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Have you ever been on a flight were you felt the person next to you needed an etiquette manual?

Oh, my goodness, I need to share my experience. I flew to Denmark this past week, and the lady next to me almost drove me insane! It was as if I wasn’t even there. Her food spilled on me, her jacket kept falling on me, and she even plugged her phone to charge in my charging port, which, by the way, was directly under my screen, so it wasn’t even discreet. What on earth???

Anyway, this made me think about the etiquette we have or don’t have in our spa and salon businesses. Have you ever thought about it? How do your clients feel in the changing room, for example? Are there people cleaning there without giving privacy? Or if a staff member walks into a changing room, how do they make the client feel? How do your staff talk to each other in front of clients? Or do staff members walk into treatment rooms during a client’s treatment? There are so many considerations…

Also, remember that etiquette doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Most people need to be taught this, so please don’t leave it to assumption with your team. Take control and teach them how! If you’re not sure how, I can help, and our community can help too. Reach out to [email protected], and I’ll be happy to guide you. I would love to hear from you.


Of course, when in Denmark, I do what I always do wherever I go in the world, and that is… visit a spa!

I love living what I preach, and the only way I can be a better coach to all of you is by experiencing what’s happening out there, meeting other managers and owners around the world, and keeping everyone connected and helping each other.

I’m thrilled that I had the opportunity to witness something I’ve been nagging you all about: AI.

I was so excited to see that they had incorporated AI into their booking system. Wow! And yes, this frees up time for reservations to focus on other important tasks! So, are you using AI yet? Do you even know how to use it or where to begin?

I won’t go on and on about it here, but I will tell you this: You must not ignore AI. It’s not going to go away, so the sooner you start gathering information and ideas on how to start using it, the better. Don’t let AI scare you; instead, embrace it as it can give you more of the precious commodity we all need more of… TIME.

So join us on the 26th June for this session and just get informed and start somewhere.


Lastly, Father’s Day is approaching in most parts of the world, and I would love for you to take a minute to respond and share what you have planned for your special father or husband this upcoming weekend. 💙

As for me, my dad lives in Spain, and he will be turning 93 soon. I’m deeply saddened that I cannot be with him for all the special occasions, as he is unable to travel and Spain is a 29-hour journey from where I am. However, I am eagerly looking forward to seeing him in October when I get the opportunity to go over and visit him. Yayyyyy! In the meantime, I will be doing what my husband, the father to my two adorable kids, wishes to do on Sunday, which is to sit around a fire, enjoy delicious food, and simply relax as a family. I’m genuinely happy with that!

Till next week!
Marisa xx

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