well okay
so would anybody like me
to go through one of the spreadsheets
okay please everybody now’s your chance
to talk
i think maybe that daily business
analysis one but let me know
because i do have it open on my
just found it she’s green
okay anybody want me to
um go through one of the
tracy yes okay tracy that daily business
one right
okay let me quickly open it up just tell
me if you can see it
can you see the excel sheet fran thumbs
yes tracy great okay right so
first of all don’t type in the blue
blocks everybody
okay very importantly because if you do
you’re gonna mess up all the formulas
if i were you i would probably save a
couple of these so that
in case you mess up the one completely
chronically you’ve got another one saved
as well
okay here is where you can make changes
as you need them
okay so you’re going to put in over here
number of clients checked in okay so
at the end of the day or you’ll look at
the day before let’s say i had 20
clients checked in
this is where you’re going to change it
so i mean i’ve put three names here
um for if you have a group
and you’re doing this for a group or if
you have a different division
you could have the number of clients
that checked in and the number of
clients that checked
in at the let me show you an example
at the pool lounge if you’ve got a
separate place
because you want to track them and the
number of plants that checked in
at the fire pit i’m just giving an
okay fran go for it
this section also in a hotel spa will
will split it between hotel guests and
their visitors
if you work in a salon so you could even
split it further
in day say between returning guests and
new guests
that’s also a different way of of adding
to that tab
um you can even take it as far as to
split it
female and mail and add i mean you can
be very creative
with the analysis because then it helps
you with the marketing efforts at the
end so
love that love that okay so this is
you need to start making this sheet your
like fran has just said are we giving
you a guideline a starting point
but if you once like you said you can
get creative there
how many are international well for now
you’re not really going to use
that but eventually people again how
many are
or if um you’re in an outlying
area like nazna for example you want to
know how many come from plate how many
come from
you can put that there okay so you can
really get creative
i’ve just put in 20 clients at the top
here right
services revenue you’re going to pull it
from your report
but let’s say my services revenue was
20 000 okay
and my retail revenue you’re also
pulling from your report but let’s say
my retail revenue was 10
000. can you see i’m pulling numbers
do not touch the blue right so
total revenue here was thirty thousand
which is correct it’s adding these two
right then we’re going to look at the
budgeted targets
now yeah it’s not giving us a number
because we haven’t put anything in the
target so let’s say my target for that
was fifteen thousand okay
yay i made 200 of target
i love to see numbers like that okay
it tells you how much you went over your
target by
and then very importantly for me
is what i love to look at when i look at
this is my percentage of retail versus
total turnovers i’ve got
33 retail not bad actually
fran thinks that’s pretty good i’d like
you to have 50 there that would make my
heart happier
but anyway okay then
if you’re selling this is again
you’re allowed creativity space here
if you’re selling memberships or
contracts this is where you would put it
in so
let’s say i am selling um memberships
and um i sold 10 000 rounds worth of
memberships today
my number of contracts or memberships
sold is assault two
okay did i have a target this is for
when you have a target let’s say i have
a target of one a day
okay i went over my target by one
unit in memberships okay corporate
again you can have this yeah you don’t
have to have this yeah
you could change this corporate to say
um hotel guests that’s what you could do
or you could um change this to say
um i don’t know revenue that you’re
pulling from another source
right so yeah if you’ve got a budget for
then you put your budget in here let’s
say i’ve only got 5 000 on corporates
um no let’s say i do a thousand round a
day on corporates that’s what i want to
bring in
and on this particular day i did zero i
had no corporates coming in
that means i reached zero and i’m a
thousand ran short okay
now at a glance this tells me
let’s say i’m analyzing this you know
what does it tell me that i need to do
what what does it tell me friend what
does it tell me i need to do today
an extra then the first run that you
have to do because you haven’t made your
corporate revenue already
okay or so next day you need to double
up yes or come up with a strategy to
make sure that
this number maybe on a friday have one
corporate event that does ten thousand
okay so that’s what i mean by these
numbers help you to steer your ship or
your train
very very importantly okay but
just sold i love this and i if i were
you i would focus quite heavily on um
vouchers let me just check the chat box
oh sharita
great i’m glad you’re finding it
without your salt so let’s say um
i have a daily voucher revenue target of
uh 2500 rand and i can see okay i didn’t
do too bad today
actually because 80 is not bad in in
gift vouchers
if you don’t have a lan item of vouchers
in your business if i were you i’d put
it in
today because it is a wonderful
income stream to have that does not
attach itself
to commissions up front and sometimes
doesn’t even get redeemed
okay now comes something else that i
love to look at and this is called
average docket value
so i’ve got an average server spend of a
thousand round per customer that walked
in that’s not
bad eh for a treatment and i’ve got a
500 grand every average
retail spend so every client that walked
in through my door
spent around 1 hundred rand
now is this good for your business
depends what line of business you’re in
if you’re in a beauty salon
this is great okay if you’re in
an aesthetic clinic this is
not great i’d like to see it around two
two and a half three thousand round if
you’re in a hotel spa environment
it’s not bad but again i’d like to see
it around two thousand am i right friend
two there we go okay so this
i’m giving you more or less guidelines
of where your client spins should be now
if you’re getting an average spin per
of about 800 rand you
really need to look ways i would say
don’t go and spend more money on looking
for new clients right
now spend your money on looking to see
how you can get your existing clients
to spend more with you does that make
okay because it costs you more money to
get a new client
then it costs you to get an existing
client to up they spend because they
loyal already
okay hope that makes sense here’s
also very important we’re going to get
to this next little section number of
therapists on duty today
tip okay treatment
hours available okay this tells me
i’ve got 80 treatment hours available
i was sold for the day okay
so that’s picking up sold
time let’s say it’s picking up that i’ve
got 65 hours
of salt time and then
i’ve got um training time so
booked out internal let’s say i did
one hour of training today okay
look at this everybody it tells me that
i’ve got 18 percent unsold
hours in the day it’s not
is it not bad friend i don’t think it’s
great no
sorry i don’t think it’s great i i’d
yeah okay so yeah obviously we want to
push to the 80s and the 90s
right however just be careful at
that it’s so over weekends probably
like we probably trade at 90 on the
weekends and then the week
um not as much but you got to take it as
an average so when you look into
halfway through the month at the end of
your column you will see the total
and that’s what you need to check what
average they working
at because when they might give you 120
because they work overtime and
all that and then some other days will
give you like you say 50
hours and so but then and you want to
die right but
perhaps is um so looking to also be
careful with
setup is burnout so that’s how you can
monitor this method am i pushing my team
too much
in my um shooter then bring another
setup is that’s when you
it helps you a lot if you’re pushing the
to the 70 75 80 percent
consistently every month perhaps opening
another column a column in your business
actually be fruitful because you can
then roster properly and give them time
off and all that
okay yeah yeah good thanks friend okay
so yeah so whilst i don’t like to see
that on one specific day
um i think it’s the the overall at the
end of the month that
probably and also i would take the day
into account
so if it was a monday or a tuesday
probably that number would be higher
actually okay and then um
when you’re wanting again this is where
you get creative or you don’t get
creative so if you
if you are selling your spa facility
so let’s say you have a swimming pool
and a steam in a sauna
and that is a sold space so it’s not
then you would put it in here so that
you can see
how many people did you sell the
facilities in your in your
um in your premises or your room too
then measuring up cells very importantly
okay so um you want to measure
and and try and keep your finger on the
pulse with your upsells all right
your promotions as well you want to keep
your finger on the pulse
so let’s say i had two promotions and
you will list them here hey don’t keep
it promotion and you must write what the
physical promotion in that month is
and let’s say you sold 10 promotions and
promotions b you sold
15 promotions um it helps you
to sort of try and get an understanding
for is your promotional activity going
well or not going well in that
particular month
okay um number of vouchers sold
as well the value of the number of
and then your voucher redemption goes in
here so
how many gift vouchers were redeemed how
external um vouchers were redeemed and
how many online
vouchers were redeemed or the value of
those online vouchers okay
this particular this year i’ve put in
case you team up
with a
voucher place so this particular place
i’ve put go beauty in
here okay so that arcanisha is my
listing with go beauty worth it
or not worth it you might be listed with
we don’t have it anymore but groupon
some people used to be with groupon then
they’d go okay what did i what business
did i get from groupon
okay so it’s when you listed to to an
external service provider that you put
that thing
okay parliament are we almost done
because i also need to go all right then
bye thank you
pleasure doll have a lovely day bye bye
youtube here
it’s for you to keep track of how many
sales calls did you
do how many physical phone calls did you
make to try and sell
bookings vouchers uh corporates whatever
and how many bookings did you get out of
it which so let’s say
i made two i made five phone calls i got
one booking it tells me i got a 20
strike rate that day then how many
treatments did you give away for free
and the value and the discounts passed
very importantly how many no-shows and
love to see this how many people did i
turn away
and the reason i like to see that is if
i have
that i turned away two people here
just the number i’ll go from here
all the way up to the top here and i
look at my percentage of unsold hours
and i start asking questions
if we had 18 available time
why did we turn away two people and that
gives me answers in my business
because it might be that those two
people came at peak times
or those two people wanted bookings at
peak times but it’s important
to ask those questions okay do you see
the point coming here
then it’s how many people rebooked very
important you want to know
so this is great because let’s say i
10 here there’s another thing i do i go
from this number
i go all the way up to harmony booked i
go hold on a second
if 20 came in the door that’s when you
start asking questions
why did only 10 rebooked
if are the other 10 visitors from
another city from another country
am i not retaining my clients are the
ladies not focused on rebooking
so that tells you these at the bottom
here are for you to ask your team
questions number
prescription taken 20. what does that
tell you
20 checked in 20 prescriptions written
team are doing a great job number of
feedback forms taken
18 feedback forms and i say oh why did
two people not fill in the feedback
forms oh they didn’t want it or whatever
the case might be
okay so can you see again
you can get creative if you want to know
more things about your business on a
daily basis this is where you look at it
okay bye sharita see you soon
okay everybody i hope that helped tracy
is it making more sense fran go for it
um i know you guys have to go with me
too i just want to add one more thing
that at the bottom of the analysis
myself i added our how many
so our treatments that we do and then
how many we did every day
so in the one document you have
everything that you need for your from
your business that also so
like i said you can make it an ad and
extract whatever
but we added basically every single
treatment that we do so we can
actually track it on the same sheet how
many treatments we did as well and which
is easy because our
head office wanted it like that as well
also we added and then we pulled from
this report information for them
as well so so yes it takes at the
beginning it takes a very long time but
then it gets much quicker
yeah i love that i love that so i just
want to encourage everybody on the call
just start doing it
start here don’t don’t add more okay
and once you’ve got this working for you
and you start asking questions
then you can start getting creative and
adding more and more and more detail to
but this report is absolutely invaluable
to your businesses
okay all right everybody can i have a
checkout word from everyone
let’s have a check out word and then off
we go
it was lovely to see you all i hope you
all get this some
form up and running revived awesome
amped lovely buddy stunning stunning
tracy it’s a pleasure
so go and enjoy everybody get this
i’m glad you loved it michelle yes
janine i’m happy to hear it you’re
back in the business awesome
thank you fran everybody there’s
somebody who’s willing to help you’ve
got his details he’s on the community
if anybody needs any more assistance i’m
also there as well
okay so happy to to schedule a little
bit of time to go through it if you get
pleasure lisa thanks johnny
ah tiffany that’s great okay everybody
so maybe the next time i see you i might
be logging in from spain
let’s see i’m hoping to get to my dad
tonight um
flying out at 11 30. let’s see what
um so have an awesome june everyone
chat soon ciao
bye safely

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