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Ever feel like time is racing by so fast? Ever left wondering where the entire day went? Well, I’ve got a heartwarming story about time to share with you today.

Last week, my dad turned 93 – oh my soul, 93!!!!! Sadly for me, he lives in Spain, and I only get to see him once a year.

Anyway, my dad asked me when I was coming to see him, and I said IN TWO WEEKS! So close, right? Guess what he said?

“That’s so far away!”

It struck me how our perception of time can differ so much. I thought it was right around the corner, while for him, it felt like an eternity. This made me realize that we must choose wisely how we spend our time; it’s precious and literally does fly past us.

Speaking of time flying by, the last three months of the year are here! Yes October, hello to you!!!!

For me, this quarter is both the most exciting and the most nerve-wracking part of the year. Everything and everyone becomes so busy and so intense that it feels like a ride on a high-speed train. πŸš„

I know many of you feel the same, which is why I want to stress the importance of prioritizing your personal growth and learning, EVEN DURING THE BUSIEST SEASON OF THE YEAR.

It is critical that you keep your mindset focused, and stay motivated and inspired. You’re in the right place for that. πŸ˜‰

October holds a special place in my heart since it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s on this same month and to this same savage disease that I sadly lost my mom. 🩷 Join me in wearing a pink ribbon this month! πŸŽ—οΈ

October also brings several special days – World Teachers Day, World Mental Health Day, Global Handwashing Day, World Menopause Day, and the spooktacular Halloween. πŸŽƒ

Are you ready to make these days extraordinary for your customers while boosting your revenue?

It’s all about keeping them engaged and creating memorable experiences that will keep them coming back.

We’ve got your October covered, and IT’S NEVER TOO LATE! While October is just a couple days away, it’s better to do something than nothing, and we’re right here to assist you!

“I thought I was good at my social media posts and had some awesome ideas for my salon until I used the marketing calendar from Spa Professionals Guild. WOW, I cannot go one month without it. Thank you so much, Marisa, for these incredible ideas and huge time-savers!”
This is the message I received from Theresa last week when she downloaded her October calendar.

Our calendar is loaded with creative prompts, ideas, and strategies to make your October marketing a breeze.

It's a must-have tool that will save you hours of time, lots of money, and a ton of effort, not to mention the brainpower required to come up with the right content.


I would love to hear from you, so please take two minutes to reply and share anything with me. It could be a client review that brought a huge smile to your face or a significant challenge where I can assist you. Come on… Don’t be shy – let’s have a chat!

So much love,

Marisa xx

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