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 Mistakes Managers Make #2
We have reached the SECOND most common mistake Managers/Directors make in their spa/salon/aesthetic or wellness business.  This time round we’re headed off to the UK to interview Andy Barge former Director of Spa, Six Senses, Ibiza with many many years of experience in managerial and director roles.
Do you all realise the value of these interviews and conversations we are having with some of the world’s leading Spa Directors that have a wealth of knowledge and experience? Who better to share these mistakes for all of us to either avoid them or correct them without too much effort and energy because the answers are provided!  We are really lucky to have all these golden nuggets of information to guide us through the transformed business world we find ourselves in.
Interestingly, Andy’s mistake also revolves around STAFF.  As I was listening to Andy share his problem and mistake, I immediately could relate to what he was saying and three spa owners’ names came into my mind who are having the exact same issue right now. So this is real and happening right now and Andy’s advise on how to correct this is CRITICAL.
Click on the video below to listen to the interview with Andy, it will be 10 minutes of very well spent time with great insights and tips for avoiding or correcting this problem with your staff.
Next week look out for the gifted SOP that Andy so kindly wrote as reminder and step by step guide on how to correct the problem so you can add it to your SOP bank!

Until next week!
Marisa xxx

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