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Do You Know What You’re SELLING???



Watch this video before diving in!

Have you given any thought as to exactly what you are selling in your business? You might be thinking that’s a silly question because it’s very obvious what you’re selling.
Let me ask you some questions so you get a better idea of my angle with this;

  • Do you sell massages?
  • Do you sell any waxing services?
  • Do you sell facial treatments?
  • Do you sell retail products?
  • Do you perhaps sell gift vouchers?
  • Do you sell time?
You have more than likely answered yes to most, if not all the questions above and you are correct because that’s exactly what you’re selling.  However, there is something else you sell that relates to all the above questions and it will determine whether your business survives or THRIVES.
Do you want a thriving business? Of course you DO!!!!!
So, I’m going to tell you what you sell and then I want you to go back and look at every single aspect of your business and ask yourself and your team if you are selling what I am going to tell you …READY??????
If everything you do in your business is a memorable experience then I guarantee you will have a THRIVING business.
Let me give you some ideas to get your own creative juices going.

  • Gift vouchers – what do they look like?  An email voucher, a video clip whatsapp or perhaps a gorgeously wrapped gift box with a message and maybe even a scented ribbon to enhance the experience.  Make your vouchers a statement! Make them memorable!
  • Retail sales – create a shopping experience with aromas that stimulate buying and yes, this does exist and is used in many retail stores. Is your retail area FULL of stock?  More stock = more sales. The positioning of the stock is important and hot spot promotional areas are a must.
  • Facial Treatments – where do I start ….. using specific oils to enhance the needs of each client, stretches, muscle gel on shoulders, aroma mists, feet compresses, marble stone facial massage for lifting and drainage, specialized music and specific LED light therapy.  The ideas are endless, you just need to get creative!
What does ‘selling memorable experiences’ do to your clients – without them even knowing? Any idea?
It gets straight to the RAS!  Exactly where you want to be. The Reticular Articulating System is an impressive-sounding name for a fairly small piece of the brain. It is a piece of the brain that starts close to the top of the spinal column and extends upwards around 5cm. It has a diameter slightly larger than a pencil. All of your senses (except smell, which goes to our brain’s emotional center) are wired directly to this bundle of neurons that’s about the size of your little finger that filters out unnecessary information so the important stuff gets through.
Your RAS decides what is important and what can be safely ignored.
Want to know more?
We have a whole module in our Business Management Training Programme dedicated to ideas and tools on how to get to your clients RAS and STAY THERE.  Join our community of spa professionals and continue your own growth in our Industry!
Our next coaching session is on the 14th of July at 4 pm. It is a VERY important session all about WINNING in the Spa/Salon Industry.  Let’s learn more about Raising the Bar together with Sharon Barcock!
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