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Your EDGE for 2023!!! 10 TRENDS in the Spa & Salon Industry


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Trends that will impact your business in 2023

Keeping our finger on the pulse of 2023, we’ve identified key trends shaping the global industry. With this forecast in hand, you’ll have a professional edge that can help drive your business and future-proof it against changing times!

Let’s zero in on the trends that will ensure expansion and focus for your spa: no order necessary as each is vital to success.

#1 – Menopause Makeovers

As menopause care becomes a focus for many women, there is an opportunity to provide specialized treatments and packages that target the unique needs of this time of life. From anti-aging facials designed specifically for dry or sensitive skin, to comprehensive body and facial services combined with educational presentations – spa’s and salons have the ability to create thoughtful solutions catered towards each individual’s understanding and journey through menopause. Take advantage of technology such as tightening procedures too! With some extra research your spa or salon will be in a prime position to guide and educate your clients who experience these natural occurrences as they age gracefully.

#2 – Adaptive & Immersive

In order to take your business to the next level and reach double digit growth, providing tailored treatments for each client is essential. With a personalized approach, customers will feel unique and special, cultivating an environment of retention and acquisition success. Taking it one step further by immersing clients in nature-like experiences through creative tech tactics like soundscapes can create truly remarkable results! By playing sounds such as thunder or rain during massages you can help transport visitors out of their everyday world into something extraordinary.

#3 – Preventative

As we strive to become our happiest and healthiest selves, prevention is an increasingly vital component of wellness. In this case the old adage proves true – prevention really is better than cure! With the rise in consumer awareness about preventative treatments as opposed to curative ones, now more than ever it’s important for salons and spas to understand how a focus on education and preventive care can benefit their clients’ skin and overall wellbeing. Hormone eating has also become popular recently – getting educated around this topic will help you provide your customers with guidance throughout their journey towards better physical health! In fact, you could easily collaborate with a specialist dietician to ensure your clients are eating correctly for their hormones which will work well alongside your new preventative treatments as well.

#4 – Vaginal Care

Caring for the sensitive skin in our intimate areas is becoming a priority, and recent trends suggest it’s here to stay. More than just vaginal steaming which has been somewhat controversial, women are now exploring everything from Vajacials (vaginal facials) Vajazzle (applying sticker jewellery) to Vasparking (glitter stencil design applied directly onto the area), all with an eye towards aesthetic appeal and natural rejuvenation of their delicate regions, keeping it clear of ingrown hair and pimples.

#5 – Sound Therapy

Step into a new world of sound-infused wellness treatments and experience something truly extraordinary! From the calming resonance of Sound Baths to gentle music that complements traditional spa procedures like pedicures, your clients will be able to relax deeply with carefully curated sounds tailored for their individual needs. Immerse yourself in Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) – an increasingly popular treatment featuring soothing whispers which causes tingling sensations on one’s head and neck. This relaxation method helps release oxytocin which has further been shown to reduce stress levels and is amplified when combined with treatments such as massage and facials. ASMR also helps soothe feelings of anxiety and depression and can reduce the effects of insomnia.

#6 – Sustainability

To make real strides towards a more sustainable business practice, it is essential to take action and demonstrate your commitment. As consumers are increasingly looking for this from their partners, the time could not be better to show them what you’re doing! Appointing someone as ‘green officer’ in your spa or salon can help get things off on the right foot—they’ll act as lead with all sustainable initiatives while also making sure clients recognize and value these efforts. For example, why not start an initiative such as “Leave The Box” that rewards customers who opt against unnecessary packaging? Even a small discount will go far in showing good environmental stewardship. Furthermore, have the client return the empty product container for appropriate recycling and provide loyalty points or an additional discount.

#7 – The Shroom Kaboom!

Get ready for the medicinal mushroom revolution! Combining these little fungi with anti-oxidants is making them more popular than ever, as research has demonstrated their potential to reduce stress and anxiety levels, improve immunity and gut health, increase energy levels and performance during sports activities – all while helping us find our focus again, boosting libido, improving skin health – even assisting in getting a good night’s rest.

#8 – Digital Detox

After three long years of over-reliance on technology to cope with the COVID pandemic, it’s time for our industry – spas and salons – to lead by example. Let’s invite clients back into real-life environments where they can give up their devices in exchange for some quality “me time.” What better way than offering a safe place free from digital distractions by offering clients “device sleeping bags” to add a layer of fun? With this simple addition, your business will demonstrate its commitment not just to treatments but also meaningful respite away from all that relentless tech input!

#9 – Technology Driven Facial Treatments

Technology has unlocked an exciting new era of facial treatments! Consumers are increasingly seeking both “instant” and more comprehensive changes to their skin. To maximize the potential for improved results, consider linking technology such as LED light therapy or microhydrabrasion with each treatment, offering instant glow, skin and wrinkle smoothing and deep cleansing when combined with AHA and BHA solutions. Combination therapies like needling plus peels or RF needling alongside microhydrabrasion can provide outstanding benefits with no downtime and a glowing complexion in just minutes – perfect for those looking for luxury rejuvenation without lengthy wait times!

#10 – Mental Wellbeing

Mental wellbeing has been an important focus for the past three years and is still one of our highest priorities today. It’s about making sure that the way we feel (emotional well-being) and how we function (relationships and purpose) is healthy, helping us to better cope with life. How does mental health affect your business? Keep up the “healthy body, healthy mind” mantra – physical wellness can significantly contribute to improved brain function! Consider offering special upgrades such as custom oils paired with relaxing sounds during massage treatments; a great way to incorporate some extra care into your services while highlighting its amazing benefits on both physicality AND mentality!

From start-ups to destination spas and even established family-owned salons and spas, all have the common goal of growth and success. All of these success stories will start with recognizing market trends at the right time and adapting their strategies for implementation in their business. By adjusting your business model this year to align with what’s trending, you’ll be able to capitalize on more opportunities that can get your business to double digit growth and even more expansion through AMPLIFICATION.

Don’t miss out on these great options—the potential of your future success is just around the corner! Now is the perfect time to start assessing what trends could benefit your own organization and put plans into action that will drive currency in 2023 and beyond. What are you waiting for? Get ahead of the curve now!

See you soon!
Marisa xxx

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