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GET YOUR FREE SOP Template here – Correcting Staff Behaviour


GET YOUR FREE SOP Template here - Correcting Staff Behaviour

Watch this video before diving in!

My fellow spa professionals, I’m so excited every time I sit down to write the weekly newsletter, and that excitement quadruples when I am able to include tools that will aid your business and it’s profitability. 

This week I’m sharing the second in our SOP’s series for 2022. We’re committed to ensuring you have the latest and most up to date tools to run your business and as such you can look forward to receiving a unique SOP from us every month.
Let’s recap its importance.
They are the bible of your business and contain written instructions that describe the step-by-step processes that must be taken to properly perform routine activities, so that there’s no assumptions or doubt.
This month we’re gifting you the SOP that talks into “Mistake Number 2” that managers make. Remember what that is? If you didn’t catch that clip and the accompanying interview, you should definitely watch it before continuing to read this. So, click below to see the interview.
This SOP covers how to correct staff behavior QUICKLY.  You know the speed of implementation we’re always referring to? Well, as it relates to this topic, it’s detrimental to your business that you correct undesirable behavior immediately. Do not even wait one hour. The SOP we’ve created for you covers this step by step. Just add your salon/spa details and any additional steps relevant to your business,  and DONE! We saved you an hour of work! IT’S A PLEASURE!!
All we ask from you in return, please, is that you refer a colleague to our community so we can grow! The more we grow the better the Industry as a whole becomes! So, LET’S DO THIS!! Simply click on this LINK to download your SOP and refer a colleague to Spa Professionals Guild.
If you missed the session on ‘EVERYTHING STAFF”, where I covered all aspects of what you can expect in module 2 of our business management course, then do your business a favor and watch the recording HERE on our YouTube Channel. This module, which has to do with the artery of your business – your staff – will TRANSFORM not only your business, but also your staff and their skill and self worth, guaranteed!
We’re so confident in this promise that we will give all members who enroll in the course, and implement the tools, a full refund should they not experience these dramatic results – no questions asked. Click HERE to enroll in our course.

Till then!
Marisa xxx

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