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FIRST IMPRESSIONS really do last…

We all know how powerful a first impression can be – think of it like striking the match that starts your company’s story. Whether we faced an awe-inspiring or dismal debut, our minds tend to recall those initial encounters with more vividness than any other moment afterwards, and the poor encounters really stick out and cause one effect – the client won’t return and most likely will share the story far and wide. On a positive note, brilliant first impressions are also remembered and, you guessed it – spoken about in such a way that it beats any form of paid advertising. This reminds us why creating meaningful introductions is paramount for success: You’ll never get another shot at forming someone’s lasting opinion and it has the ability to boost or bust your business!

As a business, there are many opportunities to make an impact with your customers. From their first phone call and website or social media visit, through emails and finally when they enter reception – these crucial moments create lasting impressions that can enhance or detract from your brand experience. How will you ensure each of those touchpoints creates a positive memory for everyone?  

Let’s take a look at the Spa Professionals Guild standard for lasting first impressions:


Greetings are so important and essential when it comes to making a lasting impression on the people we talk with! Why not try something different that can help you stand out? Take my client, for instance: they start off every phone call by saying “Hello Gorgeous – how can we help you today?” It might seem unconventional, but this small tweak has made them memorable. So why don’t YOU give it a go? Brainstorm some ideas of phrases that will make an impact without losing professionalism and take turns with you team, testing each one out. You never know what kind of response you’ll get until you try! 

Other obvious tips about phone call first impressions:

  • A great start to any call can be achieved by saying your client’s name throughout. Not only does it create a more personal connection, but it lets them know you care about their experience too.
  • A friendly smile is the best way to start and end a conversation! It may be over the phone, but don’t forget your smiling energy still reaches through – try it out today and see what a difference it makes!
  • When the phone rings, make sure to be prompt with your response – no one likes waiting! So if you don’t pick up within two chimes of that bell, offer a warm apology and let them know they have priority.


Navigating to your website and social pages should be a breeze for potential customers – is it mobile-friendly and user friendly? Your landing page acts as the face of your business, so make sure you have an inviting message! Visitors need to feel like they can truly connect with you, whether that’s using the phone or online. For those who prefer going digital, ensure easy bookings are only a few clicks away. After all, why pick up the phone when everything in life nowadays seems just one click away?


Crafting the perfect email requires more than just hitting send. Your choice of salutation and sign off can make all the difference between being noticed or becoming a part of that dreaded sea in someone’s inbox. Why not take cues from one of our members who manages the spa at the Taj Hotel Group, who starts emails with “Namaste,” to give ‘hello’ a memorable twist? It mirrors how they greet guests in person and fits the spa theme and ethos. And for your signoffs – why not try something unique such as “yours in health and wellness” or perhaps opt for the direct route: “looking forward to rejuvenating you soon.” Now turn those emails into conversations


Your reception area is your business’s first and last impression. Ensure it makes an unforgettable statement with these tips for crafting a memorable arrival experience! 

  • With the power to transport memories and recollect emotion, having a signature scent is essential for creating lasting impressions. Give your presence an unforgettable olfactory boost – select scents that evoke wonderful associations!
  • Reception staff should rise to the occasion and greet their guests with a smile. Sitting down during check-in will not create an unforgettable impression – standing up is sure to make your visitors feel welcome!
  • Welcome clients with a personalized, professionally scripted greeting – it only takes a few minutes! Our free “Greeting a Client” SOP is the perfect way to get started. Make any necessary adjustments and practice role-playing this scenario to ensure your staff are ready for every customer that walks through the door!
  • Give your clients an unforgettable experience every time they come to you. Create a signature welcoming ritual that shows them the level of attention and care they can expect from you each visit. Consider starting their relaxation journey with something spa-perfect like chilled lemongrass towels in warmer months, or hot ones during winter – all infused with sanitizer for those extra safe vibes! Or let your guests pick their own special foot cleansing formula before beginning any session – after all, it’s how great spas do things!
  • Professional presentation is everything! Your reception staff must always look the part, from head-to-toe. Make sure their hair and nails are preened to perfection, clothing smart for work and body language conveying enthusiasm – a great first impression will go far in making your clients feel welcome!

The power of a first impression is undeniable – making sure it leaves a lasting mark that’s talked about for all the right reasons should be top priority! After all, you only have one chance to make an impact.

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Till next week!

Marisa xx

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