Chapter 1. D – Example 2: Joann Stathoussis


Day Spa Manager

Directors and Shareholders


My job description is to oversee and create a business and spa environment where clients can experience a therapeutic experience through massage and professional aesthetic and beauty services.

To create a journey for our clients of peace and tranquility to relax and restore their body and minds. Where they can leave their stresses behind and emerge fully recharged.

To create an environment that has a warm and inviting ambiance, safe and hygienic surroundings at the Day Spa.

Ensuring staff are efficient and proficient with their SOP’s and understand their individual tasks.


  • CALM


  • Clients
    Ensure client satisfaction by ensuring services and treatments and safety and hygiene at the Spa is exemplary
  • Staff
    Recruit, Hire and train
  • Marketing and Social Media
    Website, Social media (Facebook, Instagram) Client promotions
  • Property
    Insurance, maintenance and repairs, general maintenance
  • Financial
    Daily sales, balances sales and deposits, management accounts, profit, and Loss. Sales and profit growth
  • Products & Brands
    Sourcing products and ensuring training
  • Point of sale systems
    Install Point of Sale and invoicing systems
  • Functions & Events
    Arrange launch functions of new products and client promotions events
  • Protocols & SOPS
    Ensuring staff are trained and aware of the Spas protocols, hygiene and safety and Standard operating procedures for treatments etc.
  • Hygiene & Safety
    Sanitization, cleaning, and sanitization of Spa equipment.


  • Knowledge of the Spa Industry
    Visit trade shows, join seminars and product launches, join likeminded organizations,
  • Leadership
    Able to lead staff to complete their tasks and your vision of the Spa.
  • Vision
    Able to see and create an environment and business that is sustainable and inspiring to others.
  • People Management
    Be respected and trusted to manage staff so that they able to be educated and skilled to perform their duties with confidence.
  • Business management
    Manage all areas of the business. To lead and delegate. To be responsible and organized.
  • Stock management
    Manage stock levels and inventory
  • Financial management
    Able to read a profit & loss statement
    Aware of the business daily sales and expenses
    Arrange finance and credit facilities if required
    Able to read Management accounts
    Communication skills
    Able to converse with all staff irrespective of education or background.
  • Observation skills
    Observe clients wants and needs. Observe market trends, observe staff morale, observe sales and profits.
  • Client awareness
    Be aware of the client’s response and review of his experience at the spa.
  • Trustworthy
    Your clients, brand partners and staff need to know your business can be relied upon is credible.
  • Strategic Planning and organizational skills
    Able to think long term and short term and plan.
  • Delegation and Management thereof.
    Able to give clear and concise instructions that your team can do without you. Making sure those instructions have been implemented effectively.
  • Love and passion for the Industry and your career.
    Knowing what you give you receive, and that if you love what you are doing clients and staff are going to feel the love and wellbeing.


I believe there are no minimum requirements, a good leader is prepared to share in all duties and responsibilities if required.


  • Management of day to day responsibilities
  • Ensure the staff are managed and motivated
  • Ensure operational efficiency, employee performance levels and customer service standards increase overall spa profits.
  • Maintain high functional, operational, and organizational levels.
  • Conduct internal audits of spa finances and complete basic accounting functions, including payment collection and bank reconciliations to maintain accurate records.
  • Resolve problems, improve operations, and provide client support.
  • Resolve conflicts and negotiate mutually beneficial agreements between parties.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by resolving issues and staying up to date with new treatments and spa protocols.
  • Manage and create all Spa advertising and promotions. Update the website and create Online vouchers specials.
  • Develop team communications and information for meetings and training.
  • Monitor social media and online sources for industry trends.
  • Emphasis punctuality, professionalism, and appearance to maintain outstanding standards.
  • Initiate and implement Online sales presence.
  • Maintain and invest in staff and client satisfaction and overall wellbeing.
  • Create a relationship with my brand partners.

General Responsibilities

  • Oversee Spa sanitization and hygiene.
  • Oversee buildings and spa overall general appearance, Furniture, reception, treatment rooms, relaxation rooms, restrooms, kitchen, and laundry
  • Oversee retail product shelves
  • Oversee purchasing of consumables and products
  • Oversee reception and client daily bookings
  • Oversee staff needs and support
  • Oversee brand and product availability
  • Oversee therapists training and skills
  • Oversee client satisfaction and feedback
  • Oversee implementation of safety protocols, SOP’s,
  • Spa productivity
  • Oversee point of sale
  • Oversee security

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