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Personalizing facials to DOUBLE YOUR TREATMENT REVENUE????



In our fourth, and final conversation regarding personalization, I have some questions for you:

  1. Have you implemented a personalization system in your business?  Meaning, have you had meetings with your team and given them specific parameters within which to work to personalize each and every clients treatment?
  2. Have you been asking clients for feedback and testimonials with these personalization efforts?
  3. Has personalizing treatments had any effect on your business yet?

The answers to all the questions above should be YES!!

If your business success and growth is important to you then the answers should be yes.  Spa Professionals Guild is about accountability, so YES, I am holding you accountable to a YES YES YES answer!

Let’s continue the personalization topic and look into how to personalize facial treatments.

I guarantee that if you start to personalize all your facial treatments you will DOUBLE the docket that was originally booked. Let me give you an example that really happened in front of my eyes. The client arrived at the spa reception while I was standing there chatting to the manager, the treatment booked was a hydrating facial for 850. The therapist was running late from her last treatment so I offered to do the pre consult with the client. We sat in the reception area together at eye level and had a brilliant conversation. I asked her to tell me about her skin journey and what she loved and disliked about her skin. We were chatting for a good 15 minutes about her skin and her life. I said to her that I would prefer she added a lactic skin peel to her facial as well as a specialized hyaluronic acid peel off plasticising mask to give her the results she is looking for since her biggest concern is dry itchy flaky skin and the start of ageing. I asked to use a special serum under her massage balm to improve hydration and guess what? That treatment went from 850 to 1850, an extra 1000 added on without her hesitating. Why??? Because it was personalized to her needs after an in-depth conversation, totally focussed on her.

By personalizing a treatment for this customer she simply kept adding on different things to her facial because they were all specific to her skin needs

What else could you do to personalize facial treatments?  

1.    Change your treatment menu for starters.  

Stop offering traditional facials like deep cleanse, hydrating, anti-ageing, blah blah blah. Rather, book time only.  Yes, offer 45 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes of time ONLY.  Then decide what to do only once a thorough conversation has been done.  You will be surprised how much a client is willing to add on to solve her specific problems.

2.    Before and After pictures!  

I am obsessed with this right now because I know it works.  Everyone likes to see better looking skin right?  Of course yes, so what better way to make that facial personal than to take a before and after picture and send it to your client after the treatment.  Remember to explain what was done to the skin in your message to them so they can reference it in case a friend asks.

3.    Choice of massages during mask phase.  

Stop with the traditional boring hand massage.  Offer the client a choice.  Would they like their scalp, feet or hands massaged?  Wow, how nice, imagine getting to choose.  With that choice offer a choice of product you will use to massage with.  For example if the client chooses a scalp massage, offer the choice of two oils:  perhaps one for skin conditioning and one for hair growth stimulation.  So then they feel they getting added value to their massage.

4.    Hot booties in winter are glorious!  

Keep them in the hot cabinet and after a beautiful hot towel foot cleanse, put the feet in hot booties for added relaxation.  Remember, a foot cleanse at the start of the facial sets the mood and allows the client to relax fully before you even begin.  Actually, hot booties all year round are glorious because of the therapeutic value of heat on the feet!

5.    Use different equipment/tools to enhance the treatment.  

I don’t mean here to add a laser treatment to a rejuvenating facial at no extra cost but I do mean to perhaps use some cold marble stones to massage with, that instantly firm and lift the skin, or use a special lamp to analyze the skin or wrinkle depth for example.  Do the unexpected to deliver a memorable experience and that laser treatment will be booked next for sure as you will have a client for life.

I’m getting so excited thinking of all these ideas! I can’t wait to hear your ideas, and better yet, hear what your clients are saying about you personalizing their treatments! Share your feedback please, I love getting your emails.

Till next week,



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