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STEP TWO: Crafting Unforgettable Experiences!


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For the last couple of weeks we have been focusing on Step 1 of the 4 steps to Sales Success!!!! I’m sure after reading the newsletter, watching the role play and then receiving the SOP script you have nailed Step 1. If you haven’t yet, remember that practice makes perfect, definitely don’t give up. Once you master this skill it will be like a snowball rolling downhill that just gets bigger and bigger and goes faster and faster, and it’s the most exhilarating feeling ever.

Today I want to tell you about STEP 2 to Sales Success. Step 2 is generally a step that comes automatically to any therapist, nail technician or hair stylist because Step 2 is about the skill. And I want you to take your skill to the next level. Read on…

Step 2 is about delivering an UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE to your client. Notice I didn’t say a nice treatment or service but rather, I called it an unforgettable experience.

The reason for this is that in order to push past the RAS in your clients brain, you are going to need to blow them away and deliver the unexpected. This is where personalization comes in and we’ve spent 4 weeks discussing this in the month of August and September. So by now you are crystal clear on personalization and hopefully already applying this to your treatments and seeing huge results in your revenue.

What is RAS you might be asking? RAS is the reticular activating system of the brain. I like to refer to it like your brains “personal assistant”, a very sophisticated filter that stores what is important and needed and basically deletes what it does not need to store or what it does not feel is important. Because we live in a world where our brains receive hundreds of marketing messages daily between social media apps, communication apps, radio, television, magazines, billboards and many more, the RAS of the brain is so important. Your goal is to PUSH past the RAS and go into the stored folder, the important and to remember folder of the brain.

So let’s see what a few clients around the globe have to say…

Keryn Hayes
Johannesburg, South Africa
“I used to own my own Beauty Spa and have had hundreds of treatments in my life, literally hundreds, and yes I love going for treatments but seldom will I ever feel the need to tell all my friends about them because they are pretty much all the same, until I met Kym. I only went to Kym because I received a gift voucher and wanted to use it, she is definitely not in my area or even close to me. Well, all I can say is that Kym blew me away. I can say without a shadow of a doubt it was the best facial I have ever had. In fact it was more than a facial, it was an experience. Let me share my experience with you.
First of all, Kym had a nice in-depth chat with me about my skin, finding out all the information she needed and asked me what my ultimate goal for my skin was. She then tailor made the treatment and asked me if she could add some dermaplaning first, with a glycolic peel and then a hydra glow, as it would give me better results than the ordinary facial I was booked in for. I loved this because she adapted and changed it to suit my skin. My brows and lip wax were done without me asking for it and then half way through, another therapist came in and did a lower leg and foot massage for me. I was not sure if I had gone to heaven. She took before and after pictures, and by that night I had them on my phone so I could see the results of the facial. After she was done, she briefly discussed the treatment plan with me and booked my next facial. She prepared me for what she was going to do next time, microneedle my skin to boost collagen. She told me exactly what products I needed to use for the best results and gave me some options on what to start with that are most urgent, and then the ultimate goal list. I can truly say that I was BLOWN AWAY. So now my only problem is that I will have to travel far to go to Kym, and I have sent all my friends to her too. Nice problem to have right?”
Rick Alonso
Berkshire, United Kingdom
I have weekly massages to help me with muscle pains from MTB sports that I do over the weekends. So I can say I have had hundreds of massages, literally. I’m even becoming familiar with the names the professionals give specific movements. I want to share an experience that changed my life and raised the bar for future massages, and created my next problem of finding someone closer to me  able to deliver the same experience.
I arrive for my massage and of course I know the drill, put on the boxer shorts and lie face down and the therapist begins. Well this massage didn’t quite go as I expected. First of all, I was given three little bowls with oil inside and was asked to choose the one I liked the smell of most. This was interesting as I didn’t know what I was smelling but I quickly chose the one I liked most of the three. The therapist then explained that I had chosen a blend of oil specifically to calm down and deeply relax me, which was spot on because not only were my muscles aching from the 7-hour bike ride the day before, but I was stressed beyond words at a pending deadline at work. Then she asked me to lie face down and took some of that same oil and did some breathing exercises with me, and as I inhaled, the smell of the oil was right there by my nose. My feet were wiped with a hot towel which instantly relaxed me too. She asked my permission to put a hot bean bag on my upper back while she massaged my legs. It was brilliant. After massaging my legs she applied a gel on my calves and hamstrings that at first went freezing cold but gave me such relief from the muscle aches. It was like calming my muscles, a very interesting and strange feeling at the same time. After moving to my back which was now nice and warm from the bean bag, she asked me if I didn’t mind that she focus the rest of the massage on my back as it was really tight and she needed to work it more. She used some strange suction cups that felt like they sucked my skin up and then moved the cups around which was an interesting feeling and so relaxing too. I think I fell asleep, I’m not even sure. What I am sure of is that I have never had a massage with so much attention to detail, so much tailor making for my own needs, and so much genuine care. Wow. There’s more. When she was done she asked me to turn over for a few minutes and then sprayed something into the air which smelled incredible, like an instant cozy and totally calm feeling was induced. She ended off with more breathing exercises and a short scalp massage. What totally surprised me the most was all the unexpected little additions and personal touches.”

If these two personal experiences don’t make the point then nothing will!

It is very evident that the future of our Industry is going to be about personalization and delivering unforgettable experiences! So what I would like you to do as homework from this newsletter is sit down for 5 minutes and write a list of how you can deliver unforgettable experiences to your clients. What can you do to make the treatment UNFORGETTABLE? Really push beyond the obvious things like cleaning feet or doing a welcome touch, get creative and think outside that box!

If you have an unforgettable experience from a client we would love you to share it so we can grow our portfolio of experiences to share in our community. Please send them to us, we will be most grateful.

Till next week,


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