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New Addition to September Marketing Calendar… This will change your life!


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And the whirlwind continues!

I’m in the midst of opening a new Spa! 🎉

And how exhausting and nerve wrecking. 😫
We had a month to do what usually takes 6 months! And only two weeks to prep the actual spa before we officially open our doors next week.

Phew, what a ride! From needing to get involved and striking poses as a model in the photo shoot, to staff induction and training, all the way to getting down and dirty with cleaning rasul drains… All I can say is it’s been the most eventful week ever!


Now, here’s the heart-tugging part—my little daughter caught a terrible bronchitis bug this week, and I was miles away when she whispered, “I need my mama, please come home, mommy.” Ouch, that simply tore my heart to pieces. 💔

Ever been there? Where you are in the middle of something big that can’t happen without you and your family gets second place, ripping you apart inside?????

Thankfully, my hero of a husband stepped in as the stand-in mommy for a couple of days until I made it home. Our little champ is on the mend now and happy to have her mama back! 💕



Turning the spotlight onto you now, how’s your energy and motivation levels these days? Ready to dive into September planning? It’s time to kick-start that early bird mode, because trust me, the early bird does catch the worm! 👊

Guess what? September is a superstar month in our industry on a GLOBAL LEVEL!!!!!! Yeeeepppp, it’s World Wellness Weekend! 🌍✨ 1 planetary event spread across 3 days, focusing on the 5 pillars of wellness: Sleep, Nutrition, Movement, Mindfulness, and Sense of Purpose — supporting good health and wellbeing for ALL! Have you got your venue registered on the World WellMap yet?

Some other important days for September: World Gratitude Day, International Daughters Day, World Water Monitoring Day, and World Tourism Day—all fantastic global celebrations you can leverage for promotions that create buzz and boost sales.

Still have space for another tip? Keep your audience informed and engaged by sharing insightful content that spotlights how your treatments address their pain points.

And another tip: Don’t forget to showcase your amazing staff and their expertise—trust and confidence booster, right there! 🌟

Is your September marketing and social media game all planned out? If not, I've got you covered:
✔️ Save Time
✔️ Save Money
✔️ Save Brain Power and Energy

Our Plug-and-Play Marketing Calendar for your spa, salon, or aesthetic clinic is all set to change the game September! Plus, we have a NEW ADDITION! 🔥🔥—we’ve added a Stories Calendar for Instagram and Facebook filled with fresh ideas and prompts. YESSSSS, we’ve got you covered, front to back!

Your golden ticket to success—a marketing calendar jam-packed with eye-catching templates, daily marketing cues, and catchy captions that’ll make your business shine in the spotlight.

Say goodbye to hours wasted brainstorming content ideas, stressing over where to invest your marketing budget, and struggling to stay relevant in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. With our ready-to-use marketing calendar, everything falls into place effortlessly.

Don’t miss out on transforming your spa, salon, or aesthetic clinic this September. Get your hands on our September Marketing Calendar TODAY!

Need a hand or have questions? I’m right here, ready to guide you through it all. Let’s make this September one for the books!

See you next week!
Marisa xx

Spa Professionals Guild is now Wellness Professionals Club.


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