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Personalizing manicures, pedicures and nails services????



I’m so excited about this word, PERSONALIZATION, which will boost revenue in your business, guaranteed!

It’s going to change our Industry!  Watch as it unfolds across the globe.

As a recap from last week’s newsletter, three key areas of your business depend on personalization:

> Client Retention
> New client acquisition 
> Doubling your revenue

Did you manage to think about how you could personalize a manicure, pedicure or nail service for your clients?

What can you do to make the service an experience, memorable and completely personal?

I’m sure you are thinking, well, that’s really difficult because when someone sits down for a pedicure there is a set plan for the service. At Beauty School we were taught a procedure for these services, and that is exactly how we do it, following protocol and sticking to our SOP’s.

This is exactly where I need you to get creative, get out of the box, in fact, get out of the building and start by using yourself as a case study.

Let me ask you some questions.  If you booked a pedicure what could the therapist do that would make the pedicure personal, out of this world and something that you would tell all your friends about?  

Let me share how personalization would work for me. It would be a longer foot massage, also massaging all the way to up my knees and adding a heat pack on my shoulders.  Perhaps even to watch an episode of my favourite series on Netflix since I’m always short of time to watch at home. If they brought me my favourite hazelnut coffee latte, that would also simply make my day!

Now, doesn’t that sound like a completely tailor made treatment that totally meets my needs and in fact, exceeds my expectations?  This is the “service” that will stop me from booking at another salon because they don’t give me the personal attention that this salon gives me with all the personal touches.

I said I would share 5 great ideas on how to personalise a manicure, pedicure and nail service and that’s exactly what I am going to do.

Here goes:

1.Allow the client to smell three bottles of essential oils and choose their favourite scent for that day. Take two drops of oil, warm in your hands and do three deep breaths with your client holding your hands over their nose when they breathe in to fully inhale the scent. This will blow them away because the deep breathing will immediately relax them and the scent they chose will release happy hormones.  YOU WILL PUSH PAST THE RAS with this FOR SURE!

2.Set up 4 different play lists on your phone, give them a name that is clearly legible, for example:  DESTRESS, FOCUS, BALANCE, CALM.  Offer your client earphones to listen to the playlist and offer an eye pillow either heated for relaxation or cold for draining to cover their eyes while they listen.  By closing their eyes they will focus on the sounds of the music and it will have a therapeutic effect on them.

3.Arm and neck stretches with a hot compress on the shoulders.  This is extremely relaxing, helps with posture and back ache during a nail service and makes your client feel they have booked for a massage too whilst doing their nails. You take 2 minutes per arm and 2 minutes to do stretching of each arm. Then, the neck to shoulders on both sides. Afterwards, apply a heated bean bag on the shoulders to ease muscle aches.  If you can apply some cooling muscle relief gel, even better as this will get to work to soothe any aches and pains and speed up blood circulation, plus you have a retail sale set up!

4.Set up Netflix, Showmax or any other entertainments apps and offer the client an iPad and earphones to watch their favorite series whilst having their treatment.  What a spoil!

5.VR headsets.  If you can get hold of Virtual Reality headsets you have a winner!  Here your client can choose from a variety of therapeutic experiences to watch which will actually result in a double treatment of sorts.  This can help with stress management, anxiety,  focus, energy and so much more.

There’s your 5 ideas.  There are hundreds more but I would like this to be a joint mission where we engage with each other and share ideas.  So, we are going to run a competition for the most creative video clip of personalisation!  


Imagine getting rewarded for something that is going to BOOST YOUR REVENUE!  That’s crazy, but yes, that’s how we roll. Having fun whilst growing and evolving!  Mark my words, spa and salon businesses around you are going to start doing different things to personalize their services and guess what, you would have been first to set the trend!

So, get your creative caps on, test different ideas and don’t discount them as silly because that might just be the idea that gets your business flying!  Send us your video clips to [email protected] and please include the salon/spa name and the service that is being done.  THE MOST CREATIVE CLIP WINS!

One last point I would like to make, you might be wondering, how could a salon or spa keep track of hundreds of clients personal requests?  Easy, that’s what a client profile or client card is for. To note your clients personal favourites so that you can treat them when they come in. That is what a CRM system is all about. Start using yours today and capture information that is important and personal to the client because that is how you will make them feel ON TOP OF THE WORLD. They will never forget about you and you will be top of mind all the time.

In the next newsletter you will find 5 great ideas on how to personalise massages!  If you ask me, massages have become BORING. I haven’t had a mind blowing massage in a long time, well, that is until a few weeks ago. I will share my experience with you and it’s going to get you thinking and your sales docket FLYING!

Till next week,


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