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Onwards and Upwards to SALES SUCCESS!!! – 4 out of 7 STEPS



If you have just started reading our weekly business tips newsletters welcome! Over the past 8 weeks we have delved into 4 of the 7 Steps to Sales Success.  If you want to watch the summary video clips be sure to look at Spa Professionals Guild You Tube where all the clips are kept, in fact do yourself and your business a favour and subscribe to this channel for ongoing important and valuable information regarding our Industry.  Also you can log onto our website to read all the newsletters where valuable tools like SOPs, scripts and templates are gifted.
Today I want to quickly summarize these 4 steps to bring them together.  
Lets first quickly look at why we have been focused over the past 8 weeks on these 4 steps to sales success:
  1. To double or triple your revenue,
  2. To have loyal clients for life,
  3. To have clients that refer other clients to you, and
  4. To have a business that everyone talks about and everyone wants to go to.
So before I summarize these four steps it is important that you visualize the outcome before you implement the process.  So lets take two minutes together, close your eyes and imagine for a moment with me that you are earning double or triple what you are earning right now, will that change your life?
How would it make you feel?
Imagine that you have fully booked column for the next 6 months?
Imagine that you have a list of new clients waiting to be treated by you?
Imagine that you have testimonials by the dozen appearing online weekly about your treatments?
Doesn’t that sound unbelievable?
Doesn’t that give you chicken flesh just thinking about it?
Doesn’t that release the biggest amount of happy hormones ever?!!!
Of course it does.  And you can do exactly that!
So here’s the 4 step summary
Step 1
Consultation or rather meaningful conversations.  45 – 60 minutes for first time clients and 15 – 20 minutes for return clients. Refer to the SOP that was gifted with the exact dialogue to use.
Step 2
Delivery of memorable experience.  Personalization at its BEST!  Here you blow them away! go look and recap the ideas given on how to do this.
Step 3
Sell a feeling, sell a solution, present two packages. Refer to the gifted SOP with the dialogue used.
Step 4
Develop a personalised treatment plan with the solution in mind.  Refer to the template gifted that is super professional and sets your client up for future guaranteed bookings.
There are 7 steps in total to Sales Success but with these 4 you are well on your way to doubling your revenue, the other 3 will just boost even further and I invite you to join us online for a few weeks on our Double Digits Course that goes in depth into each of the steps with case studies and tasks to complete so you have true financial freedom and become the absolute best version of yourself.
Want to know more about this course?
Do you want financial freedom?
Do you want to double your revenue?
Then click on this LINK and let’s start this journey together.
My promise to you is if you don’t get value out of the course after completing all tasks well then you can have your money back in full!  I know this system works and have hundreds of professionals around the world to prove it!
See you soon!

Marisa xxx

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