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So, I just did a mystery guest phone call with one of the spas I work with… Well, let’s just say the lucky soul who answered didn’t quite stick to the SOP for Handling Telephone Calls. It was like a comedy of errors, but not the funny kind!

I want to share this recent eye-opening experience with you because it made me decide to make this a weekly thing across all my spas.

I had my mystery caller record the conversation so I could hear it word for word.


Spa: Hello, welcome to XXXX spa.
Caller: Hi there, I would like to book for a massage, please.
Spa: Sure, when would you like to come?
Caller: Thursday if possible, please.
Spa: Yes, of course, what time will suit you?
Caller: 1 pm, please.
Spa: I can only help you at 4 pm.
Caller: That will be okay.
Spa: Great, I will book it for you.
Caller: Do you have any upgrades or add-ons maybe?
(The caller only said this because I asked them to tell me if they offer her any upgrades or add-ons. So, this is not a typical question.)
Spa: We do, yes, but you can decide that when you get here. What is your name and number?
Caller: Gave name and number.
Spa: See you Thursday.
Caller: Okay, thanks, bye.
Spa: Bye.


I’m literally lost for words. The best part, want to hear it? The person who took the call said they did not say any of what I quoted. Once I said, “Well, the call was recorded, so let’s play it back,” I was then told, “Okay, no, don’t worry about it.”

What’s wrong with this phone call? Where do I begin?

  • The greeting.
  • Asking instead of offering the time slot.
  • No mention of an email address.
  • No mention of the cancellation policy.
  • No mention of the pre-payment policy.
  • Why no upsells offered?
  • The goodbye. Not even a simple “looking forward to seeing you” or “can’t wait to meet you.”

Even worse, the person who took the booking wanted the treatment for their own column, so they offered the 4 pm slot, which is prime peak time. Meanwhile, other therapists were open at the 1 pm slot, which is a slower dead time for their spaβ€”it should be booked first. How crazy is that? Let me not continue as I am sure you’re starting to feel my rage in these words. 😀


That incident got me thinking about the importance of having these procedures in place. As I said before, having SOPs is my secret sauce that makes everything run smoothly and keeps clients happy.

Guess what? It’s FREE SOP time! πŸŽ‰

This month, we’re diving into “Handling Telephone Calls.” This gem covers everything from answering calls with flair to handling tricky situations like a pro. Think uncertain queries, interruptions when clients arrive β€” you name it.

Why is this SOP important?

Because it sets the tone for the client's entire experience, starting from that very first call!

CLICK HERE to grab you FREE SOP.

Trust me, your staff needs this.

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See you next week.

Marisa xx




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