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???? Have you done a personal wellness audit lately ?


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So, we’ve reached halfway through 2021!

What a journey but well done, we made it!

Best part is, you’re still growing and learning and transforming both your life and your business!

No matter where in the world you are right now, the Covid Pandemic is still taking a toll on our wellness, some worse than others, so I encourage you, please, do regular wellness audits for both your team AND yourself. Pay close attention to your state of mind, as well as that of your team. I have said this so many times and will repeat it again. Energy transfers to your clients, whether you like it or not, so focus on ensuring you all have positive, strong, resilient and uplifting energies, which is what will pass to your clients and keep them coming back for more.

We are fortunate to be in an industry which the consumer NEEDS and WANTS, whether they know it, or whether they are in the process of discovering it.  Think about it, right now, which human being on this planet doesn’t want to feel better, look better, have less stress and cope with life’s challenges better?  Well, we all want that, it’s obvious!  What a powerful position knowing our industry delivers that, and much more! So my message to you is, keep this in mind and ensure your staff remember it as well. Find creative ways to let your clients know you’re there to serve them in a safe environment.

Let’s do a quick wellness check-up. Have you heard the quote that says;

“Develop a strong mind and you will lead a strong life”?

For this wellness check-up, I would like you to sit in a calm, quiet environment where you will not be disturbed, put on some calming music, get out pen and paper and then we will have some fun.  Please don’t type this, let’s get into a creative space with good old fashioned pen and paper.

I’m going to ask you a few questions and I want you to take time to answer them, in as much detail as you possibly can. The same applies to your team, have them complete this exercise as well. Let them know to answer as many of the questions they feel comfortable sharing.

What this exercise is going to do for you is really important.  It is going to identify where you need to focus on in terms of your wellbeing.  Don’t ignore the messages.  By doing this exercise you will see it very clearly.  It is also going to give you information that you would not necessarily know about each of your staff members.

If you are strong and well, your business is strong and well, your staff are strong and well, your family is strong and well.

Herewith the questions:

  1. What does wellness mean to me?
  2. How can I express my gratitude today?
  3. List 5 areas in which the Covid global Pandemic has affected my life in the last 2 weeks?
  4. What do I consider priceless in my life at this moment?
  5. Do I ever stop and take a moment to reflect?
  6. Am I working towards a better version of myself?
  7. Do I have support?
  8. How am feeling right now? Am I happy with my life at this very moment?
  9. How am I sleeping?
  10. On average, how is my mood?
  11. Am I keeping my work space and living space organized?
  12. When is the last time I laughed?
  13. When is the last time I spent time with the people I love?
  14. How is my diet? What is my favourite healthy food? How often do I eat it?
  15. What activity brings me enjoyment. How often do I do this?
  16. Do I enjoy a specific fitness activity? How often do I do it?
  17. What does it mean to me to relax. Define it in my own terms.
  18. What would I say balanced life is?
  19. What part of my wellbeing do I struggle with the most and would like to improve on? How do I think I can do that?
  20. Am I engaging in behaviours that make me feel bad about myself?
  21. Are my thoughts about myself mostly positive or negative?
  22. How are my finances?
  23. What are my goals?
  24. What are my expectations of myself? Are my expectations realistic? Why or why not?
  25. What would I do differently in my daily life if I knew no one would judge me for it?
  26. What is one lesson I’ve learned recently?
  27. Do I think I’m selfish if I put my needs first or do I feel guilty doing so? Why or why not?
  28. What motivates me?
  29. How do I cope with stress?
  30. What are some things that cause me stress?
  31. Is the stress in my life accumulating from a lack of play?
  32. What have I managed or done well thus far this year?

Now, take the time to read each and every check-up.  Then, sit and formulate a list of priorities in terms of each staff member and how you as their employer can help. Give them a safe space to discuss their wellness audit in a confidential environment, if they request.

Please don’t underestimate the power of these wellness check-ups.  They can prevent so many staff challenges and they can also boost the client experience in ways you had never imagined.

We would love to hear back from you. Please share any story about this check-up and how it impacted your staff and your business.

Ready to take the plunge and invest in your own growth and success?

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