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STEP FOUR: Creating a Treatment Plan – FREE Template


STEP FOUR: Creating a Treatment Plan - FREE Template


Oooooo la la we have reached Step 4 to Sales Success!  You are almost there!

At this point I hope you have implemented all you have learned and already seeing massive revenue changes!

Step 4 will ensure that you have a client for life.  By now you have pushed past the RAS of your clients brain for sure, you have blown them away with the memorable experiences and personalization of treatments that you are delivering, and you have sold them a feeling and a solution.


But there’s more, as you need them to return, right?

I’m sure you’re thinking, yes, I know what step 4 is and that is to book the next treatment?

Well not yet, that is actually Step 6 in the full 7 Steps to sales Success which we cover in detail in our Double Digits Online Course.  By the way, click HERE if you are interested in finding out more about this course we are launching in February 2022. In fact we are gifting the first 20 to enroll a 20% discount on the course, so hurry!

So, step 4 is where you sit with your client for 5 minutes and plot out a treatment plan for them for 6 months with their end result in mind, or the solution to their problem in mind.  So you will physically write it out on paper, or you can email or text to them, in fact I would do all three and then it’s top of mind.

I promised to give you a treatment plan template and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. So click to download the template HERE.

If you want to learn how to use this treatment plan to retain clients and attract new clients, as well as retail like a boss, then this is something we cover in detail in our management course. A technique and tool that will set you up for the greatest heights you have ever reached in your career. It’s time to invest in yourself and it’s time to evolve and grow. I invite you to come do this with our global community of like minded professionals!

Want to know more? I am happy to offer the first 5 professionals who respond to me a FREE 30 minute business consultation where I can give you one or two tools to implement immediately and also show you how you can take your career and business to a place of abundance! Email me at [email protected] to set up this consultation! That’s 500USD of my time you will be getting as a gift!

Till then!

Marisa xxx

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