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How are your morning huddles going ?

I was considering softening the opening of this weeks newsletter as I don’t want to come across too harsh….but I decided to keep it as is because sometimes we need to hear the hard feedback, right? Every now and then it’s good to shake things up a little and get the fire inside ignited again!

So, I’ll ask again….How are your morning huddles going ?

I sincerely hope you are not going to say;

➢ you don’t have time for them

➢ you are not having huddle meetings every morning

➢ you are too busy to have them every day

The reason I hope you are not going to say any of that, and pardon me being blunt, ok, actually, don’t pardon me, you need to hear this, but that’s just EXCUSES! Yes, excuses, which are going to get you nowhere. So, before we move on, let’s resolve to stop any excuses that might come to mind while you’re reading this newsletter, ok?  Absolutely NO EXCUSES and only commitment to getting it done! Deal? OK, I’m done ranting.

No meaningful work can happen without clear communication.  Everyone involved must be clear about what needs to be done and how they are expected to do it.  Failing this you will quickly end up with team members who work independently and without consideration of the bigger picture, the overall business goals. So, ask yourself before reading on, does my team work more independently, or do they work to help each other, and for the bigger business picture? This is how to get them realigned…

A five minute morning huddle.  EVERY SINGLE MORNING!!!!!

If you’re not sure where the finish line is, well, how can you possibly run towards it?  A target or a goal keeps everyone focused on a specific outcome. PLAN how to get to the finish line and then become RELENTLESS, MAKE IT HAPPEN.

First let’s look at the reasons why you should be doing a morning huddle:

1.Motivate and uplift the team

2.Get everyone focussed, co-ordinated and efficient

3.Increase revenue

4.Set a happy and warm tone for the day

5.Share vital information for the shift

6. Drive employee engagement

Who runs the huddle meetings?

Preferably the owner or manager.  Motivation, happiness and focus comes from the top.  If your team see that you, as their leader, is motivated, happy and focussed, they will mirror that.  But, the most important part of this huddle meeting is that it HAPPENS. So, if neither the owner nor manager are available, then the meeting goes on and anyone can host it.  It simply has to happen!

When does a huddle meeting happen?

First thing in the morning before the shift starts.  If there are two shifts then before each shift starts.  The point is to set the mood and focus for the day or the shift and this can only be done before the shift starts.

Where does the meeting happen?

Find a place with enough space where you can all stand together in a circle.  This is important.  Not sitting, but standing together and in a circle. This is best for energy and to create togetherness.

What do you discuss in a huddle meeting?

What you discuss depends on what your team needs. Is that clear? What your team needs.  Next week’s newsletter will provide you with a FREE Morning Huddle SOP to give you a formal outline or Agenda of a morning huddle so be sure to look out for that download.

Remember this, in these 5 minutes you have the ability to either double or triple the booked revenue, or to keep the revenue as it is. You could experience another boring sluggish long day OR a day filled with ambition and energy! Your choice. Yes, 5 minutes is all it takes to make the day a huge success!

Your team needs to know why you are doing these meetings.  Clearly explain that these huddles are there to share information and solve any challenges.  Huddles reduce the need for interruptions during the day, for unnecessary backwards and forwards emails and any confusions.  They save time and money and are designed to build teams up!

Till next week,





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