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Immediate Correction is Vital! More from Mistakes Managers Make #2


Immediate Correction is Vital! More from Mistakes Managers Make #2
The last two weeks have been focused on Mistakes Managers Make #2 being
correcting staff behaviour immediately and why it is so vital to your business operation.
If you missed the interview, it is simply a must watch so click below to have a look and hear the golden nuggets that Andy Barge shared with us.
Andy then gifted you all with an SOP to add to your business toolbox so you have a step by step guide on how to correct behaviours with some examples and some scripts.
To finish this section off today, I want to highlight the importance of ensuring that you are not confusing behaviour with feelings.
So behaviour is what happens on the outside, and this can be managed as you can observe and correct them. The mistake often made is to try to manage feelings. You know a therapist would say, “you seem unhappy/stressed/upset” but we cannot see this so we cannot change/alter these states (from a work perspective).  Whereas the behaviour is something you can treat as a performance expectation the same way you treat a massage technique or telephone greeting.
Finally, let’s look at the WHY behaviour needs to be corrected and dealt with IMMEDIATELY as this is something that many owners and managers let slide as they feel maybe their staff member is having a bad day and we should be compassionate. With behaviour, treat it like you would a telephone greeting, if you heard your receptionist answer the phone in the incorrect manner would you leave it because maybe she’s having a bad day? Absolutely NOT, you would correct it and deal with it immediately.  Same goes with behaviour and here’s why:
1) shows that you are serious about standards
2) nips in the bud any potential conflicts
3) gets you into the habit of giving immediate feedback
4) keeps dramas out of the workplace
5) allows the correct behaviours to thrive
I’m sure by now you get the point!  So let’s move on… You simply cannot miss our next live coaching session!!!

We are excited to announce, Andrew Gibson is back to coach us on career development – ELEVATING YOUR STATUS AND PERSONAL VALUE.

A truly inspirational and motivational individual, Andrew has had a long career as Advisor in the wellness and hospitality industry.

He has been part of successful senior management teams that have created iconic spa and wellness brands such as the Retreat at Aphrodite Hills, Six Senses, Mandarin Oriental, Raffles, Fairmont, Swissotel, Pullman, Sofitel, MGallery and Sensei.

Over the last 30+ years he invested in or has created global brands, operated in over 70 countries and managed multiple brands for large corporations whilst retaining the ability to guide startup companies or provide advice equally to world leaders or university students.

This session is NOT TO BE MISSED. 

Our next event is not to be missed:

22 March 4pm Johannesburg | Elevating Your Status and Personal Value to Develop Your Career Register HERE

See you soon!
Marisa xxx

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