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Imagine how your life could change if you had access to a personal coach who could teach you all the secrets to running a successful business. Our coaching is delivered via webinars, group Zoom meetings, in-person events, weekly newsletters, blogs, articles and invaluable industry community forums where you will benefit from the collective brain trust.

The purpose of a highly trained, professional coach is to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, so you can identify solutions that help shape your leadership behaviors. This will ultimately result in new skills and techniques that will deliver results in your spa and salon business. These may include increased revenue, reduced stress, reduced burnout and increased passion and resilience. 

Subscribing to a Spa Professionals Guild membership package such as the entry “Free” package will give you access to our blogs, articles and weekly super-sellers newsletter.

Our “Plus” option adds in valuable community forums. Our “Pro” package offers additional bi-weekly group coaching Zoom meetings and our “Elite” membership includes one-on-one coaching, 4 times per annum.

Bi-weekly group coaching

Our bi-weekly group coaching is always current in terms of topics of discussion. Our facilitators ensure a good mix of guest contributors as needed to benefit members and provide industry leading information.

Learn from the experts.

Our blog content is free for all members. Get expert insight into the best practices, tips and tricks on how to manage your spa & salon business. Subscribe today!

Webinars & Events

All members will receive our latest webinars & events via our blog, newsletter & social channels.

One on One Coaching

Elite members will get personalised training sessions every three months.

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