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Hope this email finds you staying cool in the sweltering heat! 🌞 I don’t know about you, but I’m practically melting here.

Yesterday’s coaching session was an absolute blast, and if you were there, you know it was a game-changer! 🚀

Here’s a sneak peek snapshot, but trust me, the real magic happened in those live interactions.


Speaking of live, during the coaching session, I did a live year-end review with Anna! It was like a burst of inspiration that had us all buzzing. The feedback we got from you after the session was incredible — it seems breaking down year-end reviews in real-time is exactly what you need to set the stage for a powerhouse 2024. 💪

I KNOW YOU ARE ALL FEELING TIRED, OVERWHELMED, STRESSED & OVER THIS YEAR, right???? Okay, I hear you but I do want to remind you that the way we start our year is so critical to how the year will unravel and that is why I want to seriously ENCOURAGE you, or more like INSIST, that you make the year end reviews with your staff happen. Yes, no matter how busy you are make time for this because it will set the stage and tone for the whole year to come! DIG DEEP, and as a colleague of mine used to tell me, PUT YOUR BIG GIRL PANTIES ON MARISA, please just do it. Stop with the excuses why you can’t but focus on all the reasons why you have to.

Here they are:

1️⃣ Energy Boost for your team to get them through this last exhausting festive season!

2️⃣ They will feel heard and valued! You have taken the time out of your craziness to sit and listen and plan with them. (PRICELESS)

3️⃣ They will start 2024 with a plan and feel prepared. There’s nothing like preparation to get someone ready for their race!

4️⃣ 45 minutes time investment for huge return from each of your team members, let me remind you the lifeline of your business.

Look at the comments from all of you in the chat box! Proof that you agree and these reviews MUST HAPPEN! JUST DO IT TEAM!

But hey, let’s talk about another powerhouse move. We’ve got an exclusive treat to supercharge your December and January! 🎉

Our 2-in-1 Marketing Calendar Bundle is here, offering you a curated roadmap for the end of 2023 and a smashing start to 2024.

Let me be real with you—these calendars won’t do all the work for you. It’s more like a trusty sidekick that will still need your guidance and customization. But those who’ve fully embraced it have witnessed incredible success, saving hours of time, lots of money, and a ton of brainpower!

Each month, we pour in all the relevant industry insights – market trends, social media know-hows, important dates, industry updates, and so much more!

This isn't just a calendar; it's your secret weapon for making your mark in the upcoming festive and busy seasons.



I have one little favor to ask — If you implement even a single nugget of wisdom from our recent coaching session or our 2-in-1 Marketing Calendar Bundle, please share your experience with me. Your feedback is pure gold and fuels the growth of our amazing community.

As the year-end craziness approaches, and we prepare to dive into 2024, I want you to know that I’m here for you. Need advice? Facing industry challenges? Just want to chat? I’m all ears. Just shoot me an email. 😉

Let’s make these upcoming months legendary!


Here’s to staying inspired and rocking the remainder of 2023 and the start of 2024!


Marisa xx

Spa Professionals Guild is now Wellness Professionals Club.


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