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The “F” word – Say it LOUD and PROUD!



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The “F” word and why right now it is so important to your business survival

In today’s unpredictable marketplace I would like to share 5 FABULOUS F WORDS. 

Yes, 5 F words that WILL EQUIP you to have a THRIVING & AMAZING business.  

So, without waffling too much, here goes.  Your 5 F words!

  1. FAST.  How quickly do you take action?  How quickly do you implement change?  Or does it take a long time for you to make decisions?  At this point speed of implementation is key to thriving, the ability to get things done quickly and make decisions quickly as the marketplace is constantly changing.  Stop overthinking things, to give a simple example, you want to invest in a new piece of equipment. sometimes by the time you decide and get your ducks in a row that technology could be outdated.  
    So hurry up, book a demo, do a quick client survey, ask for references and call them and ensure the return on investment is under 6 months.  
    This can take you one week and you could be generating revenue really quickly.  Or it could take you 6 months and by then all your competitors are offering the same thing and you’ve missed that essential HOT time frame!

  2. FLEXIBLE.  How flexible are you to doing things differently and trying new things?  How flexible are you with your staffs needs and how flexible are you with your clients’ needs.  Now is not the time to be rigid in areas of the business where flexibility is required.  To give an example, a client would like to adapt a service that you have on your menu or she has requested a home visit on a Sunday when typically you don’t open?  How flexible are you to meeting her needs?  Do you make a plan to make it happen?  
    The flexibility you show now will go a long way to a loyal client that will never leave you.  Be stubborn about your goals but flexible about your methods.

  3. FINANCE.  Right now its not about having lots of money but its about knowing how to manage it.  how well are you managing your finances?  Are you actually managing them or just going with the bank balance making decisions that way?  Typically in our Industry finance is not a strong point as we are generally focused on serving people and making people feel better.  But now more than ever is it time to learn how to manage your revenue to work for you.

  4. FOCUS.  This is probably the biggest problem right now among everyone I speak to.  They are all over the show.  Time management and making time for things that are important are CRUCIAL.  I hear every day; I don’t have enough time because I’m so busy trying to bring in revenue and keep the staff happy.  Well that exact “excuse” is going to be your long-term business model.  STARVE YOUR DISTRACTIONS AND FEED YOUR FOCUS.  As owner or manager, you NEED to FOCUS on what is important and what is the long-term type of business you want to run. 

  5. FANATIC.  Using this word only because my 2020 motto “OBSESSED” starts with an O.  Become a fanatic about your goals and your focus. A typical fanatic has a wildly excessive or irrational devotion, dedication or enthusiasm about something.  Should you resolve to become a fanatic about your business and your role in your business, you WILL THRIVE!!! 

Now, next step is 2 things.

  1. Register for our Business Management Training and become a member of our growing global community of like-minded professionals in the Industry who just like you want to grow and evolve. 
  2. Get back to work and get your FOCUS on!

Speaking of F-words, this week Lucille Ferreira will be our guest coach to speak with us on how to master the art of processing FAILURE in a healthy way, enabling us and our whole team to become better versions of ourselves! 

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See you soon!
Marisa xxx

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