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Your goals are important….but more important than the goal itself is what you actually DO in order to achieve your goal. There’s so much power in the sense of accomplishment you feel when you achieve your goals. Setting goals gives us FOCUS, it identifies the ACTIONS needed to achieve the goals. Powerful goals will stetch and grow you in ways you never thought possible!

What is a powerful goal?

The most important element of a powerful goal is that you can action it immediately, that it is reasonable and that it motivates and inspires you. If your goals don’t do this then they are not powerful goals.

Powerful goals are SMART


S      SPECIFIC. A clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished.

M    MEASURABLE. Targets and milestones are identified and progress can be tracked.

A     ATTAINABLE. The goals are achievable and manageable.

R     RELEVANT. Your goals must fit your business model.

T     TIME-BOUND. Ensure there is a timeline to achieve the goals.

In order for this exercise, and any future goal setting to be successful, you must commit to the following;


It all starts with mindset. Cultivate an abundance mindset and focus on living in growth and opportunity.


If you not sure where the finish line is, well, how can you possibly run towards to it?  A target or a goal keeps everyone focused on a specific outcome. PLAN how to get to the finish line and then become RELENTLESS, MAKE IT HAPPEN.


Absolutely NO EXCUSES allowed!  For anything.  Live a life and run a business FREE FROM EXCUSES.  It is liberating and also a lot of FUN.

As promised I’m going to share some powerful goals for your business for the second half of the year that, if acted upon immediately, will change your business and change your life!

Let’s GO!

1. Audit and reduce BUSINESS EXPENSES and focus on BUSINESS FINANCES

Critical for the survival of a small to medium business. Be ruthless and reduce unnecessary expenses. Look at outdated subscriptions and recurring fees for services you’re no longer using, unnecessary printing costs, ads that are not producing ROI and zero usage inventory. Create a “tax write-off checklist” by searching for the allowed business tax write-offs in your country and ensure you’re taking advantage of all allowances. Consider implementing the “Spend Tracker Tool” which we will share in next week’s newsletter – don’t miss it!


Keep an eye on your staff state of mind and on the energy they transfer to your clients. You control it. Have a dynamic wellness programme in place and actually follow through with it! Access our COVID adapted Employee Wellness guide HERE


Goals needn’t only focus on revenue. Carefully consider the team that will create the revenue and keep them motivated and productive by ensuring they know what the expectations are. We have created a complete KPI template which is specific to our industry. You can access HERE


One commonly overlooked aspect of client growth is driving traffic to your site by having a killer content strategy in place. Establishing yourself as an expert and providing valuable content will ensure visitors are engaged and develop trust. Aim to publish relevant content which educates your audience at least once a month and then ensure your business is ready to be discovered online. We covered this in a previous coaching session which you can access HERE

5. Re-evaluate your SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING efforts

Fact: Your customers are VERY active on social media. Are you connecting with them? Not having an aggressive social media strategy is like leaving money on the table. Look to utilize all social media channels to drive traffic to your business. It’s a vital part of ensuring sustainable growth. Not sure where to start? Reach out to us HERE to find out how we can help you with a social media strategy and a full year of content prompts and ideas.


This applies to both you and your team. Continuously keep learning and growing.  WEEKLY! Create a schedule for training and stick to it. Enroll your managers and aspiring managers in our Complete Business Management Course HERE

I want to end off by saying that in order to begin this powerful goal journey you need to find an accountability partner, someone who you will share these goals with and they will keep asking how you doing and check in to see where you are at with the actions needed to achieve the goals.  Get this partner in place and remember, NO EXCUSES.

Let’s all decide how the next 6 months of 2021 will run, DEAL????

Till next week,





Spa Professionals Guild is now Wellness Professionals Club.


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