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You know how you have that one relative or colleague or family member who ALWAYS goes the extra mile and will literally do ANYTHING for someone else? (I have a lot of these people in my life)

Well, we have such a friend, colleague (he might as well be our uncle) in our midst and this week he yet again shared his valuable time and knowledge with us so generously. In case you missed the session and now you’re simply dying to know who it was…. Michael Tompkins – MD of Hutchinson Consulting!

Michael delivered a wonderful session covering the state of the industry and where it’s going, plus actions you can undertake now to scale your business and prepare it for what’s to come!

I wanted to ensure everyone could benefit from his brilliance, even if you missed the session (which we always record by the way, and I’ll drop that link to watch it HERE)

With that said, here’s a quick recap of what you will find him sharing in his coaching session (BUT I must tell you that this tiny recap pales in comparison to the full one hour Michael shared with us, so please make sure you watch it):

  • Staffing levels, hiring struggles and salary rises: an analysis of the spa and hospitality industry post-COVID.
  • Job description KEYWORDS have overtaken ‘buzzwords’ on CV’s plus a look into salaries.
  • The looming danger of poor customer service and inflation: A plea for customer service training and more cost-effective package offerings on your treatment menu.
  • The value of personal wellbeing and affordable alternatives in the luxury segment.
  • Resiliency and financial planning for spas in a changing economy.
  • Exploring the Silver Tsunami, plus a look into global trends in express services, immersive experiences, and menopausal, salt, and nutritional offerings.
  • The importance of automatically generated referrals and reviews.
  • Third-party booking engines.
  • Touch-free services.
  • New online gift voucher ideas.

Michael closed the session with the following – and I couldn’t agree more: “After 30 years in the spa industry, one of the things I’ve found about our industry is that we are constantly resilient. We are an industry that keeps coming back and keeps coming back and keeps coming back. And so, what that gives me is a tremendous amount of pride to work with every one of you on this call.”

Till next week!

Marisa xx

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