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31 August 2021: Group Coaching: How to Uplift a Stressed, Demotivated Workforce



Video Transcript:

so welcome to all our gorgeous members
of spa professional guild or to all our
members who are about to join or just
professionals in our industry welcome to
today’s group coaching session
if i can ask everybody to mute because i
seem to be picking up a little bit of
so if you can just mute will be awesome
the whole idea behind before i start
with our presentation today
the whole idea behind today’s
presentation is i’m most certainly going
to deliver
a much needed shot of energy and
inspiration and motivation that’s
definitely coming your way
but i really really would like today to
be a little more interactive
than myself or maybe one or two other
people speaking if you don’t want to
unmute to talk
those fingers can do some exercise and
tap on the keyboard but really what we
need today
is a little bit of
almost like a mini brainstorm session
because i can only give you so many
ideas but the more we put our heads
together the better we’re going to kill
this beast that has the potential
putting the brakes on our businesses
and you’ll know what i’m talking about
in a minute
i decided to change today’s session
and i’ll take you through the
presentation and i’ll give you the
reason why i decided to change today’s
presentation but before i begin with the
presentation first things first as you
can see up on your screen
as we go through
what i’m about to share with you or what
you’re about to hear because i’m sure
some of you are going to share some
amazing ideas with us
i want you to be completely conscious
any excuse
that comes up into your thought process
before it even gets there okay
can we agree
to make that a deal
just for today’s presentation
okay so if you see something
and instinctively or instantly in your
brain goes oh no i can’t do that or no
way is that that’s just not part of my
personality or that’s absolutely
impossible okay because it’s going to
can we agree and i want to see the word
deal from everyone feyrus well done
she’s the first one to say deal
can we agree
that for the duration of today’s
there will not
be one excuse allowed to go in to your
subconscious into your brain
into so nothing okay there are no
pretend there were no limitations just
for today do we have a deal
right i’m getting deals from joanne
leandra karen hannah
you didn’t say deal hey you said got it
wanna see deal
okay francie deal kudzar deal bridget
agreed deal shawnee agreed deal okay
okay michelle deal have i got deals from
patricia where’s your deal
did she say deal not yet
come patricia let’s say deal it’s gonna
help your your anxiousness deal deal
lindy said deal okay so we’ve got a deal
everyone right
just to confirm what our deal is for the
duration of today’s presentation
you will not allow
any excuses
to come up
into your head or into your subconscious
as why you could not potentially do what
needs to be done all the ideas that we
might share with you today okay so that
was the deal cara saw that you unwelcome
darling are you
you are in swaziland right
hi marisa yes i am in switzerland thanks
don’t worry i saw you popping me well
done well done for joining
by making that deal with me of getting
rid of excuses what you are
making room for
is results okay so we need to understand
so the second we do not allow room for
we do allow room in our brains
for results because now we can’t say
oops no i’m not sure we’re just thinking
of how am i going to do that
what am i going to do tomorrow
as my first step towards changing this
do you all agree with me that in order
to get a different result
or a new result
the first step that is needed is a new
or a changed mindset
do you agree with that statement
go into the chat box and let me know if
you agree with that
okay so the the the point i made or the
statement that i made was in order to
get a new or a different result
the first step is a new or a changed
mindset correct
would you all agree with me
and it’s a pretty harsh
comment i’m going to make okay but we’re
not about taking things personally in
this community we’re about looking at
this and saying right how are we going
to do this how are we going to fix it
we are dealing
with a situation in our business no
matter what that situation is
the first step
towards change
of that situation
is the mindset of the leader
yes or no do you agree with that if we
are dealing with a situation in our
businesses no matter what that situation
the first
step towards changing or fixing that
is the mindset
of the leader okay fran says good golly
man miss molly he says one million
percent or whatever that might
yes my staff follow my mindset agree
agree agree okay
now the reason why i say we’re not
taking things personally here it’s
because a lot of times
we will say oh my gosh my staff are
are like
droopy dogs or i’m dealing with
deadbeats or depressed people okay
i want us to introspect
and to to look at ourselves first and
say right
how do i change
how do i change my mindset how do i
change me not staff okay so i want us to
change how we are thinking not
how do we change the staff how do we
change ourselves that will in turn
change our stuff got it makes sense
so we’re starting off
with the promise
that in order to get the results that we
need we’re going to change our mindsets
so i’m going to share with you three
that depict
what i have been exposed to a lot in the
last let’s say two to three weeks
of being out in the marketplace so i
have been out more than normal i’ve been
doing a lot of site visits a lot of
salon and spa visits
and it’s not every single place i’ve
been to that’s like this
but i’m going to show you three pictures
of what i’ve happened to see a lot of
in the last couple of weeks and it
really is stressing me out and
concerning me it’s also concerning me
that a lot of owners and managers have
reached out to me to say i don’t know
what to do about my staff they flat
they are worried they are depressed they
are sick
okay and it’s a reality okay it is what
we are dealing with and that’s why i
thought writes
i need
i need everybody’s help right and we
need each other’s help to find a way
collectively how do we change this
because this potentially
has the ability to put the brakes on our
this is a sad face it’s not an ugly face
it’s a very well groomed face but
there’s sadness in the space and that’s
what i’ve seen a lot in the last few
i’ve seen a lot of this
i don’t know if this rings a bell to
anybody have any of you had staff
or somebody needs to unmute
okay hold on one sec let me just see
what it might be
okay sorted it
okay so i don’t know how many of you
have had meetings with your team in the
last couple of weeks
do you find that any of your staff land
up sitting like this
or come to the meeting and the meeting
starts off like this with arms crossed
so i’ve come across this a lot it’s just
a little bit of a closed
mindset a little bit of a worried a
little bit of a this is my space trying
to protect myself doesn’t mean they’re
not interested
it’s more of a self-protection
type of body language that we’re dealing
the next one is because it’s a bit
difficult to see people’s faces
is sad eyes
worried eyes
concerned eyes
okay i’ve come across this a lot a lot a
lot a lot
almost exhausted his eyes look tired
they look like they are finished
and we haven’t even got to a busiest
okay busy season is
on its way
and we need to find a way to change this
and to energize our staff
okay here’s another set of sad eyes
exhausted eyes
and of course
a worry
a worry about
money i worry about health i worry about
a worry about
the future
it seems to be
almost like that is what
might not be through every single staff
member that you have but it might be one
or two in your group okay
so i just want to spend a few minutes
today i’m going to start off with by
giving you a few ideas from my side
and then i would like to ask
one or two or three or four of you to
come forward and say what are you doing
at the moment in your business to keep
the morale to keep up the focus the the
motivation the happiness really because
that’s what we want we want a lot of
happy hormones flushing through your
business at all times
okay so the first
i’ve got i think there’s three or four
ideas that i have for you the first one
that i have for you is connection so my
question to you with this okay and
remember the deal we made in the
beginning no excuses
so my question to you is how connected
are you
to each and every one of your staff
so do you know
what’s happening at home do you know
how long it takes them to get to work do
you know if they have enough money to
feed their children do you know so how
connect that’s great failures i’m so
happy to hear that okay
so connection
is vital
the bigger the team
the easier it is for the connection
to be a little bit more separated and
not so joined together so it’s like
these puzzle pieces
how connected are your puzzle pieces
with your team do they fit nice and
or are they
a little bit separated and in the
process of connecting so this is all
questions for you to ask yourself
but connection
and it’s amazing when you google the
word connection to your staff or
connection as a lifeline to your
business the amount of information that
you can get to help you to become better
connected with everybody in your team
okay so connection
harmony connection creates inspiration
and motivation
the next one question that i have for
you is how often do you communicate
with your team
how often do you
communicate and i i i want to just
clarify this communication is not
sending out a message on the phone
to say
this is what’s happening today
all have a good day sell a lot that is
not communication communication is what
you see in front of you is a sit down or
a standing around whether it’s for two
minutes or five minutes every day
and it’s an exchange of conversation so
it’s words from you words from your
staff okay happy to hear that fairies
all the time that’s great
so how often do you communicate with
your team again
the bigger the team
the more this can be a challenge
you need to ask yourself
if your team is a bit down and flat
do you need to communicate more
do you need to communicate differently
because that could also be what it is
okay perhaps the communication style or
the energy of the communication is not
sufficient to lift up your team okay
other times you find that the second you
start the communication process
regularly on a daily basis and you
become connected to your team
it changes their morale immediately okay
and then one i don’t know i think this
might be the final one
increase the energy in your business
so what i did find out there in the
is that the energy is low
and i’m not sure if it’s because
of worry
i’m not sure if it’s because of
exhaustion i’m not sure if it’s because
of depression anxiety i’m actually not
sure what it is why the energy is so low
but i definitely feel
that an increase in energy will increase
everything everybody’s morale and how
they feel
and i want to show you some of you might
have seen this and some of you might not
have because i used it in a presentation
that i did about
two months ago
i want to show you a video clip of a
company that uses energy
and i’ll show you the form of energy
that they use
in order
to boost
and they measured i don’t know how they
measured it but they got a 70
increase in productivity by increasing
the energy levels of their team
either on a daily or a weekly basis okay
so this particular company did this on a
weekly basis there are some that do this
on a daily basis so have a look at this
okay so
this is that time
kara oh no we have never done before i’m
going to shock myself okay so this is
one of those times that i’m asking you
to um not make excuses because i can
just imagine what is going through some
of your minds and you are thinking oh my
goodness this woman has lost it
imagine in a quiet serene spa everybody
stands up and starts jamming and dancing
okay i’ve not lost my marbles
what i’m asking you
to give it a shot by increasing the
energy level is why don’t you start your
mornings off like that
why don’t you start your mornings off
maybe at the end of your huddle meeting
or maybe in place of the huddle meeting
when once a week or every day
some song
that just did you watch the faces of
those employees
when they first started dancing i don’t
know if you took note on that clip
everybody had
very straight professional corporate
looking faces okay so i can imagine our
therapists half asleep
flat sad looking faces
as soon as the music started
that and it’s got to be music and loud
everybody’s they started laughing these
they were smiles arms started going up
in the air and what did it do
it there was no choice but for the happy
hormones to release for some movement
even maybe somebody that’s really
serious a song will get some form of
movement going okay
increase the energy levels in your
these ladies i just want to tell you
something are tired of listening to
dolphin music and whales and rain
and i mean imagine sitting listening to
that every day all day long
i’m sure they’ve gone insane i would
have turned into a whale banner
at this point in time i think that we
need to expose them to something
different and just get the happy
hormones get the energy levels going
just for two minutes a song takes two
minutes or three minutes in the morning
so jo-ann is saying each staff member
gets a chance to choose a song for the
morning great idea they will feel
included and creative brilliant and i
love that because then each one gets to
choose their favorite song okay
then the next idea that i have and you
all know because i keep talking about
this is speed of implementation
and i’ve got a few quotes to show you
you know this one is my favorite quote
of all times
the secret
to success is speed of implementation
the perfect time will never come around
so don’t wait for the perfect time
so when
something needs to be addressed
like a flat demoralized exhausted staff
complement please don’t get
what i call analysis paralysis don’t sit
there and do spreadsheets on
productivity and
i don’t know try and figure out what’s
going on just do something about it and
do it quickly okay and and
new different actions are going to get
you different results so you’ve got to
try something different but you’ve got
to do it quickly that’s the whole idea
behind us
and then
plan your work for today and every day
and then work your plan you all know the
power behind planning okay our staff
i’m going to come to the next
slide because it will explain it
perfectly what i wanted to say
so in a crisis management situation
and not just say that you’re in crisis
management at the moment but let’s say
you have a
an exhausted workforce a tired workforce
an anxious workforce what do you do okay
because it is a money crisis really
the first thing that you need to do is
make your team feel safe
the second thing is have a plan
have a plan let them know that you have
a plan and get them involved in that
plan make them feel part of the business
consult and meet with your team
regularly and increase
your energy levels in the business
i love this quote i just added it in
there comfort kills okay
are you doing something on a daily basis
that pushes you a little
just something
so maybe for those of you who looked at
that singing and thought she’s crazy
that could take you out of your comfort
zone and that’s why i said for today no
excuses just take any of those ideas so
the recap is its connection
it’s communication
and it’s increase the energy levels
i reckon those three things get looked
quickly right speed of implementation
you put a plan in place and you action
it immediately and you’re going to see a
change i think almost absolutely
and then you know my closing slide or my
closing words for this year is our word
a word of movement just to keep moving
just don’t
all the time okay and the more we keep
our entire team on this pathway the more
everybody moves together
okay so that’s it from my side now i
want to ask anybody who’s got any ideas
that they’ve implemented or anything to
to this okay
and fran if it’s okay um because i’ve
had a discussion with him this last week
on this exact subject
and he shared some things with me that
that i thought would be great for all of
you to hear
so i don’t know friend if you could um
perhaps unmute and just share what what
you and i discussed and then maybe we
open the floor to everybody to just
throw in their ideas
hi can you hear me
loud and clear
yeah so
of the topic of our conversations last
i think
so let’s just begin from the beginning
because it’s quite complicated the topic
of motivating so but because everybody
is at a different length
and at a different
moment with regards to managing their
own teams right so it’s very easy for me
to say blah blah blah do this to that
but um everybody knows more or less at
what level um what length of your
management process you’ve been with your
team in terms of how long you’ve been
with them how long you’ve been in the
business so i don’t know any of that
right all i know is
what i know from my side and i’ve been
here for three years
so i know my team very well right so i i
have built
a trust in
a connection um
in a proper communication channels um
i am
not the source of energy i think they
are quite energetic themselves i don’t
need to be the source of energy but i do
perhaps influence the energy
i can’t dictate the energy but i can
influence the energy levels
um to become better or more effective or
whatever the case would be so
we are departing from the point of view
that um i’m assuming everybody’s sort of
doing all the best basics that
we are supposed to be doing right as
business leaders of
our units
tell us what the basics are french
so many basics but in this regard that
will be
like you you mention a lot of a lot of
the stuff and all of them are on point
like you are you can’t
falter any of what you said if anything
um you know if you have whatever you
just share and then you apply to your
daily basis your daily um operation your
business will succeed and your energy
will never go go um low it will always
be the people will always be motivated
because that’s the key of everything
that we do right so and the basics i
would say like
do you have
a clear
for yourself for the team
do the team know what the goal is um do
you know um
um do they know um how are you gonna get
do they have the assurance the everybody
contributes to towards getting there
um that is a bigger picture right so
what do you wanna
perhaps a target yes um not only but
an idea of um because it’s quite
different quite difficult at this
precise moment to say we’re gonna do 20
and then you end up doing 47 because
it’s very volatile um i mean just this
week for this week we just double up the
number of business of this week for this
yay but yay
because it opposes the other thing you
have to change almost the whole
structure that you had in in place right
to accommodate for that which is great
um so so even if it’s a rough sort of
idea of where you want to go and then is
your team bought into your idea or are
you alone in this
are you driving the boat on your own and
then your team is halfway because they
don’t understand it because they don’t
feel engaged they don’t feel that if
they’re part of it or they don’t feel
they contribute towards us
like this but this becomes to me becomes
part of your communication like you said
a whatsapp
it’s not communication
you have to have your meeting with your
team once a week see i know my team very
well so in our spa is quite small as you
normally so we sort of
see each other all the time in our faces
all the time so we can’t escape
um so it’s easy to organize a meeting
and a gather round and and you know keep
the the focus for the day in bigger
places i will make sure religiously
there is um a weekly meeting until your
energy and your levels become better
then you can become every two weeks or
whatever however you your business needs
some some um business might be okay with
once a month but
you know i feel that with once a month
you lose the pulse in the control of
what’s going on because it’s too
sporadically in my
in my opinion
i think um
i think if i was a
if i had some sort of issues with with
with energy levels and with like the
motivation and
apathy i will definitely do once a week
minimum for everybody and then that’s
your that’s your meeting then i will
obviously do
a daily um daily sort of focus
chat for like five minutes of the day
whatever you call it a hurdle you can go
to the morning meeting you can call it
whatever you want to call it i hate them
on the world meeting because sometimes
people think oh it’s a negative thing
but it’s actually not a negative thing
it’s like assembly whatever you can call
it whatever you want
whatever you want to call it i don’t
know so so you just
in that those five minutes make sure
it’s it counts for everybody so
not only you make it work but make
account but the team makes accounts so
they come prepared they share what
they’re going to be doing how they’re
going to do it and you can influence
how and what they’re going to do
don’t dictate
because dictate is imposing
and people disengage very fast the
moment that they feel oh
he thinks is the you know the
you know whatever whatever position but
i think um
if we deviate a little bit from from
i want to also touch and other
let’s just go back to the to the handle
so the harder you have to make sure you
see your
clear set goals for the day and how
they’re gonna do it you have a plan a
business plan that supports what you’re
gonna be doing for the day and then you
obviously link that to your targets or
to whatever the goals you’ve given to
the overall um of the team
that only should already inspire them
already on how are they going to plan
the day how the what strategy for the
day they’re gonna they’re gonna have
right um you are there like i said to
influence and to assist and to um guide
and elevate that
that’s obviously um
i’ve been doing a lot of one-on-ones
lately like in the last three four
months i’ve been doing a lot of
one-on-ones like i feel my my team come
to me to my office can we chat and we
have an open heart conversation um
because i think that’s what people need
at this precise moment um so it’s
important to performance manage them but
i think that everybody is very sensitive
everybody’s suffering quite a lot so we
got to be a bit careful
in how we um
how we sort of steer the boats
um that’s what’s important that our
management style everybody every manager
looks at the management style i think is
super super important more so than ever
might not get results if you apply
certain management style because things
have changed a lot
and i’m finding that the affiliative
affiliative sort of management style and
the coaching management style at this
precise moment is what 90 percent of the
people that work with us needs
so you can’t be
authoritarian or direct sort of
sometimes you get the opposite effect
where people get afraid um get uh
disengaged and then they end up being in
the corner they’re like just going
through the motions i mean i heard that
somebody told me that you know the
therapist comes in goes to the room says
the whole day in the room that’s a
treatment and it goes on
sad life
you know i will hate that that will
happen in my spot
and i will blame you won’t blame her i
will blame me for not picking that up
first and second for not providing that
platform in the in the business place
where she feels inspired when she feels
motivated when she feels that this is
safe this environment is safety i mean i
have so many girls so many girls in my
team that they have suffered um you know
i don’t know
robberies in in the house in their own
houses and they show up the next day
here to work and
so so like you were saying in a
communication and the connection for me
it’s key
especially connection how well you know
your team how well do you know how to
talk to them
because we
is the way that people i’m supposed to
understand that right but i don’t i
think we’re totally wrong because
if i’m talking to you marisa because i
know you for so many years i have to
and speak in a certain way otherwise
i’ll lose your
concentration right and your focus
because all certain personality types
and behavior types right
so if you don’t know these type of
behavior behavior types and if you
address everybody in the same way you’re
going to lose half of the room
all things i’m talking about is a lot
about emotional intelligence which
it’s something that you can’t really
teach i mean if you it’s just tons and
tons of information about emotional
intelligence online so please google and
go and find out but it is something that
you can be aware of it but you can get
better at it so you by being conscious
of it um
because like i said if i don’t consider
myself a director
i i consider myself an influencer yeah i
try to influence
not only the opinion but influence how
they behave how they perform and then
obviously you have to have that
that moment of one-on-ones and
performance development plans i thought
i’ve been doing quite a lot of
development plans
on like where do you see yourself in in
a year’s time in three years time in
five years time um
in the one-on-one especially a lot of
stuff that comes out it’s actually it
makes you
um almost sometimes i feel like it’s a
miracle they actually walk up to work
you know so you got to have that in
consideration too and then oh actually
if like be flexible like if i have a lot
of therapists that they hate to be eight
o’clock in the morning because they have
to wake up at four o’clock in the
morning at eight o’clock in the morning
so i never put them at eight o’clock
even if that means i have to be at eight
o’clock i will be eight o’clock because
for me it’s easy to get here at eight
o’clock and put all my other
responsibilities aside and protect my
always i don’t know maybe i’m talking a
lot of random stuff but that’s sort of
the psychology of what the
behind of um of a motivation because you
know their motivation eventually takes
care of itself once you create that
energy it’s sort of it’s almost like a
the fish that it is on tail and the the
level and the motivation sort of they
keep motivating each other without you
even having to interfere
that’s brilliant
no i love that i love that thank you
does anybody else
have anything else to add anything that
you’re doing or that you’ve done
could be of value to the rest of the
team here
to uplift your teams to
get them motivated to get them excited
you know lift up the morale
anyone else
so i just started a wellness afternoon
and i mean we all know how important
exercise is for our minds so we
basically meet at five o’clock every
wednesday we can’t do it obviously too
often but every wednesday at five
o’clock we meet and we
walk and run down on the promenade in
um and since we’ve started to do that
it’s made such a difference
okay and what type of difference has it
made like what are you seeing
so just everybody feels more connected
more relaxed people are just
yeah there’s just definitely better
morale and because we were at a very low
point and this definitely did you know
help us and i mean i
i love exercise because i know that it’s
so good for me so i just thought i know
my team don’t do anything and i thought
i really want to help them help them
with that but what i’m also going to do
is a little bit of yoga so i’ve actually
found somebody’s who’s going to do a
group like meditative yoga session as
okay love love love that idea
thank you so there’s something everybody
is um get your your team involved in
some exercises
um i mean you could even start a
whole morning stretch you could call it
the morning stretch where everybody
arrives at work
and before your huddle meeting
you lead the team or each person takes a
turn to lead the team and doing some
stretching exercises and again that just
opens up the mind and you know releases
happy woman so i love that it’s nice
um joanne’s also saying
that she arranges a fun day for all of
her staff every single from a to z of
the team
um to bond as a group dance yoga
meditation lunch billy dancing
or spa days as at another spa brilliant
brilliant brilliant also lovely okay
hora is saying we are at this point now
some are busy and some are quiet thank
you for the great idea music exercise is
something we all need okay superb superb
fairy says always complimenting on a
good treatment done
and product sold okay super super
so anybody else have any other ideas
or do sometimes
sometimes sometimes we
you know you see
you see the energy that you can feel it
you don’t see it’s like what’s going on
it’s a bit of a so obviously i will
and regardless of the energy level but
sometimes that is people that causes
that energy as well right
i think it’s important to identify
where is it coming from
if it’s a status or if it’s a
social condition you know what i mean i
think um because sometimes i’ve been in
unfortunate we don’t we’re not just at
work right so
in i have been in business which will
help me learn in the future that when
you have a bad apple you gotta take it
out you cannot wait for the badapo to
destroy your business
i had mine happen
many years ago
with a bad apple destroyed five of my
therapists and it was a disaster because
i have to rebuild my team
but then they set up they decided to
stay instead of
so that everybody around her started
leaving and then she started eventually
she obviously she got the picture and
then she left but so so i think it’s
important to analyze
where this
the low energy come is it from yourself
as a manager that you also like
depressed and all these things
does it come from a social condition
does it come from a person within your
business you have identified so if you
have even if i identify that i urge
every manager and leader out there to
make sure that that is taken care of
because it can create a lot of problems
in the long run
okay sure that’s interesting
yeah i think
the reason why
i said at the beginning no excuses is
a lot of owners or managers
are very professional in in their manner
and it’s part of
their personality their personality is
very professional very proper very well
so often when you show a person like
a crazy song and dawn session
if it’s not part of their personality
they might think oh my word that that
looks a bit ridiculous
it’s not too it’s not to take them out
of their natural personalities but to
put that responsibility on one of these
staff members that does have that
natural inherent
crazy personality because then it comes
out more naturally to them
but to increase the the energy levels is
um very important you know so often
you’ll find in a in a spa
where all the staff
are very calm and professional and
you know very well put together
that often comes from the top
and in a spa
i’ll just share with all of you and fran
said his staff don’t need much energy
and i can tell you all firsthand that
that comes from him
um he doesn’t stop for two seconds he
fidgets around he’s like a little
i don’t know what you call those things
like a pacman you know going around all
day long all day long
and if you have a look at how his staff
in his spa
they walk exactly like he does very
so they’ve all got that similar kind of
vibe okay
that’s why i was late he said yeah
because he was running around fluttering
around his spa clearly
so become aware of that
and if it’s not and if you are a very
calm and collected person
well that’s not to say that there’s
anything wrong with that but you need to
then find somebody to balance you
in terms of the energy levels that that
happen in your in your business
i want to give you a complete random
example now about energy and and how we
don’t realize how it impacts the people
around us so i have these two dogs at
um one is uh
i don’t know what he is some kind of
tyria dog i forgot what he is
and the other one is a boston oh here’s
a boston terrier and the other one is a
i don’t know
miniature something i don’t know she’s a
yapper anyway i got this um dog
whisperer to come to my house
because my dogs are so
hyper they are like
energizer bunnies
they always want to run away so the
second the front doors open they just
bolt for the for for the road
when they play they just get so excited
so i thought no i need somebody to help
me calm these dogs down and just put
some discipline in place and all the
rest of it anyway this dog whisperer
comes to our home
and i thought it was very strange
because he wasn’t doing anything with
the dogs he just said if he doesn’t if i
don’t mind
um he’s just got to do a little bit of
work on his phone
so i thought okay well he’s busy on his
phone before we get started we’re gonna
carry on with whatever we’re doing at
home anyway he wasn’t doing anything on
his phone he was observing us as a
so after a couple of minutes he sat
everybody down
and he said okay so the first problem
with your dogs is you he says to me so
i’m like oh really okay fine i said what
is it
and he said well have you watched
um and i said well
what are you referring to
and he said well you don’t sit still for
two seconds
um you speak with a lot of energy and a
lot of enthusiasm
and he said and when you talk to your
you you talk to them in a very hard
pitch and dogs don’t hear the words they
hear the the pitch
so anyway to cut a long story short
i i was the one who got trained in that
session and not not my dogs
and now
i have calm dogs
they’re not calm they naturally energize
dogs that when i get home and i talk to
them and i address them
i lower my tone of voice i lower my
i don’t walk fast i don’t run towards
them to greet them i just walk towards
them so he taught me all the techniques
and he said to me
our dogs and i think this goes for
humans right
our dogs feed off our energy and how we
behave so if we walk fast that’s how
they will walk if we talk fast if we
talk loud if we non-stop all the time
there’s no calmness that’s how the dogs
will be
so i guess that’s a little bit of a
lesson i suppose for all of us and um
how people around us behave okay
so yeah anybody else do you want to
share any other examples um
nicole have you guys done anything
interesting oh nongo said something nice
here i once did a walk to the park that
has a lake i love this
we got there and we stood on the bridge
i got them to close their eyes
and take in the sounds that that that
they hear that’s very powerful okay
because when your eyes are closed the
rest of your senses are heartened
i then did some breathing breathing
exercises and motivated them told them
that they had the power to create that
kind of peace for each guest
that’s unbelievable
love it absolutely love it
grounding yeah i know brilliant
brilliant idea and that can also you
don’t need to have music every day so
maybe one day you can have a grounding
exercise that just gets everybody calm
focused peaceful
okay we prefer to have a peaceful
demeanor than a flattened depressed
demeanor okay very very different but
they both calm
all right everyone i hope that today has
helped i hope that even if you take back
one thing in fact i’d like to hear from
all of you what is the one thing that
you have taken out of today
that you cannot wait to implement in
your businesses
from tomorrow how’s that let’s hear
let’s hear what is the one thing that
you’ve taken from today that you cannot
wait to implement into your businesses
tomorrow speed of implementation
kara said energize okay so to lift up
the energy brilliant
connecting more openly and honestly love
communicate and connect more with my
team lindy brilliant karen like a mother
sets the tone of her home so do we as
business owners
influencer love it
fairy who’s asking shares how she feels
barbridge all the best hope you enjoy
lindy says one on ones lovely nicole
self-assessment kutzai connecting to one
with a team on a regular basis okay
connect on a more personal level with my
new team i absolutely love it okay
morally saying more movement more energy
and they’re all doing a rebounding class
love it
michelle fleck’s ability and more of an
influencer excellent
joanne fun and team love oh i like that
word joanne team love
that’s beautiful beautiful beautiful
okay everyone hannah need to work on
team connections focus more on energy
that you want to radiate patricia loved
oh that’s awesome so i hope everybody
that you got your little motivation shot
your dose okay
please everyone remember keep moving
whenever you feeling a bit flat remember
our word movement movement movement
and keep up that energy okay keep the
energy up
because we need to get our team strong
connected united that so that we go into
the next three or four months to make up
some very much needed revenue okay
super duper so we’ll see you all i’ll
post to the group
our um september coaching dates please
direct them now okay these meetings are
really important
let’s go family you can do it thank you
pleasure faeru’s
and pleasure cara okay everybody you can
put in your checkout word how are you
feeling now after the session
and i wish you all the most amazing
morning day whatever it is for you
wherever you are in the world
let’s keep moving yes
motivated refreshed fabulous love these
pleasure non-go lovely to see you cuz
i’m motivated and lovely to see you too
kudzaan nice to have you back
hannah inspired to do better thank you
thankful oh molly that’s lovely nicole
beautiful love these words
okay everyone have the best afternoon
lots of luck
see ya
bye lindy bye bye everyone

Spa Professionals Guild is now Wellness Professionals Club.


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