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Do you remember the song “London Calling” by The Clash?


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My version of that song title applies to my whirlwind trip to London this month.  Admittedly that’s a bit more upbeat than the actual meaning of “London Calling” in the 1979 hit from The Clash. You should Google it, it’s quite interesting.

And yep, I’m placing myself in a specific demographic by knowing this – and I’m totally OK with that if you must know 🙂

Whilst in the UK I attended the World Spa & Wellness Convention and Awards, plus the International Manufacturers and Distribution Forum. I’m aIways on the go but let me tell you – this trip was JAM-PACKED from walking the streets of London, viewing all the convention booths, discovering and trying out new industry innovations, speaking on stage, meeting new and old colleagues, to celebrating at the awards night, and yes you guessed it, I’m still recovering!  

So now I’m literally bursting to tell you all about my adventure and everything that I discovered during my trip, but I’ll be saving that for next week’s live coaching session so LET’S CATCH UP NEXT THURSDAY.

I absolutely LOVE our live industry events and so glad we can gather for them again! The next one on my agenda is the ISPA 2023 Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Shanee and I will be there and If you’re going you simply MUST let me know and hopefully we can meet in person? I’ve been told I’m kinda fun to have around! 

If you’re not registered or don’t know about ISPA….you know me, I have all the answers (jk). But seriously though, I know some stuff, so here’s a link.

I’m in no way affiliated, I just wholeheartedly promote the importance of growing and building a community of likeminded professionals to uplift our industry – that’s why I’m rooting for you to go and mingle but also gather all the tools and info you need on innovation! *Plus Plus – meet me 🙂

The annual ISPA Conference brings professionals from all spa industry sectors together in one location. This is the spa industry’s “must-attend” event that features three days of speaker presentations covering a range of topics including business strategy, customer service and management. The Expo floor offers the latest spa products available on the market to set your business apart.

So, remember our word of the year – AMPLIFY – because it’s what’s going to happen when you invest some time and money into growing your knowledge of the industry and innovations trending this year.

Till next week!

Marisa xx

Spa Professionals Guild is now Wellness Professionals Club.


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