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END your MEETINGS the Right Way


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Watch this video before diving in!

The END is actually the beginning!!!!

Of course it is!  The end of anything actually heralds the beginning of something else, right?  So, the way you end your weekly staff meetings will determine the beginning of that day and set the tone for the week ahead.

In our Business Management training programme, we delve into weekly staff meetings in detail, in fact, one chapter heading is “staff meetings everyone wants to attend.”  That is the goal, to create a meeting format that your staff don’t want to miss, no matter what.

Do your staff love and look forward to attending the weekly meeting?
Do you put effort and energy into planning that meeting so everyone is excited? Issuing an Agenda, perhaps planning a little competition and ensuring everyone looks forward to attending?

One of the tasks in the Staff module of the Business Management training programme is to record a full staff meeting and then watch it and learn and grow from that.  Observing your staff’s body language, eye contact, and how they engage in the video can give you much insight into each staff member.

Today’s business tip is to ask you, how do you END your weekly staff meetings?
Is everyone on a high with great energy and chatting and excited for the day?
Does everyone have a smile on their face when the meeting is done?

That’s the GOAL!

I read in an article from Elite business that “Research in the Journal of Applied Psychology shows how people and teams that resonate at higher levels of energy exude trust and cohesiveness. Where creativity and innovative ideas run wild, people look out for each other, create together and fail together, free of judgment and open to whatever lessons they can and need to learn”. That’s what we are striving for right?

And you can achieve this!  Click on the images in this newsletter – each leads to a short recorded clip demonstrating the END of a meeting. Witness how the meeting ends on a high note with everyone smiling, chatting, and would you believe when I tell you even the revenue that day was much higher than projected due to staff upsells and retail!? Yes, it was!

Our next coaching session is on the 10th May at 4pm, it is a VERY important session all about Delegation which seems to be a common challenge among most managers and owners I chat to. So lets overcome this challenge together with a Step by Step session and some role plays demonstrating how to get delegation right!

Register HERE for the 10th May session.

Till then!
Marisa xxx

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