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Spa Professionals Guild is an exclusive affiliation of like-minded individuals, obsessed with increasing their revenue, growing their skill and broadening their network.

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Date: February 15, 2023
Time: 04:00 PM Johannesburg, 9:00 AM New York, 02:00 PM London

Improve Your Business

We provide proven systems, developed over two decades. Download templates to cover every aspect of managing your business. The key is transferable knowledge and simple techniques.

Increase Your Revenue

You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward. If you’re motivated to advance in your career and grow your business, we’re passionate about helping you reach your potential.

Grow Your Network

Participate within the industry and draw from our valuable brain trust. This is more than “training”. This is a community that will transform how you operate and envision your business going forward.

Marisa is the most detail-oriented professional I have ever met. There is no grey area, its black or it's white, simple. The tools are provided, the guidance is there, the support is unwavering - the rest is up to you.

Spa Management Courses, Online Spa Business Coaching
Lynille Steffenhagen
Wellness Industry Network Board Member - Chicago

Course 7: COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines

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Beyond her passion for our industry, I have learnt from her to have a passion for success! Because in her words, why do you do it? You want to make money, don't you? I believe in Marisa because of the fundamentals: she believes in ethics, she believes in rules, she has passion and she loves to see people succeed!

Spa Management Courses, Online Spa Business Coaching
Johnine Schekierka
Manager at B-Spoilt Beauty Studio - South Africa

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About Marisa Dimitriadis

Marisa Dimitriadis has spent over two decades assisting spa and salon owners in their pursuit to build profitable businesses.

During this time she launched several successful spa-centric products to support the South African and Mauritian beauty industry and became an International spokesperson whom many rely on for advice and inspiration.

Working closely with industry professionals and their teams, Marisa discovered a real need for continued learning as mainstream education falls short in critical business, sales and SOP training.

Fast forward to January 2020 and the birth of the Spa Professionals Guild, born to service an educational gap in the industry but also provide a platform where like-minded professionals can expand their network.

Join the guild today to adapt the way you run your spa or salon business to achieve significant growth in all areas of your organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a professional in the Beauty, Spa and Wellness Industry you want to ensure you are always learning and growing.

The Spa Professionals Guild provides the perfect online platform to do just that. You will join an exclusive affiliation of like-minded professionals from around the world, sharing best practices and learning together.

The future is about collaboration and growth and Spa Professionals Guild is committed to delivering this, and more.

Yes. You need to become a member to access our courses, coaching and community benefits. Compare our plans and pricing.

Each country has different accreditation bodies and thus, whilst we are hard at work to get to understand these accreditations, you will receive a certification after each Module and submission of the specified tasks. Most importantly though, is how you will change and grow as a business professional, which is what ultimately matters.

Spa Professionals Guild is a community for everyone active within the spa/beauty/wellness industry.

Whether you’re a spa owner, director/manager, solo-practitioner, renter, independent contractor or student, you will find incredible value by joining this thriving community.

We offer a 14 day, no questions asked, refund on all new memberships. This ensures you don’t feel locked into a membership you don’t derive value from and it allows you two weeks to check us out 🙂 

The nature of our individual course sales means we’re unable to offer refunds as you are able to download all resources at point of purchase.

What our community has to say

Marisa is extremely hardworking, thoughtful, knowledgeable, inspiring, and highly motivating.
If you are unsure of what direction you are headed in or stuck in any business matter.Marisa is without a doubt going to be the best thing for you and your business.
Spa Management Courses, Online Spa Business Coaching, Salon Business Coach
Jackie Christians
Owner at Assets Skin & Body - South Africa
I am truly amazed by how Marisa has managed to command the power within her 'virtual' delegates to adapt, learn, grow and change their business’ direction as well as their mindset, in such an uncertain time of our lives where we are all experiencing economic challenges.
Spa Management Courses, Online Spa Business Coaching, Salon Business Coach
Marijana Abt
Director at The Venue - South Africa

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