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STEP THREE: Selling a Feeling


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We have reached Step 3 to Sales Success. Don’t forget there are actually 7 steps in total, we cover them in great detail with a lot of case studies and tasks to complete in our Double Digits Online Course.

We will be announcing the launch of this course very, very soon, so be sure to keep an eye out for that!

Step 3 is so exciting! It’s where the magic happens!


You are going to sell a solution, you are going to sell a feeling and you are going to solve your clients problems in this step. But, I have a little technique for this that is oh-so-powerful and works every single time!

Let’s quickly apply this to a treatment, so you get the picture and understand what I am referring to clearly.

Your client’s problem is occasional breakouts, enlarged pores on the nose, chin and cheek area and pigmentation around the eyes and mouth.

What is the feeling you are going to sell? The feeling is clear, smooth skin that has a beautiful smooth texture, is bright and glowing with an even complexion. The feeling is a skin that everyone compliments! A skin that you can be proud to wake up with in the morning! Wow, how does that sound to you? Amazing right? Like you would love it, right?

And then, what is the solution you will be selling? Well, the solution is a programme or routine that takes just a few minutes per day that will make you feel like a million dollars and look like a porcelain doll.

Have you seen how I have not even mentioned products yet? By the time you get to selling a solution, often the question is; “Okay, tell me what to do and what I need and I will get started”. Why? Because I have sold a feeling first and people are driven by feelings. We are all emotional beings, so talk to those emotions!

Let’s do another example together. Your client’s problem is stress and anxiety so he has knots in his back. You also notice during the massage treatment that he has very dry cracked heels on his feet.

What is the feeling you are going to sell?

The feeling is calmness and control. The feeling is a relaxed back with no tension and the feeling is smooth heels and healthy feet with no cracks.

What is the solution you are selling?

The solution is a series of massage treatments combined and two quick applications of product at night, before bed. One which will keep heels smooth and hydrated and one which will smooth out muscles and ease tension on the body.

There you go. So, before you present products or treatments, which is ultimately the finish line, FIRST you sell the feeling that those products and treatments will deliver.

So let’s summarize where we are at in the 4 steps to sales success so far.

Step 1 – Meaningful Conversations (Consultations that matter)

Step 2 – Unforgettable Experiences (treatments that are never forgotten)

Step 3 – Sell a FEELING and offer a SOLUTION first

So exciting, and more coming your way. Stay tuned for the next newsletter where we discuss the second part to Step 3!


Till next time!


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