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This year will go down as the year you brought your A-GAME! Get ready because it sure will be a special one – and you’re about to receive the perfect roadmap to catapult your business success! I’m giving you more than just a ‘Business Thrive Guide’, we’re talking about an AMPLIFICATION Blueprint here: 10 expert steps that will skyrocket your earning potential and take you far beyond what you forecasted. Double or Triple (even more!)?

That can DEFINITELY be done — buckle up for takeoff; 2023 is YOUR YEAR!

My ten AMPLIFICATION steps are:

Step 1 – Mindset Check
Step 2 – Plan for ABUNDANCE
Step 3 – KPI meetings NO MATTER WHAT!
Step 4 – Google Reviews
Step 5 – Rebook Rebook Rebook
Step 6 – Personal Connections
Step 7 – Staff “purpose” plans
Step 8 – Align with Trends (QUICKLY)
Step 9 – B2B collabs

Let’s look into each step in a little more detail.

1. Mindset Check

Before you can make a major jump in your revenue, it’s essential to look inward and ensure that what lies within matches the ambition of where you want to go. Having an abundance mindset means recognizing all the possibilities ahead—and believing they are achievable. Let’s dive into creating this mental landscape for success!

How Can You Develop an Abundance Mindset?

The first step towards developing an abundance mindset is understanding how our thoughts impact our actions and results. Once we understand this connection, we can begin to make conscious choices about which thoughts we focus on most often. We should make sure these thoughts are positive ones that will lead us towards our goals rather than distract us from them.

Another way to develop an abundance mindset is by taking time each day to focus on gratitude for what we already have instead of worrying about what we don’t have yet or focusing on lack or scarcity. Taking time each day to be thankful for what we have achieved so far helps us stay motivated while also allowing us to recognize how far we have come since beginning this journey. Finally, surrounding ourselves with people who share similar values as ours can help keep us accountable while also providing much-needed support during challenging times.

2. Plan for ABUNDANCE

No matter how many times we’ve heard it, planning is a critical part of success and when you fail to plan, well…you plan to fail! Spend some quality time crafting your plan – make sure the goals and targets are ambitious yet achievable! Let loose with creativity during this phase- think outside the box and take risks that will help you reach those double and triple revenue dreams! Abundance awaits when intention meets action so, let’s get to work! Once you have your overall target in mind, divide it into revenue centers such as therapists, vouchers, bookings etc. Remember to plan your annual target first and then break that down monthly as well. Then, let those inspiring juices flow and dream up creative ways of reaching each goal!

3. KPI meetings, no matter what!

We’ve all been there – too busy, overwhelmed with tasks and missing out on the important meetings. But what a spa manager I work with recently experienced proves that KPI meetings are highly impactful. After noticing her team’s retail ratio to service plummet to below 10% (her usual standard is 25%), she took control by holding an immediate KPI meeting which led to improved morale and it immediately demonstrated discipline in the workforce! She now makes it clear: no matter how swamped things get, “I will never miss a KPI meeting with my team again” – wise words indeed! This is one management tool you simply CANNOT skip, not even one month. See it as your monthly business health check-up, and without it disease will spread!

4. Google Reviews

Making Google Reviews your top priority is a no-brainer – it’s free advertising that takes minimal effort! To maximize the benefit, make sure you’re making reviews easy for clients by providing them with a QR code that links directly to where they can leave their review. Another consideration for success is to incentivize staff members each week so everyone remains focused on obtaining those valuable ratings! You could provide a weekly prize for the staff member who was mentioned most often in reviews that week. Keep in mind these reviews are often consumers’ first point of research when looking into your business, so take extra care to ensure they have an enjoyable experience.

5. Rebook Rebook Rebook

Rebooking can be the key to unlocking success for any spa or salon! One of our members, Joanne, sure understood this when she was able to get her spa fully booked in January. She credited it all to establishing a habit of rebooking every single client with each therapist as well as her receptionist. A happy knock-on benefit is building client loyalty as well as client habits along the way since they get used to the well-organized system and will not leave without ensuring their next appointment is secured. It’s an easy solution that helps keep your revenue growth consistent as well as turnover guaranteed and predictable — allowing you to plan ahead confidently towards hitting your big goals with additional activities that will support your fully booked spa!

6. Personal Connections

Developing personal connections with all your business contacts has the potential to double your income! When you make meaningful, heartfelt connections with clients it ensures their loyalty and increases how much they are willing to spend. Have you ever been so loyal to a doctor or dentist that no matter where life takes you – even if an appointment falls on the same day as one for another provider –you’re always going back? That level of trust is exactly what we want our customers feeling about us; because when those relationships become rooted in personalized care, everyone wins. Furthermore, the success of your business relies on your team and brand partners and is often dependent on the strength of personal connections you foster with them. Spend time getting to know what makes them tick – understanding their needs, dislikes, loves etc. Responding thoughtfully can lead to meaningful relationships that will go beyond just business partnerships; these are people who have a vested interest in helping you succeed!

7. Staff “purpose” plans

Your staff are your greatest asset. Unlocking their potential and helping them achieve greatness starts with understanding and developing individual “PURPOSE PLANS” or better known as personal development plans. These plans must recognize the unique set of skills they each bring to the team. By working together, you can create achievable goals for personal progress – allowing every team member to manifest their true ambitions in a safe environment. Achieving this takes ongoing commitment; regular monthly check-ins will ensure everyone is on track towards achieving success. You will find you are surrounded by much more loyal team members who share a vested interest in your business success since you are interested in their success!

8. Align with Trends

Keep up with the times! When you shift your business to match what consumers are looking for, it can have a huge impact on revenue. More importantly, the speed at which you align your business to the trends in the marketplace is the speed at which it will make a difference to your revenue. That’s why our next coaching session is dedicated to uncovering trends and providing tangible strategies on how to best take advantage of them – before someone else does. Get ready to double your revenue!

9. B2B collabs

While local business collaborations are the key to unlocking new opportunities and indeed additional revenue streams, have you considered whether a collaboration is working both ways? A ‘one-sided’ partnership won’t work in your favor; make sure that your collaborations bring benefits for everyone involved. Let’s look at an example: teaming up with a dietician and offering customized meal plans related to hormonal health can be great – but what do you get out of it? Make sure every connection yields mutual success!

10. MAKE TIME to learn & grow

As the saying goes, if you build it, they will come. And when it comes to meeting your double revenue targets that statement couldn’t be truer! Investing in yourself through learning and personal growth is a sure-fire way of creating a strong foundation for success – so don’t forget to make time for self-improvement on this journey towards reaching those ambitious goals! The more you invest in personal growth, the better the outcome!


With these 10 steps, spa and salon owners can maximize their chances of AMPLIFYING their revenues during 2023! By committing oneself fully, planning for abundance, meeting KPIs regularly, encouraging customers to leave reviews online, rebooking appointments frequently, cultivating personal connections with customers, creating purpose plans for staff members, aligning quickly with trends within the industry & collaborating with other businesses; one can open numerous opportunities for success & growth this year! So why wait? Get started now & start AMPLIFYING today! ​

See you soon!

Marisa xx


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