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Happy New Year!!! #SMASH2022


Happy New Year!!! #SMASH2022

Here we go! another 365 days to make your life MEMORABLE!!!!

So let’s get cracking and the first little challenge I have for you is so easy and we going to do it together and make it public, YESSSSSS!!!!

WRITE down 5 NEW YEAR BUSINESS RESOLUTIONS (no more than 5 so think carefully of your top resolutions)
POST them to all your social media platforms with #SMASH2022 and tag Spa Professionals Guild
INVITE 3 industry colleagues to do the same by tagging their accounts in the post with the words “What are your 5 New Year Business Resolutions?”

By when should you do this? RIGHT NOW.
Stop delaying, stop saying later, stop putting things off and DO IT RIGHT NOW. It’s 5 minutes of your time.

The reason for posting on social media and inviting/tagging 3 industry colleagues is so that YOU ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for your business resolutions. If everyone knows about them well then best you achieve them right??? Exactly.

Go look out for my New Year’s post and would love your comments about my business resolutions!

I look forward to a year of growth and transformation together!

Reminder: first group coaching session on the 18th January at 4pm SAST. Our guest speaker is Nina Franks, Founder and CEO of Thrive Market Leader. Not to be missed!!!!! So add it to your calendar NOW!!!!
See you next week!

Marisa xxx


Spa Professionals Guild is now Wellness Professionals Club.


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