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The Ultimate TECHNIQUE to Sell Your Solution!


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Step 3 to Sales Success has another crucial element to it that I referred to as a technique in last weeks clip.  This technique never fails.  Want to hear about it?

I have no doubt you do.

Well its so simple yet so few therapists, nail techs and stylists do this when presenting the solution to their client.

Step 3’s technique is about tapping into natural human nature. Before I tell you the technique lets talk about this human nature I am referring to and I am sure with a few examples I will give you this will make complete sense.

Let me start by asking you a question.  Do you like it when you ask someone a question and the answer they give you is NO?  I am 100% sure that not one of you reading this likes a NO answer.

So what we need to do is ensure that we don’t get a NO answer, right?


And how do we do this???

It so easy and the best part is that works, 100% of the time because with this technique I am about to share with you, there is NEVER A NO ANSWER.  Yes you read right, NEVER A NO ANSWER.

So, remember that you are selling a solution right? So now your solution needs to be divided into TWO CHOICES!  There’s the technique, YES THAT SIMPLE.  OFFER TWO CHOICES!!!!

When you’re offering only one solution to someone well then its easy to say NO, but when you offer a choice it changes everything as then the person is presented with choosing one of the two.  Some tips about these choices.

  • They need to be appropriate to your client and speak to their solutions.  Don’t include items that have nothing to do with the solutions your client needs.
  • The two choices or packages need to have distinct price points.  So one package should be two or three items MAXIMUM and should be the most pressing or urgent package and the other package should be a wish list package so perhaps 5 or 6 products that together eventually would be excellent for your client to use.
  • If you have not followed Steps 1 and 2 (in our 7 steps to Sales Success) well then no matter how many choices you offer, this step will simply not work because there is no rapport or trust yet.  You can build that rapport and trust in one single session if you follow the steps we’ve outlined over the last few weeks. Remember you need to uncover your clients needs and wants – their WHY and HOW before you CLOSE.

There are certain words and body language and actions that need to go with this technique in order for it to be as close to perfect as possible.  I am excited to share an SOP with you that combines elements from Neuro Selling, DISC personality profiling, psychology and 20 years of experience in the sales field with a 100% success track record.

If you are passionate about what you do and want to grow, and literally DOUBLE YOUR REVENUE. well then I invite you to join our global community of like-minded professionals on a journey of transformation and growth!  Never stop learning and never stop growing, and that’s what we do BEST, so join us.  Go have a look at and join us!


Till next time!


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