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Oh boy!

Remember how I spilled the beans about a new spa in the works? Well, hold onto your hat because it’s shaping up to be something out of this world! Yes, I know everyone says that about their spa but I can assure you this is truly a one-of-a-kind space!

Picture this: luxurious opulence but inside a dark intriguing cave. Can you believe it? Oh, and guess what? We’re taking it up a notch with a BAR! 🍹 Yeah, we’re all about being UNREASONABLE and treating our clients to some next-level experiences.

With less than a month to go before the grand media unveiling, it’s been a wild ride juggling a million things. 😱 But you know what saved my sanity? Our fantastic coaching session last week.

Did you catch it? Christina Stratton dropped some serious gems on how “Raising the Bar = Raising Revenue.”
P.S. If you missed it, just shoot me a reply saying “I wanna hear what Christina had to say!” and I’ll hook you up with the recording.

Christina had this killer advice about two questions you absolutely must ask to elevate your game:

1. What is your physical environment like?

2. What is your emotional environment like?

I dove straight into applying these to our new spa, and it’s like we kicked into turbo mode! 🚀

Now let me be real with you—I’m loving all these projects, but gosh, it’s a lot! 😫 If someone told me they needed me to help sort out their marketing and social media strategy for the next month, I’d probably faint. Good thing my dream team has that under control. And guess what? You know where this is going—our trusted monthly marketing calendars!

Every month, we've got these babies prepped and ready to go. And every month we improve, add features and make them more valuable! They're packed with marketing genius, social media magic, and all the bells and whistles you need.


I absolutely loved it when Brigit called me last week and her exact words were, “You made my week to see the September marketing calendar is ready, this is my LIFE SAVER every month and I cannot wait to get it! Thank you for helping us with so many ideas and saving us so much time and money.” That phone call made MY week! I just love hearing from you all. 💕

Ready to join the marketing SUCCESS CLUB? Grab your very own marketing calendar for September!

Got any questions or need a hand mastering the strategies from our calendars? Just give me a shout—I’m here to make your life easier.

Can I just say, I’m beyond pumped for the fantastic things on the horizon! How about you? Catch you on the flip side, superstar! 🌟

See you next week!
Marisa xx

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