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OH NO.. Staffing woes are slipping through the cracks!


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Do I have a story to tell you – it’s a rollercoaster, I promise! 🎢

So, picture this: Sunday morning, my phone buzzes with a complaint message from one of our therapists. She’s not happy that a treatment got booked under a new therapist’s name instead of hers. Why? Because she’s the veteran, the OG therapist, and in her eyes, seniority equals priority when it comes to bookings. Makes sense, right?

But, here’s the twist: a dialogue with her supervisor unravels the entire story. You won’t believe it—just the day before, the same therapist had been raising a fuss about receiving a late booking that was inconvenient for her because she had plans to leave early. So, she requested that the booking be transferred to another therapist! And then, of course, it seemed perfectly fine for the new therapist to take over the booking. 🤨

So, there it is. The therapist who thinks she holds seniority just because she’s been there longer, wanted bookings only when it’s rainbows and unicorns for her. (Gasp! Cue the dramatic music.) This got me thinking though—I was a tad late with the PDP sessions for this bunch. Just ONE MONTH behind, and now I’m seeing these little stress sparks start to fly. Imagine how smooth things could’ve been if those regular PDP sessions had taken place right on time. 🤝

Sometimes, we need to examine ourselves and consider how our actions—or lack thereof—affect the team’s performance. In this instance, I can honestly say that had I completed those PDP sessions last month as scheduled, the current situation would likely have been avoided. The issue would have been addressed and resolved during the critical PDP session.

Oh, the importance of PDPs, my friends! They’re like magic glue for a cohesive team.

Speaking of which, let's talk about our upcoming coaching session. Ever wondered about PDPs? What's the scoop, and why should you even care? How can you milk every bit of goodness from them? And when's the sweet spot to jump in?


If you’re all about that DREAM TEAM with a cherry on top, then we’ve got some masterclass material for you. Join me for a step-by-step session, and I’ll be your guide to the PDP universe. Not only that, you’ll snag a recording to revisit whenever you please. It’s like a backstage pass to a live show! And wait, there’s more! You’ll also get a nifty template document, saving you loads of time, energy and money that you’d otherwise toss into the “create from scratch” pit.

Quick heads up: We’ve only got room for 50 seats. So, scoot over and secure yours pronto. Blink, and they’ll be gone!

And YES, I do want all of you reading this to become members of the Spa Professionals Guild. This is due to the 90% value I bring to the table, with only a 10% membership fee, because I AM WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! If you are skeptical about this, that’s okay, please don’t join our sessions. However, if you do believe it, I would love an email saying, ‘Hey Marisa, I believe it!’


See you next week!
Marisa xx

Spa Professionals Guild is now Wellness Professionals Club.


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