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How did your staff huddles go this past week ?  Did you give them a bash and see some great results?  If you did, I would love to hear from you. Hearing the success stories really warms my heart and I would appreciate any feedback, so drop me a mail or WhatsApp and let’s chat!

I promised you a huddle SOP and you are going to get it!  All I ask in return is that you share some feedback, any feedback you have about our newsletters or the course you are doing or the coaching sessions you’re attending. Let me know what your experience is so far?  Are we doing a good job?  Are we making a difference and helping?  So, that’s all I ask, follow this LINK and give me some feedback and you will immediately get the link to download a very useful huddle SOP ready to tweak for your business. I promise this will be a few minutes of your time for a very useful tool that will help your team perform huddles even when you’re not there! Plus, you’ll be helping me as well, so it’s a win-win!

Today I want to share with you an agenda example for a successful huddle.

1. You will start with a welcome and quote for the day.  The quote will be motivating and inspirational!

2. You will then inform the team of the days goals for the entire business.  So, the treatment target and the retail target for the day.

3.  Each person will share their personal revenue plan for the day, including treatment bookings, upsells, add-ons and retail with a total for their planned day.

4.  Inform the team of anything important for the day, like a VIP coming in or the steam room being fixed so inform clients that it’s not working etc.

5.  Sustainability reminder for the day. Each day one member of staff reminds the team of any sustainability initiatives the business is running, so everyone is reminded

6.  Song for the day. Every day a different person chooses a song or breathing exercise or meditation minute and has it ready for the whole team to do together.

7.  And DONE!

There you have it!  Short, sweet and to the point.  Remember keep it to 5 minutes, keep it positive and informative and THERE MUST BE SOME MUSIC AND DANCING!!!!!  Increase the energy of the team and watch the mood in the business for the day!

Please remember to SHARE a little feedback, literally asking a few minutes of your time to help us, and your Huddle SOP download link will be sent to you.  I think that’s fair trade.

Chat soon have a beautiful week !


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