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2 GUARANTEED Ways to BOOST Valentines Day Revenue!!!


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Are you ready to maximize your revenue this Valentine’s Day? With just a few days left until the second biggest spend event of the year, it’s time to make sure you’re getting the most out of the holiday.


Have you seen a 20-30% jump in your revenue already in the run-up to Thursday the 14th? If not, don’t worry! We’ve got two guaranteed ways to boost your earnings before the big day.


IDEA 1: Target “last-minute shoppers”


Valentine’s Day can be a dreaded holiday for those men who are last-minute shoppers. Thank heavens for my kids reminding my husband of my birthday and Valentine’s Day or I might just get a last-minute card and flowers when he realizes the day of…


I suggest making it easy by offering tailored gift packages with multiple options that come beautifully wrapped and ready to gift…ideally complete with delivery! This will encourage even the most reluctant of guys to make thoughtful purchases – without having them break too much of a sweat in the process; time they could spend enjoying each other instead.

Trust me on this one – they WILL BUY!


You might be asking yourself right now, well, “how do I attract those men to buy my offers?”


IDEA 2: Use the power of “Online Gift Voucher” drives


Online gifting is easy for all parties, the buyer doesn’t need to leave the comfort of where they are, and the seller doesn’t need to do anything other than have the available product.

Flash offers for last-minute shoppers should be promoted the week before Valentine’s Day and must be a high perceived value add – NOT a discount. Make sure the voucher is presented in a way that’s too good to pass up.

Collaborate with local restaurants and movie theaters and offer activities that couples can do together such as a puzzle or painting or cooking experiences. A well-crafted call to action with engaging photography is key for this to be a success.


And again, you are asking “how do you get to these buyers?”


Take advantage of the “better half” approach: focusing your efforts on connecting with buyers via your clients. Ask if they’d be interested in you marketing Valentine’s gift ideas to their partners and then collect their contact details, as well as those of any PAs or assistants that might help you reach your target audience.

The sooner you start building this list, the greater chance for success! Have each staff member target 10 potential customers a day along with 20 from reception and you will rapidly build up a huge database. Even though it seems like an inconvenience now, collecting data can lead to increased gifting revenue by up 30%. So why wait – every day is another potential client missed out on! Set yourself a bold goal for Valentine’s Day, then get ready to drive relentlessly towards it.

Investing in social media advertising such as Facebook and Instagram can be a game-changer for your business, but before you make that move ensure its targeted to the right market and will generate returns.

To maximize success this year and beyond, take time now to build out an organized database of customer information such as contact details from couples or PAs along with age and other relevant demographics. This way, when sharing promotions and offers your client will know it’s intentionally tailored towards them, that way they won’t be overloaded by irrelevant content. Ensure they know that’s your strategy and why you’re asking for the specific info.

Don’t forget about younger customers either: teens are an increasingly powerful market segment with unique needs. By focusing on personalized approaches at scale like these, you’ll be guaranteed success down the line.

After implementing the strategies outlined in this newsletter, you should be well on your way to boosting the Valentine’s Day revenue for your business. Remember to promote early and often, create special packages and deals, and offer a variety of offers that cater to both men and women. Additionally, don’t forget to create a festive atmosphere in your spa or salon, and use social media to spread the word. With a little planning and creativity, you can make this Valentine’s Day season a huge success.

Take on this challenge with enthusiasm and determination; success is just around the corner if you make reaching that target your number one priority.

See you soon!

Marisa xx


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